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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A tribute to our lovely Simba

Today, I went into my sis's room to sayang Simba's little urn.


Time flies. It's been a year w/o our dear Simba around. At times, we do miss her a lot. Now, all we have are replayed memories of her. My mum still believes that Simba is around though.

Vidz of Simba from my hp...

Simba eating cuttlefish strips part 1

Simba eating cuttlefish strips part 2

Simba eating cuttlefish strips part 3

My 2nd sis loved to feed Simba with those kinda cuttlefish strips. I often chided her in the past for feeding Simba that but Simba really loved it. She looks so cute here.

Simba wearing corrective glasses

My sister placed the corrective pin-hole glasses on Simba repeatedly, thinking that I was trying to snap a good shot of her.

Simba agonised by me eating chicken wings in front of her

I was sitting on the sofa watching tv and eating chicken wings at the same time when my sister carried Simba and sat next to me. Simba's nostrils kept going up and down at tremendous speed as she eyed me devouring the chicken. I tempted her with the chicken but I wasn't being mean and selfish as she wasn't supposed to eat salty human food. Love her big and innocent eyes whenever she eyed our food.

Some vidz from my cam

Kaypoh Cat goes looking left and right, left and right...

Could you hear what my mum was saying in the video? Simba looked left and right for the next few minutes while my mum lamented that she was tired.

You might have to tilt your head to the left in order to watch the next video. I've asked my sis since 1959 to help me edit this video such that it is facing the right way up but I guess we'll make do with this.

"I walk, I walk"

Mum loved to disturb Simba by holding her by her "armpits" and making her walk on two legs. Whenever we told her to stop that, my mum would insist that Simba enjoyed walking on 2 legs. -_-|||

FYI, Simba had a habit of tapping or putting both front paws on the food container to "ask" for food. She was such a dear old patient kitty that she would continue doing so until she got her food.

Before this vidz was taken, she was putting both paws on the container and my dad decided to disturb her with mum's signature "I walk, I walk". In this vidz, 2nd sis was the one who did the "I walk, I walk" with Simba. In the process, she looked as pissed as Garfield only to run away like a gleeful kitty to put her paws back on the food container.

She did this a few times but this is the only video we have of her. We all agreed to make a clearer and longer one the next time she did that. Unfortunately, that day never came as she was plagued with illness and the subsequent kidney failure thereafter.


Looking back at all these videos, it seems like the whole family was always "bullying" Simba. I remember that after she was gone, we were all viewing her photos and these old videos and laughing at poor baba being bullied by us.

We like to look at her photos over and over again. I've to say she's not very photogenic and she looks a lot cuter in real life.

Note: Some of the photos may look blur as they were taken with the very 1st generation hp camera.



My name is Simba. My family calls me SimsimBaba, Simbaba, Baba and many other nicknames such as…

“Fatso” or “You lump of fats”


“Stumpy Tail”


Actually, I dunno why they call me kaypoh.

When I look at my family members, they would look at me and reply with a “Kaypoh, look what look?”

Daddy is much kinder. When I look at him in the same manner, he will ask, “Simba, why?”

When I was a kitten, I used to roam about Thong Soon Green area. I slept behind the ATM outside 7-11. I do not know what happened to my mother and other siblings but managed to survive on my own. I had to dodge the cars which drove all over the place. I had to climb trees to avoid some big dogs. I had to eat scraps of food on the ground. I lived a wandering lifestyle till this family brought me home.

An interesting fact you should know about me is:

I have one white paw and one black paw.

My family finds this very cute.

Not just the fur. Even my paw pads are pink on the right and black on the left.

This extends to my hind paws as well.

Oops pardon the indecent exposure.


I love being the baby of the family even though I hate to be carried like one.

I’m old in terms of cat years but I’m still a little kitty in their eyes even though I’m a Mother Cat.

How I became a mother was a sob story.

My family moved house but could not keep me in the current house as it did not have a balcony door to lock me in. Mummy used to be very terrified of me that she would jump onto the sofa whenever I escaped from the balcony in the old house. In fact, mummy did not want to bring me along to the current house when we shifted but jie jie, jie and Jolene insisted on their way.

