Monday, November 22, 2010


Facebook status at midnight:

"Midnight run with the hubby is cancelled due to backache... MINE! =( I've never
experienced such ache before... feels like there's a taut string running down
and connecting my left back, hip, butt, thigh and every move seems like I would
snap the string. Anyone knows what this condition is? So painful that tears
streamed down when the hubby tried to move me."

I feel like Peter Parker in this video:

Alright serious stuff.

My usual nice lady doc said I must have sprained my lower left back such that the muscles are inflamed and pressing against the nerves that go all the way down to the back of my left thigh. It was rather fun feeling my lower back myself. I could feel the right side being soft and flabby while left is tight and much harder. I wouldn't have known this had she not told me.

It was rather embarrassing when she asked me to lie down and she tried bending my right leg, then my left. My left leg could not even go half as much as my right when I started yelping... Seriously yelping. Next, she asked me to roll over to my right side so she could administer further tests on my left. I tried my very best to roll over but couldn't. She decided to stop the test.

I got a 3-day MC to recover.

Yay! coz who doesn't like MC? =D

Boo! coz I have lots of work to clear and those are work that can't be brought home. =(

The hubby had to add to my agony by lauging so loudly. He told the doc that it was the first time I accepted my MC so willingly and not complaining about going back to work coz I couldn't even walk properly and perform simple daily tasks, much less make my way to work.

In the meantime, the evil hubby enjoys pressing all the painful points and hearing me yelp like a helpless puppy.


  1. Ohh noooo! =( I'm sorry about your back! Maybe hot water bath will help relax your muscles? (well if you can make it to the bathroom.. but I'm sure your hubby can help you XD) hope you feel better soon! and enjoy your days off heehee =DD

  2. Oh Jo, I'm so sorry. That sounds miserable. But I have to ask, how did you sprain your back???

  3. Hello there, Jo! Thanks for dropping by.

    Haha, you are so fortunate to have a evil hubby, I guess he was trying to cure your pain by inflicting a little more pain.

    After all, pain negates pain!

    Enjoy your 3 days MC. Don't try to keep your mind off work, because the harder you try, the harder it is. Maybe occupy your thoughts with some korean drama serial or something?

    Get well soon.

  4. sorry to hear about your back. hope you get better soon!

  5. Oh dear Jolene. What happened to your back? Did you sprain it by bending down and carrying heavy things? I hope you get well soon as the pain sound really bad to be all the way to your thighs. Take care!

  6. Dear all,

    Thank you for your concern. *touched*

    I don't recall any activities that would cause me to have sprained my back. I could only think of constant strain. I woke up the past 3 days before the bad pain with a back ache but the hubby is totally fine. Our bed isn't too soft too. In fact it's those harder kind with support. Maybe it's the constant lugging of my heavy worksheets bag on my left arm that caused the pain? I'm really not very sure.

  7. Hope you feel better!

    ryc: Sorry for the super late reply, I was in Sg for the week :D. I use their Sponge cleanser too and it's really effective! I love Daiso!
    I live really near to Sg so I visit there constantly and most of my beauty supplies are gotten from there too :D.

  8. oh no! I hope everything turns out ok! and thanks for the comment =) i totally agree with you

  9. thanks for dropping by my blog! and it sounds like you are in pain! feel better soon!! love the stuff you bought at clubcouture shown in your last post btw :)

    oh and the panda hand warmer is a gel pack with a metal disc inside. once you snap the metal disc the gel turns into solid and releases heat (a chemical reaction) to turn the solid back into gel you just need to boil it! instant and reusable hand warmer! ;)

  10. How is the back doing??? :)

    I gave you a blog award hehe ^__^

  11. Amy,
    Thanx for dropping by and for your concern. All the best with your French!


    Thanx for dropping by too. Oh! I know how that warmer works. I've bought it for someone before. Quite amazed by the metal thing that creates heat.


    Aww... thanx so much dear! Ok I feel really bad not doing the previous one you gave me some time back. I promise I would go search for it and do everything (plus what other bloggers tag me) and cover everything all in one post! I would feel very guilty if I donn't do so. LoLz

  12. Lol hey don't feel bad! Between you and me... I'm very lazy (and indifferent) when it comes to blog awards XD I don't know I feel like those are irrelevant to my blog and just do it out of courtesy lol! You don't have to do it if you don't want to I totally totally understand XD

  13. It's better now. Thanx for your concern! =)


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