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Friday, February 03, 2012



  1. This is quite funny =D but in real life robin hood would have a terrible credit rating. As you get older these things start to matter, perhaps more than looks. Job, car, ambitions, girls look at that oy.

    My Jolene. I hope you had lots of desserts for chinese new year!! I know I did. Two platters of leen go and two platters of carrot cake. I'm so full :( And your presents post made me very jealous. I just wanted to grab everything and run away lol. My blogger marked your last food pictures post as read so I have no recollection of it =.= but I know I read it. Sorry.. life has been random lately. It always is!

  2. So you finally got a iphone? What do you think, is there a reason why everyone uses it or is it just nothing too special? Do you play games on it :O

    I like mine. It's pretty... white phones are pretty. I've used black and grey phones all the way up to now hehe.

    I wrote that last line especially for you, our running joke on you refusing to believe I could be older and me refusing to tell you my exact age hahahahaha. Jolene I wish you all the best for 2012. I wish you good health, good vacations, future employment. You know how to treasure life as much as I do, I don't have to teach you that. All you need is happiness - I swear there's nothing else one should desire.

    I secretly wish I could force you to get twitter so we can talk more often -_-

    You take care okay? I'm still around, we talk again real soon.

  3. So true, Jo.. so true! lol.

  4. This is CUTE! Love it! HAHAHAHA

  5. Turtle,
    WooH! You’ve been missed badly!

    You seem celebrate a very different CNY from me! I didn’t have lots of desserts but lots of goodies especially pineapple tarts! I don’t know what “leen go” is? Is that in Cantonese?

    You seem to be living a very busy life. You hardly even appear on the internet realm? Haha... Do I really have to get a twitter to know you’re alive and kicking? I’m a twitter noob but I think I might just get one in time to come. Why not if I can connect with my turtle friend in this way?

    Oh man, don’t get me started on the iPhone. Even as I was using 2 nokia handphone. (I have an sms line with Nokia 8850, a 10-year-old phone), everyone told me I would really be an iPhone person and I know how right they were. Recently, I kept downloading lots of free games and other apps. I downloaded lots of ebooks too. Games and books to keep me occupied on commute, yet the sucky iPhone 4s battery life prevented me from doing all these during commute. I’d wanted to buy a portable external battery for emergencies but I’m using a bumper case which hinders the complete plugging in. I’m not sure if you know what I mean. It’s also so cool to be suddenly connected with soooooo many people on the free messaging and watsapp. I realised how much information I’ve missed from pre and post gathering chats etc. How about you? Embracing your iPhone like it’s a new religion?

    Thanx for the surprising last line. It feels good to read my name on your post and how funny you made it.

    Happiness is all-encompassing and I wish you happiness for 2012 too!


    If I remember correctly, you have no daughter. Erm... right? And yes, not Jo too! Haha. Thanx for believing in that. =D


    To all,
    Glad that this brought laughter to you!

  6. Hahaha babe this is awesome! Thanks for sharing :) Hope you're doing well!!! XO

  7. Tessa,
    I hope you are doing well too! I haven't been getting your blog updates from my feed.


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