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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Before we say “goodbye” to September

I've been writing the draft for this entry in bits and pieces over the past 2 weeks. It was collecting virtual cobwebs when I took it out today, 5th October.

An appropriate word to describe the month of September would be:


Looking at the slots in my printable monthly calendar, finding an empty slot is like finding an iguana in my house!

Oh man… What a month!

October would be the same, as in, I would still not be able to find that iguana.

Filling up to empty slots are:
private tuition
forced extra lessons for one particular class at work
impromptu meet ups
appointments with wedding coordinators of different hotels
more private tuition

When I thought I could rest after that, it suddenly dawn on me that the new academic term is approaching in October and I’ve yet to plan the SOW (Scheme of Work) for my Primary English. There are also those additional materials which we have to churn out for the last lesson of the academic year of 2008.

My nice colleague-subordinate in the dept has really been helping me a lot and I’m thankful for that.

My nice colleague-superior has been very kind in allowing me to claim my many time offs, take a few half day leaves and even changing of off days for a week just so that I could settle all my personal issues.

I’ve told her very honestly the reson for my time offs and leaves and she was understanding about it. She could even say things like “Happy tuitioning” and “Happy getting married”.

It is times like this that makes me wonder if there is another company out there that is so flexible with their staff’s timing.

From the back of my mind, I could hear my mum’s voice ringing in my head “Don’t quit la. Which company so good, let you take so much time off to go and give tuition?” She even advised me not to do it too often as they may think that I’m out attending job interviews.

Well… We’ll see how it goes…

I’m having a hard time recollecting my thoughts and sorting them out. When I attempt to sit down to blog, I don’t know where and how to start.

Now I recall why I named my blog “Jolene’s Jumbled Jardinière”.

I hate my writing skills now. I don’t speak as well as I write and now that my writing has deteriorated, I really hate myself.

Since I was talking about work, let’s continue from there.

Corporate Photoshoot

I was involved in a coporate photo shoot. I tonged my hair by myself with my new hair curling tong from Braun. I liked the effect of it.

Off to work

By the end of the day

During the photoshoot, scheming big boss decreed that whoever involved in the shoot are not to leave the company any time in the near future as they would be using us in posters and advertisements.

After he said that, I spared no formality and said that I would not wanna be involved then. He then brought me to an empty room for “counseling” and persuaded me to stay for 1 year longer. I just shrugged my shoulders and made a short comment.

From a serious tone, he switched to his jovial tone as he entered the room where the photoshoot was held and boldly announced that if anyone were to ask who the people in the posters are, simply answer that they are models. He added on that some people in the poster would probably leave and hence that would be the safest answer to give.

Due to the fact that he was laughing, everyone thought it was really funny and laughed along. Actually I kinda thought that was quite hilrarious too, especially since I knew what he said to me before that.

Anyway, I find that I look horrid in the photos. I don’t think anyone would be able to recognise me. Then again, maybe I look so horrendous that the marketing dept would not even wanna use those shots with me in them.

After wearing fitted long sleeved button shirt, pencil skirt and high-heeled court shoes for half the day, I could not wait to get home to change into more comfy clothes and footwear before teaching my night classes at KT.

I also concluded that I am probably not tailored for the corporate world.

If you ask me to dress like that the whole day, I would be tugging and pulling at my shirt every minute while I suffocate to death.

A memorable Mid Autumn

I think my memory is really bad.

I kept thinking that I haven’t celebrated Mid Autumn Festival for a looooong time.

I totally forgot that I did celebrate for the past 2 years.

Mid Autumn last year
Mid Autumn 2006

I believe I still hold that young girl’s dream of carrying lantern together with her beau, walking hand in hand in the dark, with just the light from our lanterns to light the path.

I haven’t done that despite being with my beau for 7… gosh… or is it 8 years?

This year we had a very private affair at bei’s family loft.

We didn’t intend to celebrate Mid Autumn but it just so happened that we chose our meet up on that day.

Bei’s house was so ulu that xtina and I got lost.

It was cumbersome getting there.

We had to get out of the cab to exchange for passes with our IC.

The cab driver wasn’t exactly very nice and helpful.

I shan’t elaborate more.

We were really touched when bei prepared these…

A simply decorated table


mooncake (added by me)

a bowl of pistachio

Such sweet thoughts!

Ours legs and lanterns through the glass’s reflection.

The views around…

I really like how her books are arranged on the shelf in such haphazard manner. It’s so cosy.

The environmentally friendly xtina got chopsticks for us.

It’s in the drawer of my workstation now. I’ve yet to use it as I kept eating rice the past few weeks.

Chats and updates amidst wine, pistachios and mooncake all atop the roof…

Save for the warm and humid weather, we had a good time that night.

It was short. We wished we could stay longer but everyone had to work the next day.

This little kitty

I love this little kitty. It lives somewhere near my tutees' block. Whenever I show my sisters photos and video I took of her on my hp, they would squeal for me to catnap her home.

Then, my mother would go, "You better dun ah. Simba in the urn jumping around and protesting."

By the way, I nicknamed her "that Kimba cat" coz firstly she is whitish, light greyish in colour which resembles "Kimba the white lion" and secondly, it rhymes with "Simba". She has resemblance to Simba only that she is white with grey markings.

I think Kimba is a house cat, confined indoors yet slipping out of the house to roam about the void deck every now and then as I only see her once in a while.

She is super affectionate! She often rolls around my feet and rubs her body against mine.

It was difficult to take good pictures of her as she was always rolling around and rubbing herself against me and my stuff.

Ah! Finally!

She's so mischievous.

Fancy resting her tail on my foot, looking up and purr innocently.

The last two times I saw her, she kept following me.

Watch till 2:28 almost at the end when she headed my camera with a thud.

I've got a lot of cute videos of her but my hp resolution isn't too good.

[Side note: When I was posting this up, I realised that I haven't posted any video of Simba online before. All her cuter videos are on my hp and the resolution is too grainy to post up online. Poor baba!]

Well, have you seen ninja cat before?

Watch this! She's really adorable!

She could really go closer and closer to the camera without much detectable movement. I like how she tilts her head while keeping so still each time the camera shoots her.

Reminds me a little of those jap horror film where the ghost take a step closer and closer to the camera, only that you replace the "ghost" with a cute kitty.

Coz of inflation...

Four of us bought a miserable cup of green tea to share at Mac while we chatted for hours on end.

Inflation mah. Must save money.

Hand-made birthday cards for viv & joyce

A vege theme card for joyce, hand-made by viv
viv card front
[Photo credit: joyce]

It's a coincidence that the 4 of us like brocoli.

A sweet colour pencil illustration theme for viv, hand-drawn by me, punching of holes and tying of strings by joyce


I’ve got lots to write about my wedding preparations but I’ll do it in another post.

Well, hello October!

[Picture credit: flickr]


  1. Hey dear... glad to see that you are wearing the shirt i give you long ago for your corporate shoot. Heehee.. you look nice in it!

    btw tat mid-autumn photo i look like a pig! Am tryin to slim down now!

    pls get rid of all my fat photos after i slim down ok?!


  2. Hey babez,

    Haha... Yes I do like that shirt a lot. My er jie likes it more. I'm not a shirt person. Always feel so stifled wearing shirts.

    Anyway, my sis and I are amazed by the size of your shirt, we already find it so tight, we wonder how you wore it. We are not trying to say you're fat, it's just that you're so well-endowed that we wonder how you fit into all the shirts you gave me. Wahahaha...



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