Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear 4am, 5am, 6am

We gotta stop meeting this way.

I would rather sleep with you.


My biological clock is seriously screwed. I cannot get to sleep unless I'm mentally exhausted.

Sleeping when I'm physically tired but still mentally active would result in all kinds of nightmares.

All kinds of sleep therapy and sleep-inducing methods do not work on me. If only I could will my mind to be less active.

When it's time to wake up, I could press the snooze button for as long as two hours. At other times, I have no recollection of hearing the alarm at all. I kept going in late for work and either leaving late or using the many extra hours previously to claim time off.

It's fortunate that my direct superior has got the same problem as me. When I finally explained to him, he was so happy to find out that he wasn't the only one who can't sleep and can't wake up as a result.

And I too, am so happy that he has the same problem.


  1. are you stressed, I only have this problem when I have too many problems :S

    I hope you figure it out soon~

  2. Ugh, I hate not being able to fall asleep. Actually, I can't fall asleep at this exact moment, that's why I decided to check out some blogs and leave comments. Maybe staring at my way-too-bright screen will eventually make me close my eyes?

    I've noticed my sleepless nights are triggered by stress though. Like right now I'm worrying about my thesis (no idea why, everything's going rather well and I still have time, but the mind is a weird thing). Maybe it's the same with you?

  3. Count me in too, Jo! Like you, I need an off switch for my brain. I try to think of nothing, but fail. So then I decide since I'm going to be thinking, focus on something pleasant, relaxing. Before long other things work their way into my thoughts and I'm too keyed-up to sleep. I do finally drift off, but when I wake up in the morning my eyes are still sore from the day before. Thank goodness for the weekend.

    I hope we both move out of this phase very soon.

  4. Aww I hope that you will be able to get your sleeping schedule fixed Jo. It's not healthy to be staying up all night. I sometimes have the same problem too. I try not to do anything too stimulating for the mind like watching an action flick or going on the computer, and it seems to help relax me for bed. I noticed that it's also a lot easier to stay up all night than it is to force yourself to go to bed at a certain time. This always screws me up on the weekend bc I'll stay up late then be tired for work Monday morning :(

  5. Dear all,

    Thanx for sharing with me your experiences. It's good to hear so many people are like that too though it's not good for us eventually.

    I tried to get to bed at 5+am tossed and turned till the sun rose (which is 7+am I think). Since it's my off day, I set my alarm at 11.30aam to give me at least 6 hours of sleep but I here I am being awake at 10+ and can't fall asleep.


    turtle & bibi,
    I'm not too sure if it's stress. By right I shouldn't be stressed as all of you will know why pretty soon. However I do have lots and lots of stuff to do when I'm at work and lots and lots of stuff to do when I'm at home and I could never quite catch up with home stuff the way I want it to.

    All the best for your thesis ok? I've got the feeling that you can do it coz bibi seems like a really intellectual gal!

    I also try to use my Sunday off to catch up on sleep but for the past few weeks, I couldn't hit my maximum 6 hours so it snowballs and my dark eye circle and eyebags are getting really serious, a plastic surgeon might suggest I engage his service. I hope we move out of this soon! Your job in the museum must have been too exciting!

    When I can't sleep, I cannot not do anything. I won't feel good "wasting" time so this is bad as my mind will always be active in this way and I'm using this to my great advantage by doing some research and reading on many stuff and also to try to catch up with my blog. Maybe that's why the cycle keeps continuing.

  6. well at least your superior understands your situation, that a relieve! :) sometimes i get that problem too, i got used staying up till 3 or 4 am and then and when i had to get in bed earlier i couldn't sleep at all! i think my body got used to this routine, in fact when i had to wake up in the early morning sometimes i would faint and feel sick because i didn't rest as i should have. What I did to change this situation was starting to go to bed everyday at the same hour (between midnight or 1 am), waking up at a regular hour too (i even put my alarm clock set on weekends!), exclude naps during afternoon (they would make me more awake at night). Maybe what you need it establish a regular routine so your body can get used to it! it might be difficult at first but i think it works well n.n
    hope it helped *

  7. I've been insomniac since I was in elementary hehe. :/ I know how you feel and I wish you'd be able to fix your sleeping habits soon.

  8. Skinny Love,

    Yes! I'm really glad that my superior is in the same boat. Thanx for sharing. The sleep habit is really a vicious cycle. I need to be sick or really exhausted to be knocked out at such early timing. I've tried it before but I guess I've to try it for longer period of time and be really patient.


    sugar sugar,

    I realise how late your comments come in! I remember seeing them at 4 or 5am. At first I thought Philippines and Singapore have got time difference but I just googled and we're in the same time zone! Gosh! I'm starting to find more and more friends in the same boat.

  9. Hahaha, intellectual... you give me way too much credit :p But thank you for wishing me good luck! I just now sent a part of my thesis to my mentor, we shall see what he says.

  10. I have insomnia problem too! you know, I couldn't sleep before 06.00 AM in the morning! sounds crazy, eh!

  11. Bibi,
    Have faith, have faith!


    Lina Kim,
    Thanx for dropping by my blog. I love it when new readers drop me a note. Oh dear, I hope the not being able to sleep before 6am doesn't become habitual.

  12. I always have trouble falling asleep but lately I just cant fall asleep at all. I often roll around in bed and look at the clock clicking, though I can usually sleep before 4am. As a result I can't wake up til 10 or 11ish, and I still feel tired all day. It sucks :( I hope your problem can be fixed soon. Maybe try some aromatherapy stuff to let your body relax and fall asleep faster?

  13. Winnie,
    Did you just change your profile picture? So lovely! I also wake up the same time as you so I'm constantly late for work even though I start later in the morning. What time do you work? I haven't quite know of others who work like my timing.


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