Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You have five sense organs. If you had to lose one of your sense organs, which would you prefer to lose? Why?

That was a discussion question posted at the end of this week's P3 Science notes.

And my most classic answer:

I prefer to lose my ears. I do not have to listen to teacher while she was [sic] teaching.


  1. I think I will prefer to lose my sense of smell..

    see - see all the beautiful things
    talk - like to kpo at times
    listen - all the gossip
    feel - * see eye *

  2. I think I will prefer to lose my sense of smell too. It's one of the not so important sense as compared to the rest. Its ok not to smell good smells as I really hate smelly smell.


  3. bwilly & Yen,

    Interesting that both of you have the same insights... =)

    I really can't decide. Smell seems to be of the least importance but I LURVE food and without my sense of smell, I would not be able to savour all the delicious food.

    However, at times during 852 bus journeys and on the MRT during peak hours, I would really wanna lose my sense of smell too.

  4. It's ok not to smell my food so I won't eat so much and can lose weight.. hahahah


  5. bwilly,
    All kinds of stench manz.

    Wah.. I'm not as wei da as u. I need to taste my food. I live to eat. =)


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