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Thursday, August 23, 2007

It’s been 3 weeks…

My throat has recovered but each time I teach, my vocal chords will start to hurt again and I'll just lose my voice. I’ve already used my diaphragm as much as possible, refrained from talking too loudly and too much, engaged different students to read out as many passages as possible but to no avail.

I’m still coughing and blowing thick green phlegm and mucus.

EEEeeewwww…. That’s disgusting I know.

My parents really know how to cheer me up even as I blow my nose and fill the dustbin to the brim with germs.

I kept commenting that this range of Baby Looney Tunes box tissue is sooooo CUTE.

When the last box of ke ai Baby Sylvester ran out, my mum instructed my dad to buy the Baby Looney Tunes again.

She specially chose the one with all the baby characters together to put it in my room.

Makes blowing nose abit more fun. Duncha think?


Met up with evan 2 Saturdays ago.

Why don't we ever have enough time to catch up??? =D

Hope you managed to take leave for your France trip. When the date draws nearer I may bug you to help me buy the LoVe which I haven't bought till now. Incorrigible... yes. Or maybe I should just save the money.


I went shopping alone for my D&D dress. Theme is Masquerade, I didn’t intend to dress strictly according to the theme but whatever dresses I have at home simply will not do! The event is next Wednesday. Time was running out and I was so desperate that I didn’t mind splurging on a dress if I could find one I really fancy. I was prepared to trawl Mandarin and Hilton Gallery and even Palais Renaissance. Then, I walked into Avana at Shaw and never had to proceed to search for my dress anymore.

Its unique style, its fit, its intricate detail, its exclusive design (only one piece available the whole of sg). That was the most expensive dress I’ve ever bought.


I WANNA chop off the head and limps of someone who did the same to a cat!

My dad said it was on the papers. I can't believe such cruel acts exist in sg. The person who did that IS A GODAMN BEAST! I wish he/she/it burn in hell.


I didn't mention this before on my blog. My heart feels so much lighter after I've decided not to take up the Dip in Edu. I think I've made the right choice not signing on the dotted line. I feel so much more qing song.


I wanna work freely and not be tied down by anything.



  1. - jo babe, it's been a while! i've been by here on and off, and notice you're still not back to 100% health. man, we gotta pump you up with vitamins.
    - reg/jots and i talking about a meet up sometime, just us girls. when you're better yea?
    - waiting for a picture for your D&D dress! i always walk past there but never think to go in - $$$! but they have some pretty dresses.
    - did you color your hair black again? looks very dark in the photos.
    - good on you for not going with the DipEd. (:

  2. i also wanna have a peek at the dress u bought cos i'm oh so into dresses! what's the damage? hee

  3. tam,
    It's been a long while since I hear from you, whether online or offline. Such a pleasant surprise! Of coz I'm cool for the meet up. I think the last time we had this reg, jots, you, me party was like in JC???

    Avana really has some pretty dresses and pretty prices too. If you can't find what you want, just let them know and they'll bring you up to the 23rd floor where they have more dresses.

    I didn't colour my hair black again. It's just the top that looks black. The bottom is all faded browns. And yes I really feel a lot lighter after I've made the decision not to go for the Dip.

    You can have a peek when I update my blog the next time round. =D Damage ah? I'd not reveal here in case some people think my dress is ugly and not worth the hefty price tag. *zip*


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