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Friday, May 25, 2007

I've reached my quarter-life crisis... ... Assuming I live up to a hundred

No party.
No cheong.
No booze.
No lovely buddies.
No sistas.
No good pals.

Just quietly enjoying my me time in front of my lappie.

Of coz it's anything but quiet on MSN.


  1. Dear Jolene,

    Wishing you a very happy 25th birthday. May you enjoy your day today and may everything go on well in your life.

    Why do you call it a quarter life crisis? Are you in some crisis?

    Your last year birthday look so fun! So pretty and you have pretty friends too. Oh yes, I saw somebody asking how tall are you but no reply. I also wanna know how tall are you?



    ok - u can tell why i didnt quite make it to school like st nics, and raffles. anyway happy birthday.

    may all ur days be filled with sunshine and happiness. i wanted to send u sms one..but i lazy. then this has more longevity..ha ha

    anyway i am also in quarter life crisis. no cheong, no bozz, no motivation to even cheong the stores during GSS.

    y no lovely buddies and good pals la ... they are all around u..

    hey next thurs is vesalk day woot...MAMBO is on wednesday le...

    but i dun wanna go in my chibi maruko haircut...F*&*

    happy birthday to my first friend in primary one...

  3. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to Jolene
    Happy birthday to you

    Now is 26 May so happy belated birthday. Although we do not know each other, I enjoy reading your blog and I feel like I know you. I still remember I started reading in 2005. It has been 2 years. Time really flies. Although I don't comment as much as before, I will always be clicking on your site now and then.

    So how did you celebrate? I guess you worked? I saw last year's birthday and I remember 2005 birthday was full of activities. It's fine. As one gets older it's like this. Having some 'me time' to reflect on your life is good too. But please take a break at times. Today is Saturday. Time to enjoy yourself and go out with your man.

    Take care, my dear. And I wish you all the best in whatever you do.

  4. oh and i should have wished you first.. happy belated birthday.. hope you have fun no matter what.

    i really hope you will reply to my questions regarding the hong kong itenary.


  5. Sorry for the late replies peeps!

    No la.. not really a crisis, just like a period to start thinking again about the future.

    I'm 162cm. Haha... gosh... I think I've answered this question on my blog many many times before. I'm like not very tall lor. And yes, all my frenz are very beautiful in my eyes.

    What the heck? Born a Tweety?

    NYGH and SA is like very good also lor. Anyway, doesn't matter what school, we'll all eventually meet in Uni.

    You're rite abt leaving msgs here have more longevity. I'm still slowly deleting sweet sms from years ago due to space! Here I don't have to worry about space consumption and they are sorta forever.

    And I really really can't wait to see you tonight, BABE! Xiao wan zi jiu xao wan zi. Who knows, you may look cute? I'm a drab lor. HATE MY HAIR!

    I realy appreciate all your kind words. Yeah stranger yet frenz would be how I feel about you too.

    Well how did I spend my birthday huh? I will try to update asap! And nope I'm a workaholic, but I took leave on my birthday. Hehehe...

    Thanx for your wishes. I've replied to your qns on the HK post itself tho I feel I'm not much of a help. =)

    Maybe you can leave a pseudonym for yourself instead of "passer-by" so I would know who you are next time.


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