Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bimbotic Whine!

When: Last update on 16 Dec, 2am
What: Depotting of my UDEPP and hospital visits afterthoughts

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I dropped my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion on the floor yesterday morning and it broke! Not just a hairline crack or a fracture; it eff-ing BROKE! The whole piece came off.

[Click to enlarge]

My heart ached when I saw this. I've always been using it with great care, as if it were really a potion. I used it sparingly, never touching the sponge tip applicator itself but to use my own cotton bud to swipe excess off the wand.

I hurriedly used a scotch tape to tape up whatever I can and decided I should watch some youtube videos on how to "depot" the potion when I got home last night. I'm not sure how long the "potion" inside could last with it being exposed.

However, I did not do so coz...

There was the company's xmas party with a bling bling theme and disco night thereafter and so me being me with the mentality that a party is never complete without booze, I drank a little (2 glasses lychee martini, 3 glasses vodka lime, helped viv drink hers and I think that's all I could remember but my colleagues said I drank more and viv insisted she always saw a fresh glass in my hands) so I was quite high and pukey (I actually puked) that once I got home, I slept the nausea away, woke up at 5am, washed up and went back to sleep.

Wow, I don't think there was more than one fullstop in the above paragraph but that's beside the point. So anyway, I managed to wake up early for driving and I was quite proud of myself. So here I am all sober and whiney about frivolous issue like UDEPP.

Ok and since I'm being bimbotic now, I shall post a quick one on my bling bling eye make up.

[Click to enlarge]

One make up tip to open up the eyes is to use white eyeliner instead of black. That's what renowned make up artists proclaim. It works the opposite for me though. I definitely need to line my eyes black black to look awake. There was once I went to work without lining my eyes black black and everyone, colleagues and students alike, asked if I was sick.

For yesterday I've still gotta tightline my eyes black before outlining it with some glittering white eyeliner/shadow pencil I got from SASA to achieve the bling bling effect rather than to only use the white eyeliner on its own. The outcome doesn't look super bling in the photo coz I didn't put on falsies, shimmery eyeshadow and coloured contacts since it was too much for a work day at a neighbourhood location. I envy my friends who work in town coz they can put falsies every day.

Ok it's noon. I shall take a little nap first before running my many errands (which does not include depoting the UDEPP coz I'm just so lazy with 1001 other things to do) and 2 hospitalization visits. I hope everyone is ok.


Last update: 16 Dec, 2am

I didn't manage to run all the errands I wanted to coz I ended up taking a 3 hour nap. Nevertheless, I'm happy to see that the 2 people I visited at the hospitals just now are doing well.

My ah ma (paternal grandma) was admitted as she had a fall. Before that, she had water retention and her tummy and feet were so bloated. Her feet especially. They were more than double their original size and I'm not exaggerating. The doctors could not find any cause for the bloatedness from all the tests and scans so far so that's a blessing. However, I heard from my parents that the first time she was warded, she fought hard and refused to have any tubes, needles etc inserted. She also insisted on going to the toilet herself. In the end, they had to tie her to the bed and she cried so hard while fighting.

I'm glad to see that the swelling for her feet has gone down but she's been a little senile lately. In her eyes, my sisters and I are always these small kids who are still studying. She said that she couldn't recognise us anymore. She asked us 5 times at sporadic intervals if we're still studying and we answered her 5 times that we are working. Just when we thought she was really senile, she suddenly called my sis and me by our names which was a pleasant surprise. I think I should visit her more often but I'm saddened by the fact that I cannot communicate well to her in Hokkien. All I could do is spout a few phrases here and there.

Glad that she's alright now!

The 2nd person we visited was my uncle (my mum's sister's husband). He had bloated feet and uncomfortable bloatedness in his tummy. He's been drinking less water lately and he feels an uncomfortable sensation in his tummy, as if the food can't be digested. He decided to go to the polyclinic when the bloating in the feet became unbearable. Over there, the doctor found his blood pressure to be 210 and was referred to A&E. Soon scans and tests results show that he has 3 arteries from the heart not functioning well at 100%, 70% and 60% failure.

That's why they say heart attack is a silent killer. If not for the fact that my uncle could not fit into his shoes due to bloatedness, he would not even have gone for a check up and found out about his condition. He would be undergoing a heart bypass surgery in a few days time. We're all glad to see him being so happy and positive. He could talk a lot and even cracked jokes.

He told us that the current Changi General Hospital (CGH) used to be called New Changi Hospital with acronym NCH which implies "Never Come Home". Hence, the govt wanted to erase this negative image and changed its name to CGH which means "Can Go Home". However, now that he had transferred from CGH to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) for his surgery, he's really happy coz SGH means "Surely Go Home".

Singapore and its acronyms!

So anyway, I finally had the time to watch some videos on "depotting" UDEPP and have depotted mine.

[Click to enlarge]

Look at how much that small little magical tube could hold! I'm so glad I didn't use the smaller jar.

I did waste some as it was really difficult to scrape all the ones out from the surface of the spatula, wand and cotton bud. If I just leave them there to be used later today, it would just be hardened gunk.


