Saturday, July 30, 2011

Post Harry Potter Blues

Over 10 years and 8 Harry Potter movies, actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint or should I say Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley have really grown: from children to teenagers to, now, young multimillionaires.

After watching the final installment of the whole Harry Potter movie series last weekend, I feel a sense of closure and loss at the same time. There is nothing more to look forward to now but to reminisce.

Aside: True fans of the books, please don't deride me for being a fan of the movies.

For those of you who need a recap on all the Harry Potter movies, this brilliant summary by PAINT would do the trick.

And just in case you need further visual recap, here's one with snippets from the movies.


  1. It makes me sad too! I almost don't want to watch the movie because then it means that I'm no longer a child.

  2. huhu... its been a good 10 years growing up with these guys.

  3. Hello my favourite Singaporean,

    I never get into trends people follow. I'm anti like that I dunno why :S I used to read harry potter when it first came out and liked it a lot but then after the 4th book it started getting too long. You could literally see the novels increasing in size hehe and while it was still good, I felt like she tried to put too much detail into the later books. You gotta spread it out!

    Then the movie came out and I saw the 1st one but I was disappointed at how much stuff they left out (obviously they have to I guess). Then I stopped caring -_- Was gonna watch all the movies to find out what happened but this girl on my twitter kept writing about the final movie as she was watching it and just destroyed my life.

  4. I've read the books but I'm not a fan of the movie. ^__^ I do understand the feeling though.. It's something that we have gotten used to and we look forward to. Hopefully someone comes up with a really fascinating and entertaining series soon so we would have another something to look forward to.. =)

  5. It's nice hearing all of your views about Harry Potter. =)

    I guess for me, since I started with watching the movie first, there wasn't an expectation and so I wasn't disappointed by the lack of information or the modification to some parts. In fact, watching the movies made me want to read the books so I guess it's good too.

  6. wawawawawa these are AWESOME I CAN'T believe they summarized 7 books in 99 seconds!!! awesome awesome awesome!! Gonna share with friends XD totally laughed at "Edward Cullen" got slayed hahahahahaha. oh boy.

    They were so cute when they first came out >< sighhhh. it's hard to believe it really has been 10 years. I am a die hard fan of the books and didn't like the movies as much (cuz they cut out and change the storyline so much T_T) but then I guess they're just trying to offer something different so I still enjoy them ^_^

  7. Frances,

    I also totally laughed at "Edward Cullen" got slayed part. I used to like Cederic Diggory so much... I was quite upset that he became Edward Cullen and got all so popular from Twilight actually coz it sorta cloud with my image of him for a long time.


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