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Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Inspiration & Photo Boards are ready!!!

When I set my mind on doing something, I would be really determined to finish the task.

Hence, when June was coming to an end, I told myself that I would definitely put up my board by the end of June.

A few days ago, viv went, “Yeah? Don’t pretend… don’t talk so much. Put up then say.” She whole life gimme the “talk-to-my-hand-cos-the-face-ain’t-listening” look whenever I told her I was so gonna put up my board soon. With similar disinterest, shir insisted, “You always say the same thing one la.”

Throwing all procrastination devils outta the window, I sat down at my (kh’s)

to complete my task over the weekend -- photo board on Saturday night; inspiration board on Sunday night.

I should have made a bet with viv! Hahahaha… Still ask me not to pretend… hmmph!

I made 3 boards in all

Main photo board

A board dedicated to my besties!

Inspiration board which consist mainly of stuff I like and some of my drawings.

I'll take a photo of the boards up at my workstation soon. The bling bling flowers on the board kept dropping.... Argh!

Oh yes, silly me did a rough measurement using the size of a drawing board as a gauge. I knew that my big boards had to overlap but I totally miscalculated. Now my inspiration board is lying obsolete in my room. I'll have to wrap it up with clear plastic sheet and put it up either in my current room or my future room.

A card I made for the temp staff under me.

In addition, I gave her a crystal angel and popular voucher too.

It was her last day on Monday, 30th June. She had really helped me A LOT these past few months. I had hoped she would stay longer but she wants to enjoy her holiday before Uni starts.

Oh check out the cheer bear she gave me. Now I’ve got a new care bear.

We're always bullying S.

Random stuff at work…

Pris always loves to change the position of our cat and rabbit. For the month of May, it was like this:

She explained that they were having a picnic with the cookies.

I thought that the way they peered over the jar was cute.

Then I brought my ugly yellow water bottle given during team building in exchange for a pink one.

This was what she did next:

Reminds me of those Egyptian mummified cats.

We call it bonsai kitty.

A badge my student made…

I'll end this post with a cute smiley kitty I found on flickr some time back.

I forgot where I saved it from so I'm not able to credit the owner but I do know that his name is Edward. The cat's, not the owner's.


  1. Hi Jo,
    You are an arty farty gal:)..

    hey, I thot that the bonsai kittens are fake right?

    hope u have a great weekend with your loved ones...chow


  2. Dear Jolene,

    You're so artistic. Looking at your inspiration board. I don't even know which one is your drawings.

    I can recognise so many photos from your board as I saw them on your blog before! Hee..How big is your board?

  3. Hi ivan,

    Yes, bonsai kitty is a hoax created by some very eng eng ceng ceng uni students... I think. Imagine it it were real, I would be really enraged and so would lotsa people.

    Hope your weekend was great! Mine's always the same. =)

  4. Hi yen,

    You sure? I could spot my drawings very quickly. Well, maybe coz I drew them but more so because the rest really stand out as professional. Wahaha...

    The small besties board is drawing block size so you can compare in relation how big the bigger ones are. I think should be vanguard size.

  5. i likey ur inspiration & photo boards. Full of pics, photos, drawings. It've a very personal touch! Guess it'll sure light up your days & cheer u up when you look at them... esp. after those notti kids made u mad! Tsktsk..

  6. Canny,

    Yep… too bad no space to put up the inspiration board. -_-|||


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