They had no choice but to let me roam free around the block as a stray pet kitty when they first moved here.

I got lost for a few days and could not find my way back to the flat.

A male cat got fresh with me.

After a few days, I found my way home. Everybody was delighted to see me!

My tummy grew fatter and fatter and soon I could not squeeze through the gate. My family suspected something amiss.

At this point of time, Mummy slowly gained a liking to me coz I’m so lovable and let me into the house.

I went missing again to give birth. After that, I brought my 3 beautiful babies to the door to greet them. I do not know whether they were shocked, surprised or happy.

They can be a handful to handle at times.

Making a mess in the house.

Orr Orr

As a kitten, Orr Orr is the favourite among many who saw her.

Fatfat and Thinthin.

They look almost the same just that Fatfat has cock-eyes so sometimes he’s called “Cockeye”.

They are really beautiful boys. Even though they are white, they have blackish faces, legs and tails which resembles Siamese cats. Somehow it was difficult to take good photos of them.

My 3 wonderful kittens had long been adopted by a kind Malay family as my family decided that one cat was enough. We were all very reluctant to see my kittens go. Well, at least brothers and sister are all together under one roof.

That was many years ago.

Oh those memories. I wonder how my kits are now.

I love my family!

I’m pampered but not spoilt.

Mummy pamper me, gimme eye massage.

Daddy clean my “bak sai” away.

Jie jie (da jie), Jie (er jie) and Jolene (they just call her Jolene) always hug, sayang and kiss me.

I’m often bullied by my family too; however, in an affectionate way.

Humans are like just like that. They display their affections by bullying me as evident from all the videos a few scrolls up.

Also, from these pictures, you’ll know how I’m being bullied.

They like to force me to look at things which I’m not interested in.

Make me pose with silly props and say, “I'm a hua1 mao1.”

Er jie put this bottle on me and I stupidly did not move for a minute.

I’m not Pedro the recycling otter from Mandai Zoo. I’m Simba the pissed off cat from Yishun.

Humans are damn weird.

Chinese New Year decorate house can liao la. They cat also wanna decorate leh!

Every CNY, mummy would tie a red ribbon on my collar.

Well, I’m very playful and is easily entertained by everything around me.

I really love playing with plastic bags.

I love the crackling sound of plastic bags.

Sometimes, I get stuck.

Sometimes, I would jump into them.

Empty boxes and shelves are good to explore.

My new house... needs some refurbishing though.

I also love playing with things that don’t belong to me.

Crouching lion hidden socks

Don't snatch my socks.

Even strings are so entertaining.

One of my favourite games -- Hide and seek

I also enjoy playing “Tag”, otherwise known as “Catching”.

I would crouch really low and tag my family’s legs when they walk past. Then, I'll run away and hide and now it's their turn to tag me.

Sometimes, mummy would scream and scold me when I catch her unaware.

My hobbies are eating and sleeping just like any other cats.

I love to eat.

I love eating so much that my family is afraid that I would eat too much.

Mummy trained me to put my paws on the food container whenever I want to request for food.

She thought that I would be lazy to do that action and would not eat too much in that way.

It was so easy to pick up that soon I overdid putting my paws on the food container that I’m often ignored.

I can stand like this for minutes.

I can even turn on my two hind legs in any direction to face them so that they could catch my imploring eyes.

My eyes become as sharp as an eagle’s and nose as keen as a dog’s when I smell fishy food like fish strips.

Where's my treat?

Stop dangling temptation at me.

Yes... I'm waiting.

Yay! My favourite "ju her"!

SWIPE... it's mine... all mine!

I love sleeping so much that I can fall asleep anywhere.

Oh please just let me sleep will ya?


I like it when Jolene clears her table...

I can peek out of the window for hours

When I need to get a closer view, I would do this.

I would swing my tail laft and right whenever I see something interesting.

However, whenever I peer too much outta the window, my family members would get so worried and carry me down.

Sheesh… I’m a cat for goodness sake. I won’t fall so easily even though I may be a little on the round side. Moreover, cats have nine lives.

