Friday, December 31, 2010

Running the last leg of 2010

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Happy new year's eve!

Seriously time really passes too quickly. Can't it just take a break for me to catch up with it?

I've been feeling so drained the whole of December. Running errands all over Singapore, buying presents and thinking of ideas to brighten up people's day. Not to mention meeting up with all my lovely friends. All these give me a boost of adrenaline. However, amidst the drowning sea of work? It simply drains me.

I even thought of trying up to finish all my 2010 blog posts by the end of the year but it's quite impossible as I don't have the time to continue updating about August.

Just now I managed to get home early at about 10.45pm. If not for the throbbing head, I would not have left earlier. I savoured my hor fun dinner ever so slowly in front of the TV and realised that I haven't been catching my CSI for weeks. CSI Miami is already ending its season with a serial killer; I've since got lost in CSI Vegas; CSI New York had always been the one which I would try not to miss and I'm waiting for the new season to start.

So without working my mind too much, I just sat down and watch AXN and Star Movies till now. Pure simple pleasure.

Whenever I meet up with the different groups of friends recently, it's always a hurried affair as I'm constantly on the rush for the next activity of the day. Unless of course, you belong to the last group of activity for my day would I have spent a lot more time with you. The different groups would ask me what I've been up to as I sound really busy.

Work has been hectic due to the revamp of our curriculum. We are slowly losing speed and we're no longer doing our stuff 1 month in advance. While the rest of the working world is happily taking leave during this festive season, my dept has trouble clearing leave.

I was looking at my subordinates working hours the other time and they've been working between 45 to 50 plus hours per week quite regularly when our average weekly hours is supposed to be 42.5 hours! 48 to 50+ was what I was a few years back. I do not want them to be sucked into this whole vicious cycle and go through the same experience as me.

Nevertheless, there is only so little I could do to help. Maybe I should stop editing and making so many changes to the worksheets so we could all have lesser work to do. However, now that I have the manpower, I find it inevitable to change so many parts which I've longed to changed when I was doing a one-man show a few years back and then a pair-work thereafter when permanent help arrived. It's just in me to keep on trying to improve the the materials especially after I've browsed through the materials of some other companies in the same line. I just want ours to be the best as they can be for our targeted consumers. Sometimes when an idea hit me, I would just think of changing a whole part of the materials, thinking only of the benefits and not the cost of changing it.

Kh and I have yet to go on our honeymoon and we've been married for more than a year! I wanted Europe. He said I won't have time for it. I weighed my prioroties and spoke to my bosses about it and they gave me the green light to take a 3 weeks break if I want. But how can I when there's so much work to be done?

He's been wanting to go on a trip, a short one would suffice. We usually go on trips during January and not December as we hated crowds. He asked me for my work schedule so he could start locking those days in but I can't give him a definite answer. In the end, he just went ahead and took a week's leave.

I really don't want to disappoint him.

I just wish for the whole holiday season to end so I could fuel the engine again and start trying to clear enough in advance for me to go on a trip with a settled mind.

May 2011 not be such a bitch.

PS: Sorry for the rant and possible spelling, grammar, punctuation and expression problem up there. I'm typing whatever comes to my mind and obviously I don't think in perfect prose.


  1. Happy New Year's Eve!!!

    I hope 2011 brings you the balance you need in life.

    No need to apologize for anything in the PS--first because everything looked great, but also because it wouldn't matter if it didn't. It's nice to have the chance to know you and what's going on in your life. =)

  2. Cool! You are a CSI New York freak? Everyone I know is either a CSI or a CSI Miami fan. Nobody seems to be a New York fan and I'm happy to find someone now.

  3. Happy new year. Just leave the work for your subordinates to cover and pack up for the trip. Wish you the best!

  4. It's nice of you to notice and appreciate how long your subordinates are working, Jo. You must be a great person to work for.

    Europe is a very fun place. Went on a group tour + extend Paris for a few more days for my Honeymoon. Best decision ever. Hope to go back Europe someday, but it will be much much later - the world is too big to explore liao.

    May year 2011 be a fulfilling year for you. Keep the pics and stories coming.

  5. RicAdeMus,

    Happy 1-1-11 to you! May 2011 be a smooth and pleasant year for you and your loved ones filled with lots of love, laughter and living to the fullest.

    It's already new year on your side of the world right? Haha... I felt like I was a being from the future when I wished my frenz residing way up north of the globe.

  6. Anon at 4:21 & 4:23,

    Same person right? Yes! I really like CSI: New York coz I find the crimes and plot more refreshing. Vegas always look blue and dark and I seldom see daylight in there. Miami is all about sex, drugs and the likes, it's too orangey and Horatio tends to be too angsty. NY's look the best in terms of the colour (not too blue, not too orange) and I like Mack as the leader as well as how he connects with Stella. So sad that Stella is leaving though!

    Thank you and happy 1-1-11 to you too! May you have a great year ahead.

    Do leave a pseudonym for me to address you by the next time you leave a comment ya?

  7. Shingo T,

    I think I am. I hope I am! Lolz at least I hope my subordinates think so. They're nice people to work with too.

    How long did you go Europe for? I was thinking I should try at least 2 weeks and we don't intend to go on a tour package coz we would prefer to explore the place to our own leisure. We've never gone on group tours before coz of the impression that it's too rushed and touristy. However, from what you said, it sounds good too.

    Thank you. I really hope to keep the pictures and stories coming in.

    Happy 1-1-11 to you! May the year bring you lots of peace, joy and laughter and of coz lots of love!

  8. you consider getting home at 1045pm early??? O_O damn... well I guess if you work 50+ hrs/wk.... 10 hours a day sounds... about right? O___o But I think it's great what you're doing! thinking about the benefits of the students =)

    lol I always wanted to watch CSI! but I think it'd be too intense for me... I watched Criminal Minds with a friend before and I was so nervous throughout the whole episode, hahah!

    I hope you and your husband can work out your schedules to go on your honey moon! =) Which part of Europe do you want to go? I've never been to Europe either =D

    And... Happy New Year!! hahaha gosh I'm so late. Sorry >_< But yes yes may 2011 not be such a bitch to you =DD

  9. My usual working hours start from 11am except for 2 days which are normal office hours. That's why I end in the night. That day I was supposed to knock off at 6.30pm but I was rushing my work and so got home at 10.45pm. There are times when I get off at 11+ but I hope that doesn't happen so often.

    OOOHHH!!! My hubby and I are going to the Maldives! YES! Like I'm so gonna take leave and enjoy this break. I did ask him if Europe is still on the cards too. Coz Maldives isn't exactly cheap and I would rather spend the money shopping in Europe and visiting all the museums and scenic views. He said we would definitely go if I can afford the time later half of the year. That's why I'm trying to rush my work for Maldives is giving me the impetus to work harder. For Europe, the list is neverending. I would love to visit France, Italy, Rome, London, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Austria, Vatican City and also a quaint little book "country" which I can't remember its name all of a sudden. I read it from a passage in an assessment book and thought it was fictitious. Upon googling, I saw picturesque scapes of the place and decided that should be on my list.

    CSI and Criminal Minds are those kind where your eyes must be glued to the tv so as not to miss out anything. Whenever I do other stuff at the same time, I would get lost in certain parts of the plot. Why nervous? Haha... I love these kinda crime shows! Stimulates the mind and I learn A LOT from there.

    Better late than never! =)


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