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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sweet O May

24th May 2007

From my colleagues… [Click to enlarge]

Really didn't expect anything from anybody.

The Disney rabbit is from my so-called mentor. Me thinks she gave me a bunny coz of my bunny teeth.

The CD-looking card is from viv, my next-table-kaki. She's really adept at hand made stuff. I love the brightly-coloured and cheerful card. The teddy bear is stuck onto the “card” with bits of magnets. Remove it to reveal a yo-yo pic of us. Flip over and it’s a letter. How innovative!

I'd never expected my fellow English-dept-kaki apr to give me a card too. That 34C (or is it 36C) gal certainly didn't look like she knows how to make cards. Ok... 34C doesn't really sound rite. That's not her bust size (even though I don't know if that's really her size *Hiakz*). She's called 34C coz of this personality test. Anyway I love the buttons, colour combi and her ugly handwriting on the card. The ugly handwriting didn't spoil the card la, it merely made it more personalised.

I love the gifts. Thanx babes!


25th May 2007

The plan was to watch Pirates 3, use whatever time left to SHOP (the GSS coincides with my birthday) and head for Altivo Bar by 7.30pm.

We missed the 1st 20 minutes of the show but I believe we didn’t miss much. Johnny Depp failed to save a pirate’s ass in this installment! Boo!

Anyway, I was really in a rush and I simply hate to rush coz it makes me flustered and nauseous.

I was so busy doing my hair at the salon and rushing to Khatib to drop off my students’ works and instructions for the relief teacher before that.

Speaking of my hair, I was under depression for the past week. I rebonded my hair and loved it. However, after the 3rd day wash, my hair looked totally damaged! I mean it. I was absolutely upset. My hair doesn’t look rebonded at all! Picture a broom in your head. After the treatment, I’ve got hair that “falls in place easily” (read the quoted phrase in bimbotic Dove gal accent) and felt like I had been reborn on my birthday with my rebonded hair.

(By the time the author typed this, her hair has since resumed its broom status.)

I was really under depression but apparently, all who heard my bimbotic whinings couldn’t help laughing when I related my sob story.

So I digress once more, back to my rushed state. I was so in a hurry that I did not even remove all the wrappings on the metal rings on the handle of my pink Gucci. When I plonked myself in silly boy’s car, my hands were so busy unwrapping and peeling all the wrappings on my bag while my mind was figuring how we could collect the movie tickets, drop my stuff at work and rush to Vivocity from Yishun when the movie was gonna start in 10 minutes. Not to mentioned, I was rushing so much that I felt nauseous.

I saw this pink stationary holder from Jordi Labanda

It was nestling conspicuously in between our seats but in my rushed state, it didn’t occur to me to squeal in delight or to even reveal on my face that I’ve seen that pink thing.

Finally, he could stand it no longer that I was so not observant that he put that pink thing right in front of my face and said,

“Happy Birthday! I’ve got no money to buy you anything so I got you this.”

Now, I really love Jordi Labanda and his illustrations. I also love his stationeries so much that I would detour to the stationery section whenever I set foot in Taka just to look at them. It’s crazy to pay so much for stationeries though so I never bought them.

I wasn’t really expecting any present coz since I dunno when, we simply stopped giving each other presents on occasions. But to get me a pencil holder for my birthday? Now, silly boy must either be a real blockhead, or he has other surprises.

I muttered a “Can’t you see my hands are busy?” and a “Yes, I did see but it didn’t occur to me to say anything when I’m so busy.” And continued unpeeling the wrapper on my bag. I even used the holder as a temporary dustbin to contain my peelings!

At last, he could not take it and chided me for not being more observant. He gave me a clue to look around me for a card using just my eyes. No hands!

I finally found a small card stuck on the “handrail” at my side- A simple small white card with his very neat and girlish handwriting wishing me very simply.

I pulled out the card and saw…


Bear in mind that I was still in the process of unpeeling my bag.

“Tiffany & Co????!!!!” I almost screamed.

Next, that no EQ silly boy whipped out the famed Tiffany blue paper bag and shoved it into my hands.

I dunno why silly boy would know how to go and buy a Tiffany. I didn't even like keep talking about Tiffany till my mouth go dry. He's not the type who understands why certain brands are priced so steeply.

All I could say was, “You shouldn’t have given me at this time when I’m so in a hurry and not able to think.”

“I purposely wan,” he zek arp de answered.