On a neat table, I can fall asleep and roll around w/o being scolded.

Unfortunately, Jolene’s table is seldom neat. If I sleep on her table full of stuff, she would holler at me.

I can be quite a brat too. Sometimes, I purposely do things which I’m not supposed to do.

All I have to do is to act innocent with my big black eyes after that.

When Jolene or jie is reading the newspapers on the floor, I would plonk myself onto it and refuse to budge.

[Now everyone knows Jolene/jie was reading the Classifieds and looking for job.]

That's Jolene's bed and jeans. Tee hee...

When I’m daring enough, I would sleep at the head of the bed.

Sometimes, Jolene would scold and beat me. At other times, she would just let me be.

Ssh... that's Jie jie's bed. Usually I don’t even dare to step into Jie jie’s room. She’s very strict with me.

However, Jie totally spoils me. She even lets me sleep on her pillow once in a while.

Uh-oh... caught on the table

I hope Jolene doesn't catch me in her magazine cupboard

Oh damn... I'm caught.

Jie and Jolene grew grass for me to eat.

They asked me to wait…

but I chomped the grass before they even grew long enough.

Unlike many cats, I'm not a lap cat. Jie jie often laments that I’m not a lap cat.

Don't I look like an idiot here?

For the 38393462th time, I hate to be carried like a baby.

My family members did not take many photos of me when I was a kitten. They said that I’m not photogenic. However, one day jie chanced upon this photo and thought that was my best kitten photo ever.

My my… my big ears and stumpy tail are evident ever since I was a kitten.


  1. hi jolene!

    simbaba was very cute... her babies were too... :)

  2. Sharon!!!

    Oh my goodness what are you doing up at this time of the day??? Yupz... Simba's really cute. I wonder about her kits. You've got cute cats too! =)

  3. Copied and pasted from tag box for remembrance...

    24 Oct 08, 11:38
    Cat Lover: Hi Jo, I came here from You Tube. Your blog's url is stated in the sites linking to video. I hope you dont mind me invading your little privacy. I love your tribute to Simba. Simba is really a dear.

    24 Oct 08, 11:41
    Cat Lover: Her kittens are adorable too. This may be late but I thought I would let you know that you cannot feed cats human food eg fish strips. They are too salty for cats. If you get a new cat do take note.

    26 Oct 08, 02:55
    Jo to Cat Lover: Hi there,

    26 Oct 08, 02:57
    Jo to Cat Lover: Sorry, pressed too quickly. Thanx for dropping by & leaving a note. Yes we do know not to anyhow feed Simba food but once in a while, we do so. If it's stuff like fish or chicken, we'll wash them.

    26 Oct 08, 02:58
    Jo to Cat Lover: I don't think we'll be getting another cat. That's what everyone around us is asking. LoL

  4. Hi Jolene,

    Can see how much you and your family loves Simba. She is so cute in some photos. Oh the orr orr is so CUTE and innocent. I never know Simba got kittens. What happened to them now?


  5. Hi Yen,

    Simba is very cute but just not very photogenic. Yes orr orr was the favourite among many but she looked a little bit retarded when she grew bigger. The kittens were adopted by a Malay family but as of now, we have lost contact with them. I hope they're all well.

  6. I read thru your whole blog basically... and I still think Simba pulls me back to his/her? pictures everytime

    I think this is the first time I actually think a cat is cute... other than puss-in-boots

    Thanks for the pictures!


  7. Hi Victor,

    Wow... Read through my whole blog? How did you arrive here?

    Btw, Simba is a gal. Hahaha... my sisters often said Puss in Boots resembled Simba. Maybe tt's why you would think both of them are cute.

    There are lots of cute cats around in Singapore. You just have to look out for them! =)

  8. Yeeaahh... well.... I just got back to Singapore from my overseas studies, so I'm trying very hard to look in the right direction when I'm crossing the road , instead of looking out for cute cats.


    Anyways, I was just browsing through a couple of random BBSs when some posts mentioned that your blog is interesting so here I am.

  9. Hey Victor,

    Haha... you're very funny. BTW i'm an IT noob and I dunno what BBSs means.


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