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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sickly August

I was scrolling through all my August posts and I realised the entries were all about me being sick. So sian. I wish to blog about happier stuff but I’ve fallen sick AGAIN.


On Sunday, I felt lethargic and nauseous so after my tuition, I decided to take a nap before going out to meet the FF group. The nap was horrible. I was coughing so badly that I rolled over to the side my bed and puked on the floor. My chest and tummy hurt so much that I just froze at that position. Then, I puked once more.

Later in the day and throughout the night, I was down with high fever. I was so weak that I’ve got no strength to sit up. If I sat up, I would hyperventilate and feel nauseous. Dissipated energy. Useless muscles. I felt like I was in a body that didn’t belong to me.

Now, my mum is one of those who always scolds me whenever I fall sick. This time, she was really worried. My body was so hot that she started sponging me with ice for fear that I would become stupid. My dad would pop in every now and then to check on me and to turn the towel the other side. Late at night, kh came and sayang me. He brought starfruit juice and I was lying down and drinking from a straw like an invalid. Kh said I’m such a spoilt brat whenever I’m sick.

Yesterday, I went to the same doc and she said it’s still the same upper respiratory tract infection. It got worse because of the unfinished course of antibiotics the other time. She said this illness needs 7 full days to recover. And when she said 7, she meant 7 days of complete rest. No strenuous work. Then she started talking about flu is no joke and 600 people in Singapore die from flu related illness annually blablabla…


I caught Evan Almighty on Saturday. It was quite funny, I love all the animals as well as the actor starring as Evan’s oldest son. Most of all, I love this quote:

“Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient?

If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous?

If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?”

No wonder when I prayed for health, I became even sicker. God must be giving me the opportunity to wake myself up after my delirium, to warn me that I should start to worry about my health and not worry about work.

After I recover from this long illness, I will make it a point to:

- Go for a full body check up
My doc was advising me to take things step by step. First, recover from this illness, then go for body check up. No point doing all at the same time when I’m still sick.

- Visit a Chinese physician
My colleague and sister recommended the same Chinese physician all the way at Jurong. Heard that she can ba3 mai4 (check the pulse) and roughly discern what’s wrong with her patients. I’m also worried at the amount of western medicine I’m downing. It’s time to go for more natural healing.

- Visit a dentist
The gum near my wisdom tooth is swollen again even after I poked it to release the blood inside. My teeth could be one of the triggers for my frequent headaches.

- Put on more weight
People who see me everyday like my parents have started to comment that I’m too thin. My mum who used to see how much I eat and think I’m fat compared to all the mediacorp actresses has started to worry that I’m looking too skinny now. In fact, everyone around me who sees me every week will comment that I’m getting thinner and thinner as the weeks go by.

I don’t see myself as horrendously skinny because at least I know that I do eat my 3 full meals. Kh also doesn’t find me skinny because he always sees how I stuff myself with food whenever we go out. But well, if the rest of the world feels that I’m losing weight drastically, I think I’d better do something.

- I must sleep early
I’m insomniac. But I must force myself to sleep early next time.


I feel so fresh after bathing and washing hair. Imagine not bathing for 3 days!!! YUCKS! Some things never change. I’m going back HQ for a while to finish my kindergarten materials. I hope I’m well enough for D&D tomorrow. I feel so weak I don’t think I’ll enjoy myself.

Will reply to all tags and comments later. =D


  1. In my country, URI may cause death. A brother of my classmate died from it.

  2. I actually took some time to figure out what URI meant. I must be getting stupid from the high fever. And yes, after I saw your comment, I went to do some quick online research and was quite taken aback that it can be as mild as Johnson's baby shampoo yet as deadly as carbon monoxide. I sure hope I don't die from it! -_-||

  3. Dearest Jolene!!!

    Yes, I find tat your recent entries
    is always writing about tat u fallen sick~
    Not tat I blame u of coz!!!

    AIYO! Really must take care, my dear!!!
    $$$ can earn back~
    Work can always find again~
    But if Health is not good,
    it will be a big headache and very Xin Ku for us le!!!

    So, please take good care of yourself!!!
    Yes, a full body check up or
    a visit with Chinese physician sound good!!!

    Take good care, dear Jolene!!!
    U sound like u're too heaty too~
    Rememeber have more Liang Cha and good rest!!!

    LoVe, VIVIEN!!

    P/S I like those baby Looney tissue box tat u posted!!!
    So cute! One of my fav childhood cartoons too!!! :D

  4. Dear Vivien,

    Heh.. thanx for your concern. Then you must be very happy for me now as a friend when I tell you that I'm slowly recovering liao. And the chi physician is really good! Check out the latest entry. =)

    I speed read tru your entries but wanna sit down and read properly another time. Gong xi gong xi ni on finding a job that you forsee you'll like with good location, salary and meeting a nice interviewer. Well, I hope this smooth start will continue all the way! And your mummy's birthday v close to my mummy too. Haha...

    P/S: Looney Toons was one of my fave cartoons too. =)


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