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Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Hair Date with Bestie Cyn

More than a week ago, I had a hair date with my bestie Cyn.

I'm not sure if other gals have hair dates with their gal pals too or is it just us being bimbotic. The last time we had a hair date was 3 years ago when we were trying to normalize our lives after my god daughter Charmaine's passing.

This time, we decided to seize the opportunity to have almost a full day out without the kids before Cyn started an office-hours job. I took leave to meet the day after her birthday so that we could have a girls day out together on a week day.

Bimbos being bimbos, we had a before hair transformation shot by our favourite stylist, Leslie, from Private Hair Studio.

Ever since Cyn introduced me to Leslie, I've never found another stylist I like so much.

His charges may be higher than your average salon since he is located in Far East Plaza and he is after all, a director. Price aside, we like his professionalism and skills, and he uses really good products. Yes, we could tell the difference in products! He knows our natural hair texture, behaviour, scalp condition and would always tailor our hair according to these factors.

On a personal level, he is also more like a friend to us and we would always have endless topics to chat and laugh about. He is a great family man too. What Chinese call 二十四孝. He is 二十四孝 father, husband and son to his family.

Cyn had a super bleached "dirty blonde fringe" (she used that term herself) which looked totally fine in the photo up there but super dirty blonde with flash on as seen in the photo below. Moreover, her hair was dyed a reddish brown at some salon that offered really cheap hair colouring a while ago just before a job interview and it had faded to this brown-blonde look (above).

As for me, I wanted a much shorter hair length and a change in hair shape. I was getting tired of too long a hair that had become quite coarse and unruly with the hair ends going in all zig zag directions due to the change in pH of the water in my area recently. Surprisingly on the day we went to the salon, I was quite happy with how my hair looked from the front...

... but not so much from the back.
My layers just wouldn't curve inwards according to my face shape on bad hair days. It would sometimes go into an ugly S-shape at the sides and the back V is losing its shape even on smooth-hair days like that day.

The photo below was taken when my hair was at its longest ever last November before a 3-inch trim and overall shaping. The longest layer was at the waist and I cringed at the inconvenience of it being too long.

Even the pony tail was getting too heavy and losing its shape!

(Aside: On the day these photos were taken, my hair actually felt very smooth to the touch. However, I adjusted the brightness and contrast for clearer depiction and horrors of horrors, my hair looked super bad. Just perfect for depicting the state of my hair!)

This was the trim last November. I did not take any photo of my hair on the floor last week as it was too much and would probably be too gross to snap.

I felt really courageous that day and kept asking Leslie to cut shorter and shorter and shorter. When I asked for his views on whether I should cut my hair to slightly longer than chin length, he said he would do so if I was able to bear with my natural hair qiao-ing (curling outwards/sticking out) without any styling and products. He sure knows my character well!

At that moment, all the people I know with that length of hair flashed through my mind and it is true that all of them would have hair that qiao without styling. Hence, I decided not to chop off more. Perhaps when I'm not lazy enough to style my hair every morning before work, I would go chin length short.

Our new hairdo!
Cyn had violet brown to cover the dirty blonde fringe and had her hair curled. I hacked half my hair off, did away with the V-shape and sported a blunt cut to complement the shorter do. As for colouring, I did a softbre tone to save money on future hair colour. We love our new hair!

Our hair looks like this under the sun.
Top LR: Cyn's multi-colour hair is so chio and the violet parts are so obvious under the sun.
Bottom LR: I did a darker softbre which is not obvious in photos but under the sun looks a little like Cyn's hair.

Not sure if you could see the softbre tone. Slightly different from highlights, softbre is when little streaks of hair are bleached/dyed in a lighter tone and thereafter using a darker tone to cover the entire hair.

The effect would be a softer difference in regrowth colour as compared to one tone colour. I just hope that my hair stays dark as I do not want a lighter-coloured hair with stark black roots.

My hair is now at its shortest in 10 years. Yes! 10 years ago was when I last had hair this short. This hairstyle is the only time I come back from the salon with the dear hubby saying "Wow, you cut your hair so short!" Usually he couldn't even tell the difference even when I snipped inches off on a few occasions.

