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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Forest Burning in Indonesia; Lanterns Burning in Singapore

My first zhong qiu jie with kh in sg and my 1st time at Chinese Garden.

On the eve…  Posted by Picasa

Only a few shots taken before my camera battery died. Such a waste!

On the night and the morning after...

It was a hazy Mid Autumn Festival. We added more to the PSI index.

Yishun bus interchange was blanketed with haze. Can’t seem to capture the haze on camera.  Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

At Nee Soon Park
 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

[Are you all able to see the full length for these 2 photos? The bottoms are severed on my screen and I can’t rectify it.]

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa


Of Headaches and (Ab)normal appetites

Recently, I have been suffering from a bout of headaches and migraines. My head hurt till I wanna puke. I hate that feeling. I also started taking Panadol more often, something which I’ve been curbing for quite some time. Hope to find a natural remedy soon.

On a happier note, MY APPETITE HAS COME BACK TO NORMAL! Ever since I started this new job, I eat at very weird timings and could survive very well with 2 meals a day. People around me started saying that I’m skinny again. Even those people who know me very well and know that I ABSOLUTELY DETEST people saying that I’m skinny, could not help but enquire about my health. So imagine my joy when the worms in my intestines started working their asses off again.

Last Thursday, I ate 2 bowls of rice for lunch. My bowls at home aren’t the size of those petite traditional Chinese bowls.

During tuition, I felt so hungry. Luckily, my tuitee’s grandma came in with sweet potato ginger soup. There were 5 big wedges of sweet potato and I finished them all, thinking that I could survive the next hour till I meet kh.

When I got home, I was so hungry and so yearning for my mum’s home-cooked food that I ate another 2 bowls of rice.

Before I met kh, I thought of going Popular to stock up on some stationeries and waited 45 F***ing minutes for my feeder bus. I was so pissed off when I reached the entrance of Popular at 9.02pm with half the shutters down. I pleaded with the guy there to let me in but he was just as insistent as I was. I was fuming mad about the wasted trip that I stormed into Long John’s to buy their black pepper fish meal.

In the car, I was tucking into the fish like a yao kwee full of rage and hunger. Kh usually do not allow me to eat in his car as I tend to drop pieces of food all over. That night, he let me have my way.

After the Chinese Garden visit, we went for supper, only that I wasn’t the one eating. I wasn’t hungry then. I ordered takeaway zhu chao for my family and when I got home, I ate half the packet of Hokkien mee.

I really have worms in my intestines.  Posted by Picasa


Powerful Vocals

Ignore the title. Jane Zhang hails from China.

I got this from Justin’s blog and for the past few weeks, I’ll open this youtube window just to listen to her sing while I go about doing my own stuff.

Titled “Loving You”, I love this song very much. Original singer is Minnie Rippleton but I feel Jane’s style of delivering this song packs a powerful punch.

Whenever I listen to this song on radio, I would remember this e-card that one of my buddies sent me. It’s called Bugging You. It puts a smile on my face. I hope it puts a smile on yours too. =)


I wanna change my blog template. I can't find any nice ones.


  1. haha, i like the worms in intestines and tt worms pic!

  2. You really eat quite a lot. Do you work out? How do you maintain your figure? Are you bulimic?

  3. Justin,
    Haha.. if only they look this cute, I'll welcome their stay in my intestines. And oops... ripped that Jane Zhang vidz off ur blog.

    I haven't been working out for long unless you count walking up and down the stairs. And I'm certainly not bulimic!

  4. haa no probm, good (vidz) stuff are meant to be shared =) and i do agree tt jane zhang has ousted Minnie Rippleton in this song!

  5. Must be the genes or you have much higher metabolism. My frens pointed to me I also dun get fat (n jealous esp the gals) seeing me eating junk foods at times, actual fact they don't know I goes to the gym at least twice a week.

    Wanted to go Chinese garden, but wife has been doing merlion trick alot these days. :( Doc says its good, this show BB is growing. Now I am in no man land,

    "oh dear, .. vomit more .. keke.. opps."

  6. Charlene: Jane is great!!

    For templates, u can try CSS Styles..=)

  7. justin,
    Hmm I wouldn't say ousted as they both sang it in very different ways. Recently, I keep hearing the original version on class 95.

    Yes, I've got high metabolism but sometimes it's quite kua zhang lor. Like dunno where the food go.

    You mean having morning sickness shows that the bb is growing well? Gosh! Poor pregnant women! Hope your wife overcome the nausea soon.

    Hey you know of Jane too.. before this I mean?

    I went to search for CSS styles and I must say that I'm officially a computer idiot.

  8. high metabolism or like my mum always say abt me. I have house a fat worm in me.
    That's what the doc told us. ;)

  9. The doc just say-say only or are they really able to check if there are worms in your intestines?

    I feel like checking.

  10. Hi Jolene,
    If you find a remedy for migrane, you gotta tell me. I have also been tortured by migrane for years.
    I started taking cod liver oil 6 months ago. Frequency of migrane has since been reduced, but I can't say for sure if the cod liver oil really helps.
    For quick relief, I take Milidon, which is aspirin-free.

  11. Hmm... Maybe I shall try cod liver oil too. I heard that fish oil of good for the brain. Don't know about headaches though.

    Milidon? Do pharmacies carry this? I haven't heard of it before. The mkt is saturated with Panadols.

    BTW, how did you find your way here? =)

  12. Jo's Q: how did you find your way here? =)

    A: 'Next Blog' button.

  13. Hi all!

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