Monday, November 29, 2010

Late night webcamming with my godkids

Edited on 5 December:
The trio are heading back to sg for stronger dose of chemo. The docs there proposed that a few days ago instead of to continue with the one they suggested before. Not too sure about the exact details though. We'll have to wait for cyn to come back to fill us in.

Two nights ago, I was talking to cyn over msn about char's cancer progression. It really sucks big time coz char's been so energetic recently that we really thought/hoped that the latest scan results would show some signs of improvement.

Cyn was really devastated. Whenever she looked at how cheerful and active char was, she couldn't understand how the cancer could have gotten worse. It had been a nerve-wracking 3 days while awaiting the docs advice on the next step.

At least there was other advice from the docs at MSKCC other than strong and damaging chemo and so char would be put on that trial for two months to see how she would react to it.

She would be having a minor operation this coming week on the other side of her chest to put a temp line in where a stem cells could be harvested. There would be a tube hanging out from her chest after the op and it scares us just having the thoughts of a tube dangling out. A lot of care has to be taken to ensure her safety at all times.

Later, the kids wanted talk to me on video (we haven't done so for ages!) and so cyn left me to entertain the kids over msn while she got about to do other things. Indeed, it's really tough for a single mother to be looking after 2 kids in a foreign land, shuttling to and fro the hospital and school. She often doesn't have time for herself at all.

Char was wearing her checkered dress. Recently, she seems to be wearing that a lot. Seeing how similar it looked to one of my checkered shirt I got recently, I immediately rushed to my wardrobe and put that on over my t-shirt just to amuse her.

She was rather amused and agreed we should both stand up so that she could see clearly if our outfits were indeed similar.


That's her watching cartoon at the same time talking to me. This young lady could really multi-task!


Telling me about the cartoon


Drinking liang cha (cooling tea)




Soon, it was time for them to attend the Thanksgiving lunch organized by RMH. Cyn and I got to talk for a while.


I find her expression really cute here! It was fortunate she did that for a few seconds and I managed to do a printscreen of it.

Jo: Your expression is sooooo CUTE! I'm so gonna do and printscreen and send this to you!
Cyn: ...


and when she leant over to switch off the webcam, I couldn't help but feel that it was such a sexy pose. *LoLz* My good friend here is such a beautiful mummy even though she had been crying buckets the past few days. Truly, beauty shines from within a good heart.


Hope to catch them at the right moment on msn soon!

Charmaine needs your prayers now. Please pray that her operation would go smoothly and that the trial woud work miracles on her. Thank you!

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!


  1. Oh no! :( She's so young! Is it neuroblastoma she has? (from what I'm able to deduce from your older posts?) Is she getting stem cell transplant or something??? I'm not quite sure what to say, but she's in my thoughts and I'll pray for her :)

  2. RE: hehe I'll for sure try out DKNY next time I'm at the store =D I used to love Lancome Miracle!!! But I don't know I guess my taste changed over time? I still like it but now I prefer musky scents XD (this obsession will probably go on for a while, I'm always like this XD) Hm I don't know maybe the sunlight did change it... I have the Miracle body lotion and it doesn't smell spicy to me? lol!

  3. The kids are so cute and I love Cyn's expression afte ryou told her you were doing a print screen. =)

    But that is very scary about the cancer not responding and Char having a tube sticking out of her side. I sort of hope there are other kids around her with that so she can blend in.

    PS - When you said I had a fan, did you mean you or the old lady???

  4. Frances,

    They want to harvest some stem cells from there. Not too sure about getting any transplant as I'm a medical noob. I must say that I learnt a lot in the medical aspect from this char's ordeal. It's ok if you're not quite sure what to say as knowing that somebody cares and keeps her in prayer is already very comforting. *Hugz*

    Re: Uh-oh DKNY Be Delicious Blossoms is the sweet delicious fruity floral kind. No musk tones so you may not like it. I'm those who hates sweet sweet fruity/floral for perfume but this one really agrees with my nose. After you smell it at the stores, update me on what you think ya? =)

