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Friday, July 18, 2008

Replies to tags & comments

~*Replies to tags*~

7 Jul 08, 01:09
viv: wai...always "whole life whole life"...let's see if you can still say dat 20 years later...:P

8 Jul 08, 01:08
big guy: you are getting married?!
8 Jul 08, 01:09
big guy: er, in case u dunno who i am, haha.
I know only 1 big guy in my entire life. And yes to your question. Since when did you start coming here? =P

11 Jul 08, 20:57
germ: hi, for may which ones do you have lash extensions? for 24may n 25may do you have extension? as i see that they look different from the other photos also in may. i wanna consider doin thanks
24th May was fake eyelashes. My extensions were dropping like crazy during that time. 25th May was extensions but in a mix of medium and dramatic lashes. I “washed” away my dramatic extensions at the same place and decided to try medium. It was horrible on me even though it looked good on my friend. Horrible as in looked too natural and I felt like I’ve wasted my money. Hence I went back to ask her to insert some dramatic lashes inside.

15 Jul 08, 16:36
xtina: yo!! you look totally HOT in the mini skirt!! and i am too fat to wear it.. i bought it 4 u hor! so u keep it!!
But but it’s hanging on my hips so lowly and it can turn around my body… Hahaha… k la k la… I keep. Wear for u see next time. =P

~*Replies to comments*~
On top of replying at the comments section of the entries where you left the comments, I’ve decided to add this section for convenience sake cos some of you so funny, leave comments liao then forget which entries to check back.

"Shopping Loots & Gifts”

-- Anonymous said...
allo Jo,
so those shoppings must have burnt a small hole in your pocket... splurge as much as you want on yourselves now cos when u have kids u guys will surely be spending on them instead...

have u guys decided on the hotel for your wedding banquet??


NOOOOO!!! Must save must save! Yes, and the thought of the kids expenditure gives me the shudder coz I know I’m definitely one who’ll spend tons on the kids.

-- Anonymous said...
Hi there.. FEP is far east plaza rite? Where's the mondo sale? Thanks.

I don’t remember the address. I think it may be on the 3rd floor, nearer to the fountain escalator section. The shop has got no signboard. It looks warehouse-like full of shoes so should be quite easy to spot.

-- Canny said...
Hi babe!

Shopping is fun!!~ Dont you think so? Heh heh...!! I like your watch, really so similar to ur darling's one. Such a sweet 'couple' watch for a sweet couple!

And!!! great taste on the chomel necklace. I like the design. So sweet & bling!

And and!!! The Fendi shade! It looks simple but nice!! It's so you!! Wear it and take a photo to show us?

And and and!!! The hand-printed shoes. omg, so pretty can!! really nice! Must wear out, its so pretty & a waste to keep at home to admire yourself. Show off to the others!! OT: Must read the weather forecast b4 wearing the shoes out! =p

And x4 (hahah!!) My vote give to Sookee Wedding band!! The design so nice!! Well, a diamond is not a man's best friend. My hubby also prefers a plain and simple ring without any diamond during the time we went ard looking for our wedding bands. He says that he 'saves' the diamond for me. Hahaha..

Actually the design for Goldheart 3rd pair was pretty nice too. You love blings, so it have a row of blings. while kh prefers no diamond. So a plain one for him will do. Heehee..!!! =p

Wooh! Long long comment! Just what I love! Wah… your paragrapgh got pattern one hor? Wahaha…

A lot of people said it’s quite big but that’s exactly what I want! You’re the first girl who love it as much as me. Heh…

And… I think the chomel necklace design is very unique. Flowers in glass! So vintage lor.

And and I will remember to post a photo of the shades if I wear it. It’s quite dark though. If you see the prada or dior one, you would say they’re even more me…. Coz they are!!!!

And and and… Ya lor damn she bu de wear out leh… That’s why must take photo to admire. Oh yes, if you interested, do drop by my friend’s blog. =P

And and and and… I can kiss that Soo Kee ring goodbye. I brought it up again and he really didn’t like it. He thinks it’s too complicated for wedding bands. Sobz… I don’t like the Goldheart 3rd pair as much as the Soo Kee and I’m one who’ll buy things I like at all cost and won’t settle for anything else if I’ve already set my heart on something. We’ll see how to compromise. Marriage is about compromising… Must get something both of us love.

“My inspiration & photo boards are ready!”

-- Canny said...
i likey ur inspiration & photo boards. Full of pics, photos, drawings. It've a very personal touch! Guess it'll sure light up your days & cheer u up when you look at them... esp. after those notti kids made u mad! Tsktsk..

Yep… too bad no space to put up the inspiration board.

Final Cut: Celebrations, meet ups & pig outs in May

-- Canny said...
Hi babe!

Yup, I also always love to come in here... and happy to get to read the updates.. (Kpo me lah!) Hahah! Cos your monthly events, entries, writings never fails to bored me. Really interesting to read what you have written in your blog.

Kudos to ur ahma! Really kawaii ne!~

Oh ya, getting really busy recently.. and for the up coming 2 mths. I'll try my best to come in often. (So I must see ur updates when I come here yah.. If not... Hmpfh!! Dun friend you liao! Heheheh!!)


How could I miss this out???

Oh dear, you're not gonna fren me liao. Wahahaha...


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