His intention was to make me overwhelmed with my hurried mind, busied hands and rushed state.



Silly boy made me remove my huge bling necklace just to put this on no matter how much I protested that it didn’t match my outfit.

At Mount Faber… cam-whoring away with silly deardear

Wish upon a star...

Wishing for a sumptuous dinner as we were famished.

Simply love the food at Altivo! No photos of as the place was soooo dark.

Besides medium rare steak, my latest favourite would be Foie Gras. Their Pan Seared Foie Gras is simply heavenly.

I know it’s sinful for I’m yearning for Foie Gras now.

I feel like I’m in a Tiffany ad.

Thank you deardear for the wonderful day!


26th May 2007

After work, I went for dinner with my family, silly boy and his bro at House of Hunan.

I stupidly forgot to bring my camera.

I lost my voice and was in such an agony. Nobody was listening when I spoke.

Damn sad man.


27th May 2007

Met up with the Fantastic Four.

Haha I know it’s a lame name but I’m lame can?

Before the meet-up, I was sms-ing them about how ugly I felt.

Ugly broom hair, puffy eyes, pimples that never go away

Then the next thing I know, all 3 of them started raining sms-es on how ugly each of them were.

Swollen lips, pimples outbreak, oily hair, same old bag and shoes… and what nots.

It’s so amusing how we try to console each other like this. Hahaha…

We went to this crepe place. It was my 1st time there and I quite like the food there.


Top L-R: Smoked Salmon Cream, BLT, Seafood Jungle, Smoked Ham

Since they came in two crepe rolls each, we just halved each row and exchanged with one other.

Boy, all were simply delicious!

Sweet tooth for desserts

Such large portions. It seems like they are meant to be shared among four.

Fortunately, I got my voice back as I was yakking and yakking non-stop. Unfortunately, the gals had to bear with my incessant chattering.

I was telling them about this personality test at my workplace and all the characteristic of the 4 different groups of people and it’s quite qiao that just by observation, we 4 seemed to belong to the different groups each.

I’m of coz the siaosiao sanguine S.

Hs is definitely a meticulous melancholy M.

wy the perfectionist yet easy-going gal is skewed towards phlegmatic P.

Ems die die wanna be a choleric C. She is a C whom nobody listens to. Wahaha…

Do google this personality test and see of they have any online quiz. Dying to know your results.

Fooling in the Loo...

Hiding in the nursing room

Failure neoprint shots...

Oopsy arms too short

Hey look at the camera, not the mirror

Ok this is much better... save for the big head.

I love this group of gals. We just kept laughing and laughing like crazy at whatever whenever from the very minute we saw each other.

Kino voucher from FF and Jordi notebook from my sis


30th May 2007

The bimbo sisters reunite. Let our 5 powers combine! Only xtina's and my bimbo ring watches are still working. So happy that all of you immediately took out your necklaces outta the wrapper to put on. Hope you all like the bearbear. Now let us use our bimbo bears as a symbol of our sisterly bond. =)

Zouk was CRAZY. It was like Halloween X 10. Tiff gave a funny analogy.

"Please don't come here! It's machiam all the Buddhist going to visit Buddha.

MOS, Dblo too.

It seemed like the entire denizens of Singapore were out to paint the town red. What's up manz? It was not any festival. Neither was it any special occasion. It was merely a publc holiday Vesak Day after a Wednesday. Ok, it is Vesak Day but why such crowds at clubs?

Finally went to St James. It was my 1st time there for the suaku me.

Queueing outside Power House...

Tiffy, finally saw your guy. He looks like a very nice guy who will treat you well. =) And your hair is fine!!! Not xiao wan zi at all.

xtina, waiting to see your guy now! BZ auditor, do you still read my blog?

Random shots... Let the pictures do the talking for now. I'm a little sleepy now.

zanne's frenz are quite nice people. Great to know them.

Drinking from the waterfall

zanne sent some photos over from her friend's hp

Neoprint-border-looking group shots...

My camera kenna chilli sauce!!! Which of you bimbos spilled chilli sauce? I had to keep switching my camera on and off to clean the "lens cover" (I dunno what you call that part). I still haven't found the culprit who spilled black nail polish on my conforter from last year's Halloween and now chilli sauce. U all ah... *tsk tsk tsk*

Reached home close to 6am feeling totally sober. A little sleepy and very very thirsty though. The time now is 8.35am, my broom hair is finally dry and I dunno how I can pluck myself outta bed for 2 tuition sessions later. Maybe I should cancel and rest more. I've still got tonnes of marking to do and I'm supposed to go out with silly boy later!


