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Thursday, August 30, 2007


23 Aug 07, 03:06
reg: hey gal! glad you're better now!! your parents are so cute haha..oo and your blue coach bag is gorgeous!!
Hey Hey!! Firstly, sorry about the hurried sms just now. Was quite engrossed over dinner that I was shocked to see all the sms at once and replied them in a haste. I saw tam’s comment about meeting up soon and I think that’s a great idea. Oh and congrats on leading a more “normal” life now. Haha…

23 Aug 07, 22:34
Evan: Yeah. We've never seem to have enough time to catch up!
Always the case babe. Always the case. Hope you dun get a hangover later! If I were well, I’ll sure join you! Miss clubbing with you too. And I sure hope my sms-es just now didn’t sound rushed.

24 Aug 07, 15:15
vee: i tink u look prettier in curls ... esp loose ones ... very sweet and demure
Hi vee, thanx for your sweet comments. Hmm… I’d better let my bf know that he’s the only person who hates me with curls! Btw how did you stumble here? From FP? LD?

26 Aug 07, 04:32
Brendan: cool blog JO and you're beautiful to top it off:)
Hi there, thanx for the kind words. May I know if you’re from LD too? Seldom have “stranger” guys around here.

26 Aug 07, 10:34
maine: i will luv to see a pict of the dress.. care to share how much u blow.. avana is the one at ground floor lido right? it looks expensive.
Hi maine, no worries… you’ll be able to see lotsa pics of the dress when I blog about my D&D the next time. How much I blow ah? Gee… better not say la… afraid that people would think I’ve wasted $$ on an ugly dress. And you’re right about the location of avana.

28 Aug 07, 20:45
Evan: Ooh... I heard about the female chinese doc quite a while back. heard she's really good. you should find time to pay her a visit!
Wow! Didn’t know she’s so popular. I’m hearing more and more people saying that clinic is well known and queue even longer than donuts at raffles.

30 Aug 07, 00:42
Canny: Notti U, didnt listen to doctor advise to rest more & really REST means rest, not to be bother by work. We all know its hard cos often are tied down with work. But come to think of it, being healthy is wealth. So, babe, must be guai k.. listen to doctor's advise and rest plenty!! Get well soon!! *hugs* And ya, I saw the same tissue box in one of the shop here & I tht of u on the spot.. And jokingly tell hubby I want to buy one too! Haha...!! =P
*sheepish look* But I can’t help being bothered. Haha.. It’s just my nature. Well, a lot of positive thinking helped in recovering myself too but I must say I slept A LOT the past 3 days so that’s quite a lot of rest. Ooh… they have those cute tissue over in the States? And so sweet of you to think of me. Must be thinking of me doing unglam stuff like blowing nose. Wahaha…


So here I am not abiding by my new rules of forcing myself to sleep early. Can't help it. Hair is still a little wet. And I've slept quite a lot the past few days. Never knew replying to tags and comments at one shot takes so much time. Will update my blog with more cheery posts soon... that is if I recover fully. Did lotsa positive thinking before I slept and I felt a lot better that I could attend d&d. A little groggy though. I sure hope I didn't blabber a lot of nonsense just now.

Thanx to all the lovelies who sms-ed me after reading my previous post. I'm sorry if I've forgotten to reply any of you or sounded like I'm in a hurry coz all those times I read the message was when I was sleeping away or being too engrossed in preparing for d&d just now. I was really touched by some of the sms-es.

Ok I'm writing ungrammatically and blabbering nonsense. I should sleep now. It'll be an early day later.


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