  1. I've never use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion. Issit really good?

    To doubly "open" my eyes, I use black eyeliner and then at the edge add white liner to it :)

    Anyway, you look great with blackblack eye makeup, ya know.

  2. Drank a little??? I think you could drink me under the table--I'd be out. ;P

    I'm sure you look great without any makeup.

  3. Miss Jo jo, what kind of collaboration is this? oooh i am excited for you, pls do tell. or is it a secret? =P hahaha oh my, you remembered i love unicorns? i really want someone to make me that My little Pony cake and add a horn to it =D

    tell me more about this Primer Potion of yours. The only primer I've ever tried is from MAC and honestly I dont really see any difference. your makeup looks so pretty here. ive become so lazy lately to do my makeup but this inspires me to try something different esp with the holidays around the corner. *sigh* jo jo i feel like im losing my enthusiasm for life. I need to move again and get out of this small city. when i was living in a bigger one(van) i felt i was more full of life.

  4. citrella,

    I find it good but this is the only eyeshadow primer potion I used so far. Eyeshadow colours would slide off my oily lids especially in our humid weather but this makes the shadow stay put till night. I used it more to let my eyeliner stay put till night since I don't do shadows on daily basis. It's often being compared to Too Faced which is cheaper I think and available at our Sephora. I'm not sure if our local Sephora has Urban Decay products yet coz I bought this in NYC last year when UD products haven't hit our shores yet.

    Hee... I also say! I'll try your method next time!

  5. RicAdeMus,

    It's not a lot to be feeling all high and pukey. =P Haha... this reminds me about the time you were knocked out and your frenz had to put you in the boot!

    Aww... thanx rick! But people who haven't seen me without make up on would think I look very different. Not for those frenz who know me from way back though. =)

  6. misscindee,

    I have half the mind to call you "cincin". LoLz. Oh I think I would wait till next year when everything is confirmed before revealing. *winks*

    As in my comment to citrella, eyeshadow colours would slide off my oily lids especially in our humid weather but this primer potion makes the shadow stay put till night. I used it more to let my eyeliner stay put till night since I don't do shadows on daily basis. I find it quite good but then I don't have other to compare with since I've only tried this primer so far.

    Yes, the holiday season is here! Time to get creative and try out all the different party looks! OH, you could never ever lose your enthusiasm for life! The cindee I know from reading your blog will find every little bit of spark in life and you're always so creative and inspired to make things around you work. But I can understand how it feels to be in a small city. Will you move back to Van soon?

    And thanx for following! Will definitely follow you back when I figure out why my follower setting is wonky.

  7. Can't find the post a comments in the previous post, so I'm posting here.

    Was reading the previous post on Charmaine, she looks so happy.

    And you are such a splitting image of your mum!

  8. Shingo T,

    I've checked. The comments are found at the end of the post. Probably there was some error and it wasn't displayed in full. I do get that sometimes.

    Char was overjoyed that day! Jase too.

    Nooooooo... not spitting image! It's just the hair. =D

  9. i love UDPP and Too Faced Primer as well :)

    Rinz @

  10. Rinz,

    Really? So after using both, which do you prefer? =)


    Huh? What did I do?

  11. Hello Jo =DD

    wa I haven't read your blog in a while >_< decided to stop by before I go to bed hehe. How did your UDPP even break like that O_O I thought it's just made of plastic?

    I'm glad your grandma and uncle are okay =) my grandma recently got admitted to hospital too because she got hit by a scooter :'( sadly I can't visit her because she's in Taiwan. But she's okay now :) ah I feel so grateful!

    PS: lol @ the sick comment about not lining your eyes black black... your colleagues and students are so mean O_O (not as mean as the classmate who thought I was monolid XD)

    Okay I'm real sleepy now... I will come back soon =D

  12. I really love your blog it is something that makes my day more brighter than ever. I love your eyes, its simply irresistible and I'm sue that mineral lipstick suits in your eyeshadow.

  13. Rick,

    Haha... OIC! I've always been following your blog even if I wasn't an official follower. =)

    I'm a noob. I didn't know how to enable the follower setting after trying and failing. I keep on seeing myself as following myself and decided to remove and not to try anymore. So just the other night, I was more determined to try again and I finally got it!

  14. Frances,

    Hullo hun!!! Haven't "seen" you for sooooo long. Precisely! I thought plastics are supposed to be durable. It could actually break like that? What kinda plastic is that?

    Thanx for your concern. And I hope your grandma will remain pink of health!

    And congrats on your new job! =)

  15. I'm sorry for you grandma's and uncle's health problems. I'll keep them in my prayers.

  16. Yikes, hope your family members feel better soon! haha that is kinda funny about the acronyms! Asians and our superstitions :)

    I too can't wear white eyeliner alone - it leaves my eyes looking scary and ghost-like so I have to do black first as well.

  17. Rick,
    Thank you so much for keeping them in prayers. Really appreciate it.

    Thank you for your concern. Oh, seems like we've got the same eyes then! =)


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