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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Unexpected Guest

An unexpected guest started to creep in on Monday.

I thought it would stay for a short while.

However, it has no intention to uproot its butt and scram.

The inconsiderate unexpected guest even burst my tap and it is leaking non stop now.

It all started with the hubby. I knew he was sick when he came home from work and slept for almost 24 hours over the weekend.

How I wished I could do this to him right when he told me he was sick.

I have not succumbed to such illness for months and I'm upset with myself for having such weak immune system.

I've got an important task coming up tomorrow (or rather in a few hours time) and I'm not able to sleep due to the blocked and leaky nose together.

Yes, I'm aware that my photos are not showing again due to the exceeded bandwidth and temporary disabling of photo links from PhotoBucket. The images would be reactivated on the 19th of the month, when bandwidth usage resets to zero.

So remember that whenever you can't view photos, think of the number 19 and come back again then.


  1. Aw feel better! Its okay. We've all got our "down" times once in awhile. I will be coming back on the 19th :)

  2. haha! Oh my gosh, I do feel sorry for you, because you are sick, but this post totally made me laugh! You are great at writing stories that get to the point, as well as using pictures! It wouldn't surprise me if you were a children's author!
    I like your blog!

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. It's miserable to be sick. Catching a bug when someone in the house has it is almost unavoidable--unless the sick person washes their hands like a crazy person (like my son). I rarely catch bugs from him, but my daughter always get me sick--she overshares.

    I hope KH is taking good care of you and you feel better soon!

  4. Illness sucks. I hope for a speedy recovery for you and your hubby. I think our family had gone through enough illness during the first quarter of the year and we shout out load "no more please".

  5. Ahh..I hope you get to feeling better soon flower!! xx

  6. i hope you feel better! i hate feeling sick :[ it's the worst! i was sick last week and i swear, i couldn't sleep because of my stuffy nose.

  7. Awww get well soon, Jo! I thought this post was cute, though, with the funny cartoons

  8. SICKNESS SUCKS! i hope you get well!!! i will pray for you :D

  9. Winnie,
    Coming back? Where are you now? States or HK?


    I love to see newcomers here. Thanx for your lovely comment. I was grinning from ear to ear when I read it amidst my illness a while back.


    Kh taking care of me? Lol... I got it from him so he was also sick at the same time. He didn't think my illness was worth his pity.


    I'll shout out for you too. "NO MORE PLEASE!"


    Thank you, doll.


    Robots in Trouble,
    I think we perfectly understand that stuffy nose feeling and not being able to sleep.


    Haha... someone once commented that he was quite amazed at my posts whenever I wrote during my illness.


    Thank you, dear.

  10. LOL, well, he should feel guilty and work to oversome his illness to care for you. =)

  11. He doesn't feel guilty. He could even be sniggering inside. That's how our relationship work. lol!


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