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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Night WE Lost MY Camera

It doesn’t matter who was the one who lose it, let’s just say we all lost it together.

I really don’t know how to describe my feelings now. I’m not upset or depressed but I'm feeling very lost and empty, like a part of me is gone. It’s not the camera, it’s the photos! My friends felt the loss too. We were happily painting the town red on Halloween Saturday but by the time we got home, we all fell silent.

On top of that, I came down with major sick: Headache, nauseous, queasy tummy, a lil cough and runny nose. On MC today… Doc said I might be catching the flu bug but me thinks it had to be part of the losing-my-lumix withdrawal symptoms.

Feeling so sian… I hope MOS gets back to us on Wednesday but I doubt there are any honest people in the world. SIGH… Even our photos taken by the photographer there were taken away by other people. I was searching my blog for last year’s Halloween photos to reminisce and damn… I used Putfile to upload my pics and now they are all gone too.

Off to teach my favourite tuitee now. That cute boy really cheers me up even when he’s so mischievous.


  1. oh no... i know wat it means to lose ur cam! *hugz* hmm... maybe the person who got ur cam too smitten by u gers le.. refused to hand it over! nvm.. cheer up k? =)

  2. opps.. sad to hear abt it.
    Look on the bright side, time to get a new cam. :)
    I have that dread feeling when I almost lost my camera over at China, not the camera that matters, but the precious shots.

    I am the man if you need recommendation on camera.

    Just because you can't see the sun behind the cloud, does not means its still not shining.

    You can try posting at on where you lost it, details of the camera, people who pick it and try to sell it, may find it difficult.

    N get healthy soon..


  3. Ahh... don't be sad. You didn't lose photos of your once-in-a-lifetime trip. Neither did you lose your graduation or wedding shots. (Well, you can go for Master/PhD and even wedding can be more than once.)
    Halloween will return next year. You'll have another chance.
    And Mark Kor is right - it's time to get an... SLR!

  4. Dear Jolene,

    I understand how you feel about losing your camera. Do look on the bright side of things. Like what floffy say, I think the person who took it were too attracted to you and your friends.

    You can also take this chance to look for a new camera too. I know you will say it is not the camera but the photos and I perfectly know that feeling. Hope you manage to save all the other photos inside your PC before it got lost.

    Stay lovely!

  5. oh babe! heart breaks for you... i know nothing i say can make you feel OK, but i am so very very sorry to read this. ):

  6. eh, khengsiong knows me?
    SLR? yea yea.. Wonder of the photography, see the world thru the lens.
    Hence say Pancho villa, the lens is mighter than the sword. ;)
    As for backup, veri essential esp for precious photos. For norm among professional, back up two copies - one soley for archive, the other for normal viewing usage. More kiasu, save the other copy with your bf. :)

    I am looking for those super duper 100years never die DVD-R. Plan to get from online oversea, can't find it at Funan or Sim Lim.

  7. Hi Mark Kor,
    There is another way for backing up photos - print them!

    And for those who wish to do home-printing, I strongly suggest you print on proper photo paper. If you print on cheap A4 paper, you are wasting your ink.

    BTW, why is Jolene so quiet? I hope she is not...

  8. hey dear jolene,
    my really heart aches for you too. i know no matter what people say or try to cheer you up, it is useless.
    it is pretty easy for the person not suffering the loss to say it's ok, to get a new camera, it's only halloween photos and not some other impt photos, which is what i i think i would say as consolation too. but i know that for someone like you to lose it is like losing your limb or erasing part of your memory.
    hope the person who took or stole your camera gets his desserts.
    yes and although i seldom comment, i stil read your blog religiously.

  9. Hey… THANX to all of you. Thanx for your concern! I was pleasantly surprised to see my email flooded with nice comments. And also very touched that good friend zanne has sent me some of the photos taken on her hp. All of you have been real sweet! Smiling from ear to ear now… ÜÜÜ

  10. floffy,
    You are also one of those trigger happy gals, so I guess you know that feeling quite well. Thanx for your kind words and hugz. I felt it liao… heh…

    Hey thanks for your concern… Ü… I’m a lot healthier now and could go back to work. Time to get a new cam? But my lumix was only a few months old. =(

    Anyway today is the day MOS will get back to my friend and although the chance is quite slim, I’m still hoping for the best. I’ll only go get a new camera after I hear the bad news. Anyway, I tried visiting but it seems like it is a forum where I have to sign up to be a member? So how do I go about posting the details of the loss? Could you please help me? Would really appreciate your help in that.