We had really late lunch of salted egg yolk dishes. I ordered the chicken which I loved to bits.

Cyn ordered the pork ribs. While salted egg yolk pork ribs is usually the signature dish, we found the chicken more tender.

Thank you Cyn for introducing me to such a great dish. I love salted egg yolk anything!

There are 2-3 places in Far East Plaza (FEP) that serve salted egg yolk pork ribs. This one we went to has orange signboard and is called "Susan" something. It is supposedly the pioneer one in salted egg yolk dishes though the others became more popular. Cyn and the people at Private Hair Studio all felt that this is the better one!

We shared the hot and spicy soup which was yummy too! Now I know of another eatery to go to when at FEP.

Oh btw, I really love this My Little Pony hair of one of the stylists/assistants there. Super pretty!

And I seldom see violet hair that lasts as long as on this pretty mummy, who is another stylist at the salon.

So far, I really love my much shorter hair as well as the blunt cut look. I feel lighter and fresher and the ends feel really smooth. The only thing I would MISS about my long V-shape hair style would be the lovely curls that I could achieve with it. Say bye bye to them.

My hair shape then and now.


A little rant here. You could skip it if you dislike MBJ aka Mean Bitch Jo.

While crafting this post, I wanted to get something out of my chest. Over the past 2 years, there were always the same few people PLUS my mum (my greatest critic) who would never fail to tell me that my hair was very looooooong. The way these people uttered it sure sounded negative to me and it got me very puzzled if my hair was really too long and ugly.

The constant comments made me insecure for a while that me being bimbotic, asked my dear hubby and my different groups of good friends if my hair was too long and ugly.

In general, all of them replied honest yet lovely words like how my hair was quite long but it was healthy, shiny, smooth, nice shape and _________. (Fill in other positive adjectives used to describe hair.)

Two of my gal pals felt that my style of long hair was synonymous to me and had since been my trademark.

One asked if my hair was dyed black because long black hair could look scary/ugly.

Another asked if my hair had become really bad since she last saw me for people to keep commenting.

A gal pal with longer hair than me also identified with me as somebody she disliked often told her how long her hair was and she simply could not understand how this fact could be harped on time and again. Like what was she supposed to reply after the 374034th time?

Another gal pal bluntly said that my long hair totally doesn't irritate her one bit and started a whole reminder about her ex classmate whose long hair should be the one being harped on. She had butt-length hair the last time she told me about her and now she has leg-length hair. Not only is her long, thin, straggly black hair leg-length hair sweeping everything in the way, she seemed to love it a lot and insisted that's her trademark whenever people tell her it is very long. My gal pal also suspected that most nutrients go to her hair instead of her brains coz she says the dumbest thing ever and often irritates the group. She ended off assuring me that I was nothing like that.

How reassuring!

And then of course guys all like my long hair. Don't 90% of guys love long hair?

As I heard these words from my good friends, I felt comforted. I've always had long hair since I stopped wearing school uniforms and nobody except my mum would comment that my hair was too long.

I had people around me with much longer hair than me with worse hair shape, one-length fanning outwards hair, straggly layers, coarser texture, dry edges, unhealthy coloured hair, one tone black hair etc and nobody ever told them that their hair was too looooooong too.

Personally, I would only say that somebody's hair is too long if their hair embodies any of those aforementioned qualities.

Don't get me wrong. I'm focusing on the action of constantly commenting and not the people. These people are lovely people and we have great friendship. It's just that constantly hearing comments about my hair being very long had gotten on my nerves and I had never ranted out before until today.


You could read more about my bimbotic hair transformation over the years post if you're interested. Don't laugh at my younger Ah Lian days with blonde hair, thin eyebrows and think-I'm-so-cool dress sense.

What was the most drastic thing you have ever done to your hair?

Or have you always wanted a hair transformation that you didn't have the courage for?

Have you ever experienced people commenting about your hair way too much?

Do share with me some of your hair stories!


