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Sunday, June 22, 2008

One evening at Tampines IKEA...


I dunno why I can continue to love and like my godchildren, my tutees, my students and other kids I know even if they misbehave but simply cannot stand stranger kids whenever they do the same.


5 Jun 08, 10:41
tiffy: i promise to continue building the bridge with u. u didn shatter urs with me YET. ha. cheer up
Don’t worry, our 19-year-old bridge is solid and sturdy. =P

11 Jun 08, 00:46
Joyce: Take care!
12 Jun 08, 22:58
Joyce: Sobz...I'm not in the pic with you, Viv and Apr
Don’t be sad… I’m sure you’re happier than viv, apr and me combine. LOL

12 Jun 08, 00:52
cendrine: nice blog
Thanx cendrine. Just curious, how did you stumble upon my blog?

16 Jun 08, 12:21
evan: Send me the Ambrosia pics when free! My turn to fall sick now. Bleah.
Yes my dear… When are you gonna update on our “ugly day out”. Gosh… take care… dun spread to me!!!!

21 Jun 08, 17:22
silver's: u look liek silver in 2 photos with ur so! same expression. u noe what i mean?
Huh? Did you mean to type “silver’s friend” or something? Anyway, no matter whether look like or not, silver is a pretty hot mummy so thanx a lot. Ha!


  1. allo Jolene,
    Jus happened to stumble upon your blog. I like what I had read in your blog. Keep writing yeah...
    hey why u hate kids?? I adore them especially my own la... hee... u can find them in my friendster account.. add me as your friend if you have a friendster account (


  2. Hi Ivan,

    Hey you didn't read properly. I love kids... especially when I know them. I just cannot stand stranger kids misbehaving. Hahaha... If I have my own kids, rest assure that I'll ADORE them. =)

    I don't have friendster a/c. And thanx for your comment. I hope I can have the time to keep writing.


  3. Hi Jo,
    I hope u would still be updating your blog when u have kids in the future:)


  4. Hi Ivan,

    Well... That'll depend. Maybe I'll set up a new blog for them. This blog's archive runs deep. ;P



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