  5. Rick,

    Char is kinda immuned to chemotherapy (which is actually strong and dangerous for the body). She has also developed resistence to other forms of treatment so we really hope this 2 month trial does work something out. They're currently staying at Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in NYC. When I went over last xmas, I saw lots of other unfortunate kids, some even with breathing tube or some other drips with them, some on wheelchairs and one who was somewhat bedridden as they all troop out with aid to the various events organized by RMH during the festive season. My eyes were open by all these sights and how these unfortunate children are actually hanging on for dear life yet trying to make the best of their situation. Some of them look clearly elated to have been able to go out. Thus, I do hope Char would be able to blend in. If she were to be in Singapore, I think she would feel very conscious as some people are really not very understanding to her situation. Some strangers (adults) were so insensitive as to ask Jase (char's brother) why she is w/o hair! I was speechless when I heard cyn telling me that!

    PS: I meant ME! Haha.. Sorry I didn't make myself clear.

  6. RMH is a wonderful organization. We used to have one nearby in Baltimore, but I don't know if it is still there. I hope the trial works, it's terrible for little Char to have to keep going through one ting after another--and I can;t imagine how hard it is on her mom. Cyn and the kids are lucky to have you in their lives.

  7. Thank you, Rick. Oh not just me, Cyn and the kids have lots of other people who have helped them a lot, even strangers who have since become our friends. Truly, the world is filled with lots of human angels. =)

  8. i've prayed for charmaine already *hugs* it's great that you are so close with them though, i'm sure they appreciate someone being there for them, thinking about them, and praying for them!

  9. Thank you for your prayers dear! Really appreciate it. =)

  10. When I read your description about the little girl it scared the heck out of me. I will pray for her, I'm really scared of medical stuff. I don't know if I'm the only one... and she has to put up with it too despite being young. Why is this world so unfair? It's a question I have asked my whole life.

    I hope your back is better now. I have been keeping up to date with your blog dont worry. Octa hotel looked so amazing.. we don't have many theme restaurants in Canada. We have a lot of awesome food from being multicultural? Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Tibetan/Greek/Italian/Portugese whatever you want we have. But fancy decorated places haven't *really* caught on too much yet.

    Your smile is beautiful as always~


  11. OH! I forgot to say this:

    I also don't know any other guys who like snoopy. There's a first for everything I suppose =D A while back I wanted a tattoo (I was going through a rebellious phase) and I suggested a mini-sized horizontal line of all the peanuts characters on my wrist or something. I thought it was such a great idea! To show my love and childhood story right, but then my guy friend is like "you wanna tattoo snoopy onto yourself?!?! Dude. that's super gay." So I guess ... people don't approve of this idea lol.

    I also get many people asking "are you from Japan" whenever I go to tourist areas. Japan is the #1 exporter or tourists in the world I think.. they just love to travel. Even in arctic canada when I watch documentaries, there are freaking japanese people visiting the camps and doing peace signs for the camera!!

    To answer your funny comment question, I haven't been to singapore and I really want to because I hung around singaporean students when I was doing my first degree. They were pretty funny people and treated me really well. I actually liked this girl but I didn't have the guts to ask her out... sigh. She was cute. (spoke cantonese with a funny accent lol).

    well take care~

  12. brutalturtle,

    Haven't seen you around lately!

    Thanx for your prayers. Really appreciate it. Charmaine's been really so brave to put up with surgeries, needle pokes and all. I don't think I would be able to do that too. She's really one feisty little girl.

    Sounds like quite a variety of food in Canada! One day fancy restaurants would defnitely get there!

    On my smile, Aww... that's really sweet of you!

    LoL about your intention to get a Snoopy tattoo. Please don't! Haha... Your friend is right! I would have some misconception about a guy with a snoopy tattoo if I do not know him. In fact, Snoopy and tattoo just don't go well even on a girl I feel. Well, but that's just my opinion.

    The Japanese are indeed everywhere but I get the feeling that sometimes Caucasians just cannot identify and differentiate us Asians. They assume that any Asians are from Japan or China. You should come to Singapore! To connect with your friends and to search for your lost love. That's funny! Thanx for sharing it with me. =)

    You take care too. It should be getting quite chilly by now. Wear lots of warn snug clothes!


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