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Friday, April 20, 2012

Scramble with Friends Ninja

One of my favourite games on the iPhone is Scramble with Friends.

I don't know if anyone of you plays that too. My score ranges from a lousy 300+ to a 1000+ depending on whether there are double or triple letter bonus. This video was shared by one of my Scramble buddies (no, not the person in the video) on Facebook and after watching this video, all of us realise how it is possible to attain such high scores without cheating and hailed this guy as a Scramble ninja.

After I shared this video, I got many more people creating games with me.

My 2nd sister was adamant about not downloading this game as she claimed that her spelling is really bad. This was what happened after I shared the video on Facebook.

Ok I've to explain that I wasn't being sarcastic. Her username was first presented to me as some random digits and letters. After I sent the Scramble message to her, her name appeared.

Have you downloaded your Scramble game yet?

Thank you all for your words of concern regarding my illness. I'll get back to all of you soon!


  1. i love scrabble! i actually play words with friends! i wish i can play with you!

  2. Word scrabble is awesome, love playing!! Have a great weekend doll x

  3. LOL, that's cute about your sister. I haven't tried that game. Is it similar to Word on FB? I haven't tried that either. =)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I havent played or heard of this before, im still very addicted to draw something! xWinnie

  5. hahaha those darn iphone addictions! i don't play scramble with friends but i do play draw something! :D DO YOU DO YOU?! that game is quite addicting as well. :D

  6. Robots in Trouble,
    This is Scramble, not Scrabble. I LOVE Scrabble but the Scrabble app available is only for iPad and not iPhone. So sad.

    I downloaded Word with Friends but I haven't tried it yet. My good friend told me she reckon I wouldn't like it as it is too slow for my Scramble mind. lol... I do see many friends playing though. Maybe I should open the app and check it out soon.


    This is Scramble, not Scrabble. I love both but iPhone doesn't support the Scrabble app. Have a lovely weekend yourself too!


    I've downloaded but haven't tried Word with Friends. WWF and Scramble with Friends are from the same company though I do not know how similar they are.

    I remember reading you had an iPhone right? You should go crazy at the App Store and dl all the free stuff.


    Winnie's Wardrobe,
    Ah, I love seeing newcomers here!

    When Draw Something first came about, I have soooooooooooo many friends being addicted to it and for quite a while, I played it every single day. I've stopped for more than 2 weeks due to some bug in the game.


    Yes I do! As mentioned in my comment to Winnie above, when Draw Something first came about, I have soooooooooooo many friends being addicted to it and for quite a while, I played it every single day. I've stopped for more than 2 weeks due to some bug in the game.

    There was the newer version to update a few days ago. I updated it but have yet to continue. I hope the bug would have been solved.

  7. I left my iPone on my desk at work and someone stole it. :(

  8. Rick,
    No kidding? Aww... that sucks. It could get stolen at work? Could your company do anything since it's done by an insider? You mean office desk or desk whereby it is in plain sight to even the public?

  9. No public, just Smithsonian employees and the contract cleaning crew that comes through in the evenings.

    I do still have my iTouch.

  10. It would be really bad if it is done by Smithsonian employees right? I mean fellow colleagues don't do such things. Sigh... I feel for you.

    You are quite techie! You have an iTouch!


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