Thursday, January 12, 2012

tête-à-tête Volume 3 -- Jo the Spy Wife

My dear hubby was studying (while playing World of Warcraft) the past two days for what he called a professional quiz for his job.

Don't ask me how he studies while playing WoW. Apparently he did that during his university days and scored quite well, much to the annoyance of his peers.

I glanced at his papers but could not decipher any logic from the overload of information in cryptic language.

Once he spotted me glancing at his papers, our conversation went like this:-

kh: This contains secret information. If you read it, I would have to kill you.
jo: It's ok. I don't even understand a single thing except the word "Cessna".
kh: Who knows, you might be a spy wife who married me for the sake of obtaining secret information.

Jo gave a bewildered expression.

jo: Ya right! A very lousy spy who passed driving not too long ago.
kh: No, you're pretending to be lousy. Actually you can drive like a pro and do stunts with the car. You can ride motorbike and operate a plane. But...
jo: But...?
kh: You are just pretending to be a stupid bimbo for the sake of spying.


Yeah yeah, I'm a spy wife.

A diamond in the rough.

And on most occasions, I perform stunts like this.

But right now I'm nothing but a stupid bimbo.

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  1. he's into World of Warcraft?? oh no! I wanted to take the hubs to court so many times bc of that game LOL ok not to court but I was not a happy wife while he was playing that game. Thank god he doesnt play it anymore but he was really really addicted to it. He couldnt get off it!

  2. flora,
    It's you right? lol! How are you? How's your boy? Still playing WoW too?


    OMG! I freaking laughed out loud when I read the line:
    "I wanted to take the hubs to court so many times bc of that game"

    I read that out to my hubz and he was rather amused too.

    I used to hope my hubz doesn't play it anymore but I've gotten pretty used to it now.

  3. LOL!!!! your conversation totally reminded me of Mr. & Mrs. Smith XDXDXD

    aiyaaaa two weeks after new year >_< happy new year my dear Jo!!! I need to catch up with your blog O_O I know I said I will (fail) but I was too busy doing nothing (?) (feel free to kick me) and traveling... break is almost over so I shall blog/read as much as I can!!

  4. Frances,
    I MISS YOU! Yes, I can see how you are catching up with my posts with all your little notes of love everywhere.

    Busy doing nothing? Can I snatch time from you? Yay to blogging and reading!

  5. HAHAHA I couldn't stop laughing Jo! Your hubby is funny. What a unique way to study. LOL

  6. Where's the 'Like' button?? I think I can imagine your expression at the last line!!:):)

  7. I'd be a rubbish spy but what a funny, bute story!!

    I highly doubt you're a bimbo! Your husband must be great at multitasking hehe

  8. lol this was a very entertaining read - you and KH both have such a good sense of humor. I could totally imagine you being a spy though! You look so sweet that no one would be the wiser. It's always the sweet and innocent looking ones that you have to watch out for because we can be very deceiving if we wanted to haha

  9. Kim,
    He sure is! But his jokes are always at my expense. lol


    Sharon? It's you Sharon right?


    Nic Nic,
    I must also be a rubbish spy. Thanx for doubting my bimbocity! I like you already. lol


    I absolutely love this line:
    "You look so sweet that no one would be the wiser."

    And then you got me laughing with the next line when you "WE can be very deceiving if WE wanted to"


  10. @Jo: lol glad to hear I was able to get a laugh out of you! :D

  11. Rinny,
    Thanx dear. I really needed a laugh. =D


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