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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Which Background To Choose?

I wanna change my blog background and was experimenting with the different colour combination. I still like the sandy beige as the main body but it’s rather difficult to match that sandy colour with so many background colours which I like. =(

The earthy look, the classic look and the soft and simple look all do not seem to match the sandy beige. Also, my choices are limited as I need a colour dark enough to cover the ugly brown border wrapping the main body.

[Click to enlarge]

The default template -- Original Brown

Soft & Light Maple Leaves

Does the whole combi look very washed out?

Striped Mauve

Mauve doesn’t really go with sand.

Classic Victorian Wallpaper Beige

This alone with white main body and roses surrounding it looked simply fabulous. But it seems to blend into the main body.

Stone Grey

Looks fine, save for the ugly brown border.

Rockstone Deep Purple

Looks royal and dark enough to cover the brown border.

Chocolate Brown with leaves imprints

I finally settled for this. It matches the sand. It camouflages the brown border. It looks the best. Unfortunately, I don’t think many people could tell the difference. URGH!

I'm also trying to increase the width for the main body but try as I might to play around with the html codes, I can't get it. SIGH... It's like so much space being wasted at the sides.

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