Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today I've decided to be happy

It's not that I've been upset or anything but there are some things which haven't been going my way.

I have also been busy embarking on my project and met with some obstacles time and again.

In addition, I also discovered two shocking revelation and though affected, I decided not to give a shiet about them anymore.

So I was taking a break from working on my laptop and was viewing some photos.

I really love this picture taken by hubby in Paris outside Arc de Triomphe.

It was supposed to be an artistic shadow shot of the both of us. When he told me to turn my head and faced the side, I didn't expect myself to be in the shot. I thought it was quite cool my non-artistic-eye hubby did that.

I've run out of edited pictures which I could use to craft my backdated entries from May last year and I don't think I would be able to update my blog with backdated posts for some time to come until I finished up till a certain part in my project.

I'm still reading your comments with a smile so keep them coming in. =)


  1. Sounds like KH does have an artistic streak, but doesn;t get the chance to exercise it very often. That is a wonderful picture.

    I hope the revelations fade from memory quickly and the world starts spinning your way again.

  2. Jo: That is such an uplifting and positive statement. True happiness is not far from us, it is inside us but often we choose to let stress, anxiety, fear and etc. ruin it. With that said, I need to wake up with a positive thought more often instead of being grumpy. It looked like you had a quality time with your hub.

    I haven't been as active on blogging as before and now catching up on your posts too.

    I replied your email like last month but not sure if you ever received it (or it went to spam folder again)

  3. You look wonderful dear. Have a great 2012. I love your attitude.

  4. Rick,
    Haha his artistic streak comes very randomly and whenever I needed it, he doesn't have it so I really love these kinda surprises.

    I'll make the world spin my way even if it doesn't. That's what I would do. =D


    Thank you and yes wipe off the grumpy face and put on a smile coz it's us ourselves who decide whether to be happy or upset.

    Oh yes, I saw your email! It was indeed in junk and I had to retrieve it. Usually I don't check my junk folder so it's fortunate that I did. Sorry I forgot to reply as I was rushing lots of stuff then... hmm... and even till now.


    Thanx dear. Happy 2012 to you too. We haven't met up! I hope you're coping well in this new chapter of your life. =)

  5. I'm going to push it in your direction too!!

  6. It´s great to see your creativity in this blog.


  7. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot and you just look so stunningly SWEET!!!

    its so artistic and romantic pic cause you can see the shadow of both of you and him with the camera!!!

    AWWW how LOVELY... MISSED you babe... i hope you have gotten ride and fought back the cold and the reindeer nose!!!

    i have been traveling up and down too... but it's for family not leisure... oh well at least some one is having a great time...

    Anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR babe...

    Let me know what your favorite gift this year is!!!

    ♥ Label me ADDICT ♥

  8. Rick,
    Haha thanx and together we move the world! Ok that's quite lame!


    Love to see new faces here. Thanx for dropping by.


    Label me Addict,
    Thank you! I was grinning from ear to ear when I read your comment. You went missing for quite a while! Missed you too. I hope you are well.

    Haha I've only received gift from 3 friends so far coz I haven't been meeting my frenz since I came back. I still oew many friends their gifts too.

  9. quite curious what your two revelations are... *scratches chin* but as long as they don't bother you anymore it's all good =D

    I thought you went to London! (if my last memory of last time reading your blog is correct... XD) Apparently you went to Paris too! Man I really need to catch up. Really like this pic too ^_^

  10. Frances,
    Heh... They are meant to be secret so zip!

    I went London and Paris and back to London again for 2 days to catch a flight back. We were there for 2 days juts to play safe as London's transport system often meet with strikes during the festive season.

  11. Hey Girl! Don't let anything get to you. Let it go. Don't stress or worry. Things will fall in place. I love that photo. It's cool. Your eyes look amazing.


  12. yes you r right. this photo is very artistic =) love the lighting too! i hope you're feeling better.

  13. I love this photo! KH really does have some artistic ability in him it looks like :D Your eyes look so pretty in the picture Jo - they almost look a bit hazel. Were you wearing lenses? :)

  14. Kim,
    I like it that once you come back from your absence, you leave me so many sweet notes all at once. Thank you dear!


    The sun was about to set and so the lighting was really good in the actual picture though I did edit and add a film of colour effect to this.


    His artistic ability seldom emerge much to my chagrin. I was wearing green grey lenses but I don't know why they turned out this colour under the setting sun.


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