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Friday, May 04, 2007

Gone in a flash

I've been patiently waiting for the return of my 2nd sis's hardisk since she reformatted her PC on Saturday. Using whatever time I had whenever she was not at home, I happily edited all my Team Building photos, even trying my hands at Photoshop. Have been editing the hundreds of them from eveybody's camera for the past week and had wanted to complete everything on my Wednesday off day.

And then tonight I was told that her hardisk is spoilt. SPOILT!

My 1st sis was trying all means to get her hardisk running till 3am, knowing in her heart from the sound the hardisk made that it was spoilt, yet trying very hard to give my 2nd sis a glimmer of hope by trying all means and way to get it to start.

But spoilt means spoilt. Gone means gone.

On top of that, I was not even able to retrieve all the more recent photos as I've just lent my camera to my colleague for work purpose and told her to feel free to delete all the photos inside as I've uploaded them.

While I'm upset that all my stuff from August 2006 is gone, I cannot show my anguish because what my 2nd sis lost was A LOT more. All the work she has done, her showreel and films.

I feel so irritated that I cannot vent my frustration outwardly. I think that I'm very selfish and making a nuisance of myself. I try to console myself that I didn't lose a lot as the bulk of my stuff were the photos and they were MERELY photos. Yet on the other hand, photos mean a lot to me!

Maybe I should blame myself for not taking precaution and backing up my files. Maybe I should blame myself for not insisting that I transfer all my files onto my laptop before she reformatted. But I don't feel any better.



  1. oh..

    looking at your situation

    1) ask yor colleague - to return you the memory card first, you can retrieve so called "deleted" files, if its not overwrite with new data.

    2) if the info. is really important to you, there are experts out there that are able to salvage for you the data from a spoilt data, but they charged a cut throat pricing. Before that, you can email or post here what is the fault you encounter for your harddisk. Agar agar, I can tell you, still got help boi

    3) I have encounter many harddisk crash, and my previous hobbies is to reformat my harddisk every 6months. Precaution now for me is - backup on two discs all important data periodically. It could be a rewritable, and one burn once disc. One disc, keep in a safe place, the other for frequent usage. Other foolproof is to upload all the files onto those free servers online. (limited megs) I have been trying to get locally those 100years archival gold dvd, which cost like $15 a pc. Give you safe of mind, especially its pretty scratch proof, and the dye used is extremely good. Normal dye cd/dvd may last you 5years if you are lucky.

    Anyway, too cheem to go in depth. Just drop me a note what you encounter on the spoilt harddisk, I see what diagnosis I comes up.

  2. Reading ur comment gives me some hope. I nvr knew deleted file could be retrieved. How do u go abt doing it? Please teach me.

    Abt the hard disk, i think it got spoilt during transporting... can't really pinpoint how it happened.

    It's a long story to type here.. haven downloaded msn on this lap top and had wanted to email u but i dunno which email @ to send to.

    My sis did take the precaution but not in the form of saving them on disk.. which is so darn risky but she tot the hardisk was enuf. She had 2 hardisk. So while she saved the whole computer's stuff into 1 hardisk, she reformatted the other so the reformatted one the data all gone and the other one with the saved data was spoilt.

    Heard tt the hardisk make whirling sound when trying to fix it up. 1st sis said prob the little "needle-like" thing broke. I'm an IT idiot tho so this is all I know other than the long story.

  3. I will email to your hotmail.

    btw, check out these two video clips I took with my hp of my little Wayne.

  4. Oh no... I hope you are fine now Jolene. There is really no help for the hardisk? I understand how you feel with all the files lost. ~~HUGGIES~


  5. bwilly,
    After watching those vidz of little Wayne, I dreamt of babies. Haha.. It's really true!

    Thanx gal. I'm fine... No worries. Hugz received!

  6. haha.. your time will comes.
    Then the nightmare starts, duno, my wife is now going thru her post-natal blues. So I help out on the baby tasks as much as possible.

    Waking up thrice in the middle of the night is common these days. hehe.. but I reckon totally worth it. He's so cute.. n I think when he grows bigger, many gals going to get smitten by him. Already many gals can't keep their hands off him. Aiyo yo.. ;)

  7. Maybe you could start a blog for Ah Wayne when you've got the time. Hahaha


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