Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award & Sweet Blog Award

Some time last year, I was awarded the “One Lovely Blog Award” by the lovely Rinz of miss-rinrin and the kawaii Frances of theprettibrowneyes.


I was also given the Sweet Blog award by Frances and I would combine them into this post.


Sorry for putting this off for so long. I know this is grossly behind schedule and I’m apologetic for this late acknowledgement post. Everything about me is always late eh? Nonetheless, I’m really thrilled to know that my blog has been considered inspirational and awesome by you lovely babes.

I’ve never done an award or tag post before as you can see, even updates about my life is forever late on my blog. LoLz... after some time, I conveniently forget about them. Do let me know if i’ve missed out your tag or award!

Before I proceed to the award, I would like to take this opportunity to send some love and good vibes to all my readers since it’s Valentine’s Day—a day for love and friendship.


It has been great connecting with strangers who have since become “internet friends” from all over the world. I feel like I really know of all of you with this awesome 2-way communication. I love reading all your comments long or short and getting feedback good or GREAT. Some of you have really the most sincere and sweetest comments ever while others never fail to crack me up with your wit. Thank you for walking with me on this blogging journey.


To accept the “One Lovely Blog Award”, I’ve to pass it to 15 other lovely bloggers. As for the Sweet Blog award, I’ve to pass it to 10 and let the nominated 10 know I’ve awarded them by leaving a comment. Ooh isn’t that great? The lazy me need not write a whole “thesis” about the award.

I want to give the award back to Rinz and Frances of course as they truly deserve it. Thank you for always commenting on my posts and leaving your little footprints here and there. Rinz, I love your make up and your beautiful eyes. I’ve just started following you! Frances, thank you always for the long long comments. I really enjoyed reading them and they always made my day. You’re so friggin CUTE lor and yay to understanding Mandarin! Please blog more coz I miss you.


I would love to present the award to the other 10 lovely bloggers and /forum-turned-blogger friends I've been reading from and having constant 2-way communication. Personal friends are not included so don’t pout and ask me why I don’t think you are lovely when you see me ok? =)

1. Brutal Turtle of http://brutalturtle.blogspot.com/
Turtle! Thank you for the Thank You post! It really made my day and I truly mean it. And for the record, I’m much older than you. LOLz

2. Canny of http://snow-mud.blogspot.com/
My forumer-turned-blogger-turned friend, you’ve been with me since a few years back and I always appreciate your input and feedback, your “likes”to my posts and photos on FB and for being such a great friend! Maybe we should meet up!

3. ››› citrella❤ © of http://rosh-diva.blogspot.com/
Same to you citrella, you’ve been my forumer-turned-blogger friend and it’s really uncanny how our mums know each other! We should meet up, w/o our mums of course! Does your mum know about your blog?

4. June http://ahjune.wordpress.com/
Same to you June, you’ve been my forumer-turned-blogger friend and how small is the world that we’re both friends of cynthia! We really should meet up one day!

5. misscindee of http://misscindee.blogspot.com/
I just saw your shout out post to me! Aww... aren’t you so sweet, hun? My exact sentiments! Really love reading your thoughts and thanx for sharing so much inspirational ideas. I love your posts so much, I wish I can kidnap your brain and creativity. And yes, hope our friendship flourish!

6. Pop Champagne of http://popchampagne.blogspot.com/
I love reading the words crafted from your razor-sharp wit, taking a dig at people and styles in such sharp and comic manner. It’s so evil, it’s good. And thanx for always taking the effort to visit every of your readers and leaving a mark even though you’ve got so many followers and “comment-ers”.

7. RicAdeMus of http://ricademus.blogspot.com/
The guy who always have nothing but sweet words for comments and nothing but humour in every post of yours. As what I always say, I love reading the anecdotes of your life. Also, I love how you’re always one of the first to comment to my every post. It’s lovely to see email notifications about a post as soon as it is up.

8. Rinny of http://rinnysbeautydiary.blogspot.com/
My new sweet blogger friend. I hope we won’t remain strangers for long. I think I would owe you the beauty tag post for a long long time!