K gotta ZZZzzz soon.

Tata for now...


  1. OMG Jolene! Happy belated birthday! Don't worry u r only just quarter of a century old, hehs. Sounds like you had a blast.. and you have joined the baby blue club la! wahaha..

    Ay irritating leh.. when are we gonna meet up! *makes face*

    - tf

  2. tf,
    Ooi... 1st you woke me up with your sms just as I was settling down to sleep the other night. Then now you call me iritating and even make face at me??? U ah!!! I smack u I tell u!

    Maybe not these 2 weeks as me and my tutees kept postponing tuition since it's the sch hols. Get back to u again! Wahaha... Now u smack me.

    BTW u can see the pictures? My picture links are spoilt and I must reupload lor. Stupid blogger! Waste time!

    Ooh so what collection do you have in your blue blue club?

  3. the bimbo queen is here. subjects to pay respects....... haha
    finally i get to c u al in one 4 the previous attempted mit ups i took each time wif a pinch of salt n didnt take it seriously so i was SURPRISED tt yest we actually SUCCESSFULLY met up!!!! my GAWD!!! clap clap
    thanks dear bimbo 4 the bear necklace its nice n cute!! very wu sim...yest was quite nice i got super aching legs today n feeling super exhausted n restless tt i cant do much of anything. was late 4 wk today but nvm my coll's worse. she didnt even turn up
    haha gg to have a nice good fitful zzz later tonight... cheers to al my dear sistas!! :)

  4. Looking at this post, I can see you have all the things which you said you don't have in the quarter life crisis post. Look really fun and look like you have enjoy yourself very much. May your life be filled with joy always.


  5. I'm the same passer-by who asked about our hong kong itenary. Thanks fr your reply. Your silly boy is really very sweet and both of you look very cute together.

  6. good to know you had a wonderful time and a superb gift from your boy. :)
    I din get my wife any gift this year, mainly too she just given birth and we now usually celebrate by going for a good meal.

  7. bimbo queen,
    All hail the queen of bimbos.

    IQ? Eh... EQ? Erm... Why did you suffer from aching legs? You were wearing flats, weren't you?

    Let's do this another time before everyone gets busy again!


    It's not that I didn't have these things. And thanx same to you too! Joy and happiness always!

    Heya no prob. Didn't do much. Thanx to u too!

    Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Having the time to go for a good meal is great too!

  8. Care to share some tips on your eye makeup? For eg, mascara, eye shadow etc.

  9. just went for a meal last nite with my wife, two of us, the BB left with our DA n parents. haha..

    Check out the Yishun safra offer at the Chinese restuarant.
    $28 for 3 dishes. We ordered the one with Chicken, fish and Crabs.
    The crabs is the good deal, two piece, reasonable size. With pickle and tea, everything comes to a nett $38.

  10. To anon,
    Hey, if you are wondering about the lashes, they're actually falsies. I don't have very fabulous eye make-up skills. I use clarins eyeliner and I don't think I was wearing eye shadow. =)

    To bwilly,
    $28 with crabs sounds quite cheap!!! I went Macpherson Kopitiam with my bf just a few nights ago and we spent like $48 on smabal kangkong, 4 butter crayfish and stingray! Maybe we can check out Yishun safra soon. It's very near my place.

  11. yup, that's for dinner.
    for lunch its 50% off for a minimum order of $100, also worth it.
    The $28 meal can get pretty filling for 3paxs.
    The 50% off, to get best deal,abt 4-5 paxs.

  12. Hey dear sistas!!

    Yes Jo, i finally read your blog!! Your boy is sooo sweet n smart. u mus help me train my boy! haha!

    Miss ya gals lots! hopin to successfully find new job so i can haf more time to hang out wif u gals!

    take care!


  13. bwilly,

    There's only 1 chinese restaurant in Yishun Safra is it? Muz ask clearly so I won't go to the wrong 1. =)


    Wah! Long time never see your comments leh. I know you are really vvvvvvvv BZ.

    Haha... He smart? I dunno what got over him. I was quite shocked too coz he's not those kind who appreciate stuff I appreciate. I muz 1st meet your boy den can train right? Hahaha... and "train" what a word. He better not sees this.

    Hope you have put your foot down in throwing in the towel. Miss ya loads man!


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