  1. Other possible titles: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. Hair do? Where do? Locks Myths. OK, I think I am done :)

    I have always adored your hair, I am in that 90% I suppose (I have to be normal somehow I suppose). But what a wonderful job your stylist did. Your bravery paid off. I debate to share this with you as I am guy prone to the clumsy compliment and I preface by reminding you I have a well-written history of praising your beauty (are you scared yet?) but I would say that both you and your friend took 10 years off your ages with those cuts. And now, I duck behind furniture just in case things are hurled my way :)

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. Hello Rick,

      I've had some draft titles along that line but I changed it to save them for when I really chopped my hair real short. Those sure are Google-friendly words for hair and I do not want unnecessary traffic to this post only to be disappointed by no short hair.

      NOooooooo! I always love to hear what you have to say. I really appreciate it. Don't duck. I'm strange in a way that I can't receive too many compliments of the same thing and that goes for constructive feedback of the same thing too. I would also like it if people remember me for inner beauty rather than outer.

      BTW, do you watch The Walking Dead coz Rick is the name of the main character.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jeanne. Love to see newcomers here. =)

  3. Wow, your new hairdo is wonderful, you did well in cutting your really long hair, it's still long yet it has a better shape and it looks healthy :) well done ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Facebook / G+ / Bloglovin

  4. Hello,

    Amazing ! :D


  5. I really love your new haircut ! Your hair is still long but the change is quite visible ! You had a lot of hair cut, so it must feel a lot lighter. The colour is very natural, so shiny under the sun. Your friend's curls look adorable too! I don't get why people need to comment on somebody's hair all the time either. My mother is the one trying to convince me to cut my hair short all the time.

    1. Hi Ivana, Your mother sure sounds like mine! She is the harshest one, using the word "ugly" to tell me my hair is too long back then. Lol... I think your long hair is really healthy and shiny too!

    2. I finally asked my mother why is she always trying to get me to cut my hair and she says it is because it is so heavy she has a feeling it is weighting down on me...Ok, so it's a bit thick, but it's not like it weights that much. I mean seriously how much can it weight? not more that a kilo.
      I do feel lighter with my new hairstyle but I think I will let my hair grow again now:)

    3. My mum also says the same thing! She thinks the weighing down adds on to the "ugliness" and making me look too thin. But yeah, we both know better. =)

  6. Hi Jo, well I never had a hair date before. I usually go alone to the stylist. It sounds like a lot of though that I think I should try this. You girls looks beautiful with your new hairdos. Don't worry your isn't short now. I think this is the perfect lengths. Not too short and not too long. I always love your rants and I don't really understand why people would tell you that your hair was too long. It looked great that way too. Haha sorry Jo's mom. I feel just like you whenever I chop my hair off. It's refreshing, I feel lighter and I don't have to blow dry it for half an hour. I'm very courageous when it comes to my hair. I already had every hair color, lenghts... the most drastic was probably my purple hair. Btw you looked super cute as a blondie too.
    RYC: Wow you don't use a blush. That is probably my favorite beauty product. Makes you look fresh in seconds. You can also use it as an eyeshadow whenever you don't have time for an eye makeup... on the other hand you don't really need it cos you're beautiful without it too. Wish you a happy Sunday Jo!!


    1. Hello Mira, I could totally imagine you and the different hair that you sport over the years. You're definitely one of those who tries all sorts of styles! It's always fun to look back at old photos and reminisce on your fashion and style over the years. I look back on my light brown/blonde days and laugh. The weird thing about this current hair is that it seems to take a longer time to blow dry coz it is overall thicker with the blunt cut. I'm surprise as it sure seems like many people like MBJ and posts with rants would always have lots of insights and sharing in the comments section. Hahaha...

      I used to use blush but my cheek bones get red too easily from sunburn on top of the underlying spotty pink patches. Thank you for your sweet compliments, dear. But I think I look quite sickly with super small eyes without make up. =)

  7. awesome new hairstyle jo! sometimes, change is a nice feeling. hihi. i hope you enjoyed your hair date! seemed to me you had fun! :D take care!~

    xoxo, rae

  8. It's so cool to find a really good stylist, who will understand you and catch the meaning at once! I'm personally in search of such a nice specialists!
    The result is fantastic, both of you look absolutely charming and happy (which is much more important even;) with your new hair.
    I'm a bit sorry for your hair being cut now, but I admit you look still wonderful and even more stylish. They say change will not come overnight, but well, sometimes they do come:)))
    Have a nice day ahead, dear;)

    1. Totally agree on this, Alexandra. I like to go to a salon whereby I could trust the stylist coz he knows my condition and also one who does not constantly promote products and treatments and make me feel so uncomfortable. Many salons here do that and I'm glad my stylist doesn't. Yes, my bestie and I did have so much fun catching up and also looking and feeling pretty with our change.

