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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Draw Something Part 1 -- What Type of Player are You

A while ago, practically the whole of the smart phone world was addicted to the mobile app Draw Something. I had so many friends playing the game and we were quite hooked onto it, drawing loads and loads of pictures to send to our friends during our free time.

"Draw Something is a mobile app developed by Omgpop. It was one of the Mobile apps which won the Flurry App Spotlight Awards in 2012. In the first five weeks after its launching, the game was downloaded 20 million times. Fifty days after its release, it had been downloaded 50 million times. In March of 2012, both Draw Something and Omgpop were bought by the game giant Zynga for $180 million." -- Wikipedia

For those who play this game, here is a humorous video to share with all of you.

What type of player are you?

Watching this video has regained my interest in Draw Something. Fast forward to now, the initial hype seems to have died down quite a bit in Singapore. I'm not too sure about the popularity curve of this game in other countries though. Maybe my foreign readers might want to share some knowledge with me?

I haven't been playing the game for about 3 weeks due to some bug in some of my friends' games which could not be fixed for a period of time. However recently, there was an update to the game and the bug has been fixed.

Along with the updates are new features like:
  • Sharing drawings on Twitter and Facebook
  • Save drawings to your devices' photo library
  • Notifications for Android devices
  • Increase of the max streak from 99 to 999
  • Pull down to refresh game status
  • UNDO button for your last brush stroke
  • Even better performance
  • More words
  • And a slew of other fixes and tweaks

I am really more tempted to play now seeing that the max streaks would be increased to 999. After I hit 99 with a couple of people, we simply pushed all enthusiasm out of the window. In addition, the UNDO button would certainly benefit many people too.

I'm currently looking through my Draw Something folder in which I saved many __________________ (baffling/beautiful/facepalm/ugly) screen shots and am in the process of coming up with my own list. I really can't wait to share these screen shots with all of you!

Here's another list which I found off the Internet to end off this post.


  1. hehe i need to send that last photo to my husband, he's playing it now. I started it but I was never good at it and stopped :D

  2. I don't play this game, but your article's pretty cute. I've been seeing art from it around.

  3. I would be the type that can't draw. At all! Except, I can draw an okay scrubbing bubble (from the bathroom cleaner commercial).

  4. Pasting a comment which went missing when blogger forced the new interface on me:

    Robots in Trouble said...

    ohhhh you people with smart phones. my hubby actually started joining the bandwagon! now he's hooked on some of the apps!

  5. Yvonne,
    I have friends who are really bad at drawing but they are good at capturing salient points and so they managed to allow people to guess their drawings more easily.


    I'll be sharing some artistic and some not quite artistic art from my friends and me soon!


    I always learn new things from you. I had to google "scrubbing bubbles". That is a pretty cute character! I would love to see your drawing of it. Heh


    Robots in Trouble,
    I'm not sure what happened to your comment. I've got an email notification for it but when I logged into blogger to approve, it went missing. I have yet to upgrade to the new blogger interface and I thought there could be some error.

    I only joined the smartphone wagon a few months back. I was a considered a latebloomer from my where I come from. =D

  6. I am the angry artist but I have a solution - I just draw everything but the hint about the word til the last moment so people are kinda forced to see what I drew hahahah :)

  7. gasp! you have drawwww somethinggg!!! you need to play with meeee :D what's your username? :)))))) i love draw something. i could play it for hours. lol.

  8. hahaha so i watched that entire video of draw something and LOLed at some of them. haha. especially because most related to me AHAHAHAAAA

    it was great

  9. Anndrea,
    Haha... oh you are so evil, you angry artist. I would love to see your friends' reactions.


    I use my FB username. Do you play DrawSomething using your FB username or a new username? I seldom play it now. In fact, I just cleared some pending games only a moment ago since they upgraded.

    I won't be revealing my FB details here. Let's comm more via email at eateateat_82(at)hotmail(dot)com


    So what kinda artist are you? A mixture of everything? I'm a little like this too.


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