    Haha… you can talk until very positive hor? Master? PHD? Wedding more than once?

    I know, I try to console myself by thinking of all the bright things but still, the pain of losing the photos is damning and there is no way I can help feeling that way.

    I won’t be getting an SLR as my sis already has one for professional shots. For me, it would be a slim, fashionable one, with the necessary functions that I want. I want to be able to carry it everywhere I go and go trigger happy as and when I want; not to lug a huge camera. I’m no pro.

    “BTW, why is Jolene so quiet? I hope she is not...”
    Not what? I’m perfectly fine… was busy working yesterday and I don’t come to my blog everyday. =P

    Yup, it’s not the camera, it’s the photos. It’s a GREAT blessing that I managed to save all the photos before Halloween onto my sis’s comp. I’m using that to cheer myself up. That at least I’m only losing an event’s worth of photos.

    Hey gal! You are here. Thought you don’t really read my blog. And thanx for feeling the pain for me too. =) I’m sure you know that feeling very well. Do send us the photos taken last week k? I’m considering getting SONY if not for the hefty price tag and the one in a million memory stick.

    You so totally understand me! Whatever you have said is how I’m feeling, especially the part on “erasing part of your memory”. Truly one of my favourite “stranger-friend online”. I hope the person gets his/her desserts too. But I hope more that my camera is still lying somewhere on the grounds of MOS and not in some bastard’s/ bitch’s hands.

    Do leave your transient presence every now and then when you come here k? I love to read what you say.

  11. Hi,

    Ever thought of putting up the pictures that your friend sent? I'm curious.

  12. sorry jo. talk to Khengsiong first. keke..
    Normal photo paper will fade after awhile, until recent technology of better photo paper. Epson & Canon has their long lasting paper, as well their special mix of ink.
    Using 3rd party ink n paper may not gives u an optimum printout.

    Jo, you have to email me on (specific header, in case it go to my spam tras), giving me specific detail of your camera model, when you lost it, and how it was lost. (anything that you think helps) I know the sales manager of Royal Selangor (flagship is at Clark Quay), he frequent and VIP there, I can ask him tomorrow about it.

    Yup, sony ericsson hp takes really good pic. I seen it at clubsnap. :)

  13. hey.

    we are truly sorry about it. sorry i was so busy today and sick that i havent called mos. i told jiaqing to call already.

    we get another one soon for u. dun worry.

    yes the night ended quite off. n i am totally feeling your lost too.

    lets just say, all of us r feeling the lost the very next day.

    e fallen angel.

  14. anon,
    Probably. See how.

    Can just develop the photos at those shops right? Now they have those 20c per piece if more than 100 copies developed. That was what I did. Sounds very cheap. Printing always sounds very expensive to me.

    I'll email you regarding the details. Thanx A LOT for your help. Ü Hope nobody has tried to sell it off yet.

    They'll get back to us tonight. Damn... dunno why they are taking so long. What fallen angel? You are conscience k? Haha.

  15. yes, can those 20cents. I am particular abt my photos, I only go to one near my office. They print on kodak gold, n gives me colour that I wanted. Now with digital, I select a few for printing, not everything.

    As for your camera, also email me the camera serial number. At least people who buying it will keep a look out, n know its a "stolen" camera.

    Cheers, weekend is coming..
    "nothing is impossible if you got long arms.."

  16. ya n im feeling lost too.........................................................................................................................................

  17. bwilly,
    Really thanx for your help and reccomendations on where to go... Really appreciate it! =)

    =) We'll take more photos next time.

  18. Hi…

    I saw you lost your camera

    Look for it at

    Maybe your getting lucky and find your lost camera

    Good luck

  19. Hi anon,

    Who are you? Well I tried that site but seems like need to log in. Is it a world wide thingy or just lost cameras in SG? Thanx anyway. =)


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