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Monday, July 28, 2008

Spotted… Gluttons at MELT

Buffet is the best kinda dinner for gluttons like us. Hence, we decided to check out MELT for deardear’s belated birthday dinner two Sundays ago.

We stuffed ourselves silly. Even though the variety of food wasn’t that impressive, the food tasted good and that’s a minus 1 point, plus 1 point to break even for Melt.

1st dish

1. seafood salad
2. mango sald
3. papaya salad
4. chicken salad
5. mushroom salad
6. smoked mackerel
7. smoked salmon
8. smoked snow fish
9. Thai beef salad

Appetite-inducing! Love the mushroom salad best even though I’m not exactly a mushroom-person.

A sashimi platter is a good way to begin the meal. For fans of soba, we both didn’t quite like the soba there.

Kh’s drink. It’s some mango drink which tasted great.

Mine. It is a mixed of all kinds of berries. Sure is a great drink if you enjoy Panadol for kids.

Kh opted for the western fare

While I chose the Asian (Thai, Indonesian style) one.

Kh really whacked the cold seafood like xiao.

He had two plates!!! I only helped by eating whatever he peeled for me. Even though I don’t really like cold and sweet seafood, I must say that they’re really succulent.

The oysters were fresh but I could not really stomach them and felt the compelling need for me to swallow them immediately. Two was enough for me. The best oysters are still the ones at The Cliff. Remember the $13.90 price tag per oyster?

I ended the savoury course with more sashimi, sushi and smoked fish.

Looking around one last time to see if we should get anymore before we started savouring the desserts.

We decided to take a coffee break before we proceeded for desserts and chocolate fondue.

Delectable desserts

Review in summary for MELT The World Cafe

Food: * * * 1/2
Food is great. Seafood and sashimi were very fresh. Pity about the limited variety of main courses.

Ambience: * * * *
Comfortable. Classy but not uppity.

Service: * * * *
Service was excellent. Wait staffs held eye contact with me even though kh was the one doing the talking and vice versa. It gave us the impression that they were acknowledging both of us no matter who was the one talking. The manager would randomly stop at tables to make small talk with patrons and enlightening patrons with which buffet dishes were new on the menu etc.

Value-for-money if you’re gluttons like us
The bill came to a total of $150++ after 15% discount.

Who’s the boss?

After the dinner, we went to Kbox. I haven’t been singing K with him for a looooooooooooooooooong time. My main motive was to shortlist a song for this company KTV singing competition.

Jolene in a singing competition??? Yeah yeah… I boh bian coz my group nobody join la. Too many past year champions liao and they are not eligible to participate so this amateur and another stage-fright-colleague must go save the group. I have the sneaking suspicion that I would be booted out at the very 1st round.

Yeah, so anyway, we had lots of fun singing. I missed singing OUR 恋爱频率 together…

Oh yes, the night before, we went to catch the “The Dark Knight”.

Before the movie started, we had more than an hour to waste so guess what we did? We wasted our money on Sweetland machine!

Just in case some for you dunno what Sweetland machine is… here is a video I found on YouTube

The end result? A huge bag of sweets; a Stitch music player and some unfortunate-looking Disney soft toy as the jackpot price and $70+ poorer.

Actually there were more variety of sweets and snacks but we gobbled them up while scooping the sweets onto the platform.

Fancy spending $70+ just like that.

It was soooooo addictive!

Another machine which I got hooked was the one where you can win Sony PSP, PS3, Asus notebook, Sony Ericsson mobile phones etc. I was really hooked onto that. We reached the 2nd top bar a few times but we just could not get the last bar to coincide. The Wheeeew… Whoopee sound effect from that machine is still ringing clearly in my mind.


The Dark Knight

It was very exciting. I love the charming Christian Bale as Batman and I applaud Heath Ledger for the convincing portrayal of Joker.

I forgot many parts from the first installment but still, the excitement and pace of the movie is worth 4 stars.

Rating: ****


Red Cliff

One word – AWESOME!

It made me wanna pick up a Romance of the Three Kingdom book. It made me wanna learn more about Chinese History. It made me curse and swear that there is currently no Idiot’s Guide to Chinese History in English on the market.

I love to watch the warring tactics and strategy as well as the battle of the wits. Oh yes, there are many small funny moments in the show which bring comic relief to a warring movie.

Can't wait for the 2nd installment.

Rating: ****1/2


Get Smart

It's lame but not as lame as I thought it would be. I'm beginning not to dislike Anne Hathaway so much after this show.

Rating: ***



It wasn’t as bad as what the critics reviewed but I do agree that I can’t see a solid plot and direction of this movie. Nevertheless, the movie was quite entertaining and original.

Rating: ***1/2


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20 Jul 08, 13:05
June: Hi Jolene... I'm June'80 from LD =) Recently started my own blog. I've added u, hope u dun mind. My blog add is =)
Of course I don’t mind! I’ll drop by your blog soon.=)

23 Jul 08, 11:17
from LD: Hi Jolene. I notice that you seldom come to LD recently. I sent you a pm. I hope you will be able to check and reply soon. I won't leave my name but you will know my nick when you check the pm.
23 Jul 08, 11:18
from LD: I don't usually tag but I hope to see your reply. Thank you.
Replied you on pm! =)

28 Jul 08, 00:35
tiffy: I am glad u shortlisted something!! Thats nice. Has the date been fixed? I am ready to attend the wedding! take care.
Will keep you informed. No worries about it! You must start to prepare your speech liao. HA!


  1. Hi Jolene,

    You are putting up lesser and lesser photos of yourself recently. Good to see your photos and your deardear too.

    Hope you had fun with the machines. What is $70 if you have fun rite? ^_^

  2. Yen,
    Yes I so totally agree with what's $70 if we had fun. =)


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