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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Farewell to Shanghai Babe

Chris has left us for Shanghai to pursue her love, her hubby-to-be. Now our room has one less chatterbox cum bimbo.

She looked radiant that evening. She was practically glowing like a xin fu preggy mummy... only that she isn't pregnant. Haha... I'd better make it clear as she kept emphasising that she does not want a "Made in China" baby. However, she just had that radiant preggy glow in her and all my colleagues agreed too. It was meant as a compliment! Now if only I had a hubby posted overseas, I would be glowing like a radiant preggy mummy too.

Nuff said... Time for photos! [All photos taken using Sony Ericsson K800]

Sumptious meal

I love this group of friends! They are those who would not find me silly taking pictures of food and even helped to arrange the dishes.

Everyone wanna take pix with the Shanghai babe

The 2 boh liao ones

We'll miss you...


Managed to retrieve most of what I've lost...

I really can't thank you enough for all your effort in helping my sis to salvage her hardisk. Even though that program could only salvage lost files from 4th May onwards which proved to be not much of a use for her, it managed to salvage all my most recently deleted photos from my memory card.

On top of that, I managed to retrieve the photos which weren't backed up from last September onwards from my Multiply site. It was really fortunate that I decided to upload some of my photos till December before the hardisk spoilt. The resolution would not be fantastic but at least better than nothing. So the only photos I've lost would be Jan-Feb photos.

Other than photos, the more important stuff I've lost would be some of my students' works. Really quite upset about that. Oh, and some of my drawings too.

And also, I must get all the team buildng photos from other colleagues' cameras and photoshop them all over again. Still quite mad that I had almost finished blogging about that event by typing on Word with all the photos ready for uploading before my sis reformatted the comp without waiting for me to save them onto my laptop.

Maybe I shan't blog about it.. but ooh... it's such a memorable event!

Shan't brood over it anymore. I should be thankful that things aren't looking that bad now. =)

Now if only my selfish sis would let me install Photoshop on my laptop. She's afraid that I would decrease the installation limit.



  1. Wah.. I see my nick in huge fonts..
    Np, just gave some suggestions nia.

    Try the urban legend - fridge method on the buggy harddisk. Somehow if the froze and defroze can manage to get the read head moving in the right direction again. So did she checked with her friend or is it your friend at the Uni?

    Photoshop? I think you need to register it online, if that's the case, eh hmm.. else, you can look for photo editing freeware, lower learning curve, and suits most users needs.

    Abt your food, it looks nice, where is it ah? Maybe drop in after my wife's confinement, so long since I last eat sashimi n Ice Cream. Aiyo..

  2. It's so good that you are updating more now. I love to read. Oh and so happy for you that you manage to get back most of your photos. At last got photos. I kind of miss your photos. ^_^


  3. Hey gal, certainly liked your cool...with all the lovely pics n food. Me glowing meh? Tot my face becomes more chubby le...wahahaha

    Looking forward to your new hairlook...tata..


  4. Hey,

    The jap food looked good. Which restaurant is it? Read about how your hardisk is spoil and how you manage to get some files back. Now remember to back-up your files ok? Don't be sad anymore. Hope to see more updates.

  5. Sorry for the late replies!

    It was at Sushi Tei Raffles City. The food is not bad and I love their desserts. Limited choices though. You can ditch Baby Wayne check it out with your wife. =)

    Seldom take photos now as I would occasionally be lending my camera to my colleague for some work purpose. Will get a new one soon! Now that I’ve got a laptop, I also hope I can update more frequently.

    YOO HOO! Welcome aboard! So nice to see your comment! I haven’t uploaded the photos onto Multiply yet. Oops… It’s the complexion la.. It screams GOOD SLEEP. Haha… How’s Shanghai so far?

    My new hair look is just like my old hair look a year ago. So boring. I miss my old hair.

    It’s Sushi Tei and thanx for your concern! I’ll try to update more.


  6. today the day my wife confinement ends. bringing wayne to the temples to pray, and follow by injection. Can bring wife to go eat good stuffs, actually yesterday went to eat ichban sushi at causeway point, so so d quality.

  7. Hmm tot ichiban is not too bad? ANyay hope the both of you enjoyed yourselves. Yes please bring Baby Wayne for injections. A lot of baby viruses nowadays.


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