9. Serena of http://serenadeveryday.blogspot.com/
You’ve always got one of the sweetest comments too and even though you are so busy now, I’ll still constantly check out your site for new updates.

10. Shingo T http://shingot.blogspot.com/
It’s rare to stumble upon a fellow Singaporean’s blog from a list of international blogger friends. I love your humour and I can really identify with lots of things you write about. Hope you had fun with Wifey in Hokkaido!

There aren’t 15 people for me to tag coz there’s a reason why these people here have been tagged. It’s ok not to write a post about it coz the main idea is to let you know that you’ve been loved by ME!


Lots of love,


  1. Aww thanks for tagging me Jo! You're such a sweet and nice person, I'm definitely going to be remaining in touch hehe. I'll repost this soon, I promise! And take your time with the beauty faves tag; there's no rush at all! :)

  2. Dear Joelene

    Thanks for posting this and giving me this award. I am so delighted to read what you've written.

    We sincerely feel that we should meet up someday too, together with Regina (shopping queen haven) blogger. I think she has absolute good taste on her dress sense.

    I do enjoy reading your posts, to see your pictures and the efforts you put in for all your entries. I especially like your writing style and your wittiness.

    Sorry that I won't be doing a post on this on my blog as I don't have enough people to give such award to. And also because I am lazy. LOL.

    Happy Valentines' Day to you. Hope you had a great time with your hubby and love ones. Cheers!

  3. Rinny,
    Haha... no hurry in reposting at all!


    OMG! I have no idea why I didn’t include the part about we should meet up. I’ve edited the post to add that in coz yes, I think we could arrange to meet up and with Regina too! Your “we” means who? And does your mum know about your blog? Hehe... my mum knows of its existence liao but luckily she doesn’t know how to use the internet.

    Thank you dear! It’s heartening to know that people read and appreciate my words. My posts tend to be very wordy at times so I perfectly understand if someone just scrolls through to look at the pictures instead. Nevertheless, as what I always believe “what have we but language to make sense of our senses stirred”, crafting the right words befitting of a post is what I always strive to do. Hence, it always makes me happy whenever people read my words.

    Oh and no worries about writing the tagging post at all! Hope you had a wonderful V-day too!

  4. This is great, thank you! It's especially nice to get tagged by such a special person. And a lucky one too--we have a winner! =)

  5. A winner???! I'm so gonna check your blog now!

  6. thanks so much for your award,I'm honored that you passed it to me and said all those kind things!! Your blog is great, I love your pictures, keep up the fab work!

  7. What a nice post! Love all the photos... such cute kiddies!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you'll be back soon!

  8. Forgot to say that maybe u wanna delete the last sentence of my previous comment. Thanks.

  9. Dearest Jo!

    This is one of the most precious and surprise gift on my bday! Thanks for your sweet words, always! And yes, though we have known each other in virtual for quite some time, but we didn't arrange for any meet up. I have been wanting to meet up with u since I am back from states... but the problem is, I am a little bei dong + 慢热.. And I am so scared that I have nothing to say when we meet... Thats y... 2 yrs flew by..... and I am still "hiding" behind the pc. Haha!

  10. Twenty.Something,

    Thanx for your comment. I think you meant to leave this comment on the post after this?



    AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you, my dear! I didn't approve that comment before that since it's meant to be secret! I can't just delete the last part. Hehe... I think I'll FB msg you after this!



    Oh yes! You are Valentine Baby. Happy belated birthday. So sorry I missed wishing you when I left that comment. I understand how you feel! Sometimes I'm afraid that got a lot more to talk on the internet as compared to IRL but I don't think we would face this problem! Let me know when you wanna come out from behind the PC. =)

  11. i love your blog. i think you're too cute!


  12. Cecilia,

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I love it when new people visit me with a link to their page coz then I get to discover new blogs. I visited your blog and I think you and your guy are very cute. Love the fonts on your blog.

    Hope to see you around more often!


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