Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Snippets from Phuket

It's Day 4 of Phuket and it's a lazy day for both of us after 3 very hectic days before this. My bff is lying on the couch with a book while here I am testing out the intermittent wifi in all parts of the room.

Here's sharing some of my memories here with all of you in the meantime.

~*Our room at Indochine, Phuket*~

Via latestay.com, we managed to snag this Gaya Studio (Indochine) at a good rate the night before we flew. Unfortunately, we had to put up at a not-as-nice-as-gaya Studio due to unavailability of Gaya Studios on our 1st day here.

We're really ecstatic about this room (upgrade). Enjoy the amateurish commentary yet again!

~*Our first elephant ride*~

With the goal of taking a new piece of experience home from every trip, my bff and I decided to try riding on an elephant at Phuket. Of course, there were too many new experiences to choose from like riding a horse, a scooter etc but riding on an elephant seems the safest for now.

We did the ride at Pang Chang Sai Yuan. Our elephant's name is "BiBua" and she really loves to eat. I like this place coz the elephants are all treated quite well, as if they are part of the family. Only gripe was that we paid for a 45min ride but got 30min inclusive of BiBua eating. Well, I guess we can't really control how an elephant walks.

Hope all of you enjoy the videos! I will catch up on all your blogs when I'm back in Singapore.


  1. Hi! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. The metals I use are mostly sterling silver, 14k gold fill, or silver/gold plated. Do you know specifically which ones you were sensitive too? I haven't tried it yet but I believe there is a coating that you can put on some metals to help prevent the allergic reaction. Might be something worth looking into. :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Jo,you need to post videos more often!!! I LOVE THEM! How awesome is the place you're staying. I'm loving the jacuzzi. You ladies are having so much fun! I'm so happy for you and you look adorable. LOVING the elephant. That is awesome! Do MORE videos! I love to SEE! :D

  3. *sniff*sniff* I want to be in the jacuzzi too!!! ToT

    That's me being a whiney baby--which helps me to finally understand a kid who kept crying at my b-day party when I was 6. Cry baby! =)

    That is a GREAT room and it's so beautiful there. Needless to say, I've never ridden an elephant. I should ask my friends at the DC zoo if they can arrange a ride for me. Ohhhh, I don't want to be at work now...I want to be there!

    I hope you take a lot of pictures to share--and more videos.

    Have fun!

    PS - I'm glad to know how to pronounce Phuket--I was hearing it wrong in my head before I saw the video.

  4. Great pics....super sweet of you to stop by my blog tonight:) My sisters name is Charmaine:)

    How to Write Better Blog Posts

  5. Guess which part of the video I keep pausing at? Your red hot bikini! What are you doing hiding behind the camera like this?

  6. Looks amazing, I could do with a place like this! x

  7. Your room is so beautiful, neat and cozy! I like the front view of the room. Makes me want a holiday by the beach!!

    Wahh.. it must be so great to spend holiday with BFF. So precious(:

    I enjoy your video. You should post some more videos ^^

    (should find the black sesame scent MBD!!)

    Dreamy Princess

  8. wow looks like a lovely place to stay~ i love the design of the place. the elephant ride looks so fun!!


  9. Dear Jolene,

    Your room look so nice and cozy with the jacuzzi. Did you sit in the jacuzzi every day to relax. I would so do if I was you.

    You got to SIT ON AN ELEPHANT! That's so nice. Do you and your bff ride the elephant on your own or is there somebody with you to help with the elephant? I dont see anybody else in the video.

  10. phuket is on my top 5 places to visit. it looks beautiful! xx

  11. Hey all,
    Thanx for your comments/ I love reading them!


    Kim & Dreamy Princess,
    Hehe... will bear in mind to post more videos. But I'm an amateur and I just post up whatever that's recorded on my point and shoot with no video editing at all.


    You're as sweet as always. =) Do they have elephant rides at DC zoo? Gotta make sure that the elephants are treated well. I cannot imagine paying for animal rides when they're not treated in a humane manner.


    Haha... we only sat in the Jacuzzi that day! Coz hmm... I would rather chill on the couch with my hands dry and flipping my book than to have my hands wet and not being able to do anything. I'm such a time-saver that way. lol.

    Oh we do have a "rider" with us. He hopped on after that when it was time for the elephant to walk. We could also sit on the rider's position and ride the elephant ourselves. They allowed us to do that but a pity I was wearing a dress that day. If I were wearing shorts, I would definitely leap at that photo worthy chance.

  12. ohh the elephant ride looks so much fun!

  13. I can't wait to see your video at home later tonight. Riding an elephant was quite an experience, wasn't it? My lower part of the body would probably get tired if I had to ride it all day..haha. my little girl totally loved it.

  14. Pop Champagne,


    Seldom "hear" from you anymore! Busy? I know I seldom comment too but I really missed seeing you around. Have you seen the video already? Oh the ride was ok. No sore body. =D


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