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Thursday, October 02, 2008

$200 is a lot for non-believers

Today, kh and I spent more than an hour and more than $200 at Times of Feng Shui.

“What? Go all the way to Parkway Parade just to buy feng shui stuff?” he cried like a petulant child, almost disbelieving that his once cynical fiancée had completely lost her mind.

In the end, he spent more than me.

By the way, the title of this post is an sms exclamation quoted from a dear friend of mine who believes in feng shui. I won’t be dropping names just in case she doesn’t want it to be known.

Before you diss me off as being dumb to believe in feng shui, let me tell you that I used to be very skeptical. I used to wonder what all the chi about feng shui is. However, I started to think otherwise when the keychain I bought 2 years back had been bringing me smooth luck for quite some time.

At that time, while my friends were busy asking the sales assistant for recommendations, I happily browsed through all the charms, wondering what these little jokers could do to alter one’s life.

The Trinity Ally Coin keychain, as recommended by the sales assistant there, is for general wellbeing. For those born in the year of the Dog, their allies would be Rabbit, Horse and Tiger with the former two coinciding with my daddy and mummy’s zodiac!

The Trinity Coin is also said to bring excellent friendship, networking and mentor luck. I bought it without believing, thinking that the Trinity Ally Coin would make such an exquisite keychain for me.

Ever since I had the keychain, many aspects of my life became so 顺利 (smooth-sailing) that it was unbelievable.

It may be pure coincidence but it’s amazing how everything fell into place easily.

Currently, the golden part of the coin has worn off and I thought it’s time I replaced it. Moreover, since my life isn’t as smooth-sailing as before, I thought of buying other charms as well.

You know, I’m such a lazy bum when it comes to decision-making that I hope that these charms would just pave a smooth road for me without me having to do much.

For this erroneous reason, I forced kh to spend a valuable public holiday with me just to go to Parkway Parade.

It was a prolific trip for us!

We were quite fortunate to meet the boss, who did a quick face-reading of kh when we were standing at the counter trying on a tian zhu bracelet. Besides some general analysis and predictions, he added that I’m very fortunate to marry such a guy like kh.

I don’t really believe in the predictions as he said some things which probably could not happen since kh is studying now. We’ll wait and see.

I bought 3 items for myself, 1 for my da jie as her birthday present and another for the family.

I was pleasantly surprised that my family was quite receptive to hanging the not-very-aestically-designed health and wealth gourd which I bought for the family. Even though mum was stunned by the amount all the items cost, she did not chide me for being silly and wasting money like she usually does. My dad was super onz about hanging the charm that he immediately took down a way-overdue Chinese New Year decoration and replaced it with the charm.

Right now, I’m waiting for the auspicious timing to open two of my charms which would be in a few days time.


  1. Good for you, Jo! Hope the stuff brings u and kh more good luck! Hee....i can only say that those who experienced its effects are believers. It works!!!


  2. Gosh, I'm the inspiration for your title? Haha, I guess it does not matter if I'm Anonymous or otherwise. I also don't care if others say that we are old fashion to believe in these stuff. But I have to agree with Em. It Works!!!

    Hope that your new charms will help you in certain ways.

    HS =P

  3. Em & HS,

    *Waves wildly to the both of you*

    Wow am I happy to see the both of you here again. Haha... talk about feng shui stuff sure got lots to talk about rite? It's so shen qi.

    Anyway, I've gotten quite a number of people interested in feng shui but none has gotten down to TOFS yet.

    Will update you all if it works/ they work. I just opened 2 yesterday... finally the auspicious timing. Been waiting for it. I think I must not expect too much then it'll miraculously work.

    Yes... HS great inspiration from you! Wahaha...



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