  9. Jo, first of all, regarding ur little complain, I agree with u. Personally, Ive always loved long hair and, even though mine after a certain lenght dont grow more, Indont like to receive that kind of comments, since I think everyone loves long hair, male included! Saying this, I wish I had yours lol! Either before and after the cut, it still looks gorgeous, one of the most beautiful Ive seen! I still think of cut mine and for sure I will do, i think it makes u feel good with urself. Leslie sounds a great hairdresser, ehy doesnt he come here to make mine?! Also ur friend is very cute. Hugs! xo

    1. Hello Lilli, Thank you for your sweet compliment and for sharing your thoughts. I wished I could introduce you to Leslie. Hahaha... You would like him! He has experience in Caucasian's hair too as he has some Caucasian customers as regulars. He once told me that Asian hair and Caucasian hair is so different in texture and reaction to types cut/heat/styling products etc. Even hair in different countries and climates behaves and reacts differently so hairstyles should also take into consideration the surrounding condition too.

  10. Amazing hair transformation, you both look great.

    1. Thank you, dear. Love seeing newcomers around! =)

  11. I like your post and pics. So interesting. Lovely hair sweety.
    I follow you now and I would like to follow me back.

    1. Thank you, Marija. Love seeing newcomers here and I hope we continue to stay in touch. Thank you for the follow. I would check out your blog soon!

  12. Jo, I was not allowed to have long hair while growing my ... my psychotic step mother said it was too thick... it just needed the right cut and styling products. I have had extremely LONG hair twice in my life... the most recent was less then a year ago. I miss my long hair but it was getting extra dry and because I walked so much I rarely did anything but wear it in a pony or messy bun... so I chopped it off to this length, I would not go shorter again, shoulder length is fine.

    Your hair looks amazing, I liked it really long but I like it this way too... both look really great on you... believe me, I have seen people that had long hair that did not look good on them, yours looked good... xox

    I am trying to get my finances fixed up with the government, then when I do, I am going to get purple put back in my hair, I loved having a few thick strands... I hope to be able to do this in the next month... xox

    1. Hi Launna, Your hair story is interesting. Not allowed to have long hair? That sounds really harsh and I'm picturing a psychotic stepmother image now. *smirks* I do like you with your shorter do too. You look younger and fresher. I agree with you coz we are the same in the sense that we seldom did anything to our hair except to tie it up and since the ends are getting dry, it is a lot better chopping off. I would love to see your purple!

      Thank you for your kind words, dear. xoxo

  13. Oh yes Jo, I did change my blog up ... I won a blog makeover... It still needs the new header, I am just waiting for Kristina to get back to me, I am pretty excited, it looks much more professional than it did ... I feel very blessed to have won this opportunity xox

    1. I didn't know about the blog makeover but congrats on winning it. The outlook of a blog is soooooo important other than the contents and I'm glad you are happy with the new layout. Sleeker and cleaner!

  14. I remember seeing these on Instagram Jo! The results were phenomenal on both you and your friend. I love the length on you and have to admit I think mine was about as long as yours was prior to Xmas last year. I also got it chopped because it was really, really annoying me and the end length was much shorter than anticipated; probably about the same length as yours is now, maybe an inch shorter (though it's grown a fair bit since then lol). It took me a long time to get used to the length though. Re your cute little "rant" I don't think I have ever witnessed such bitchiness (would you call it that? That's the impression I got form your words anyway) towards people with long hair! I've heard of people fawning over others with long hair, wishing they had hair that long or could grow it that length. It's always been shed in a positive light in my experience! I love long hair, mine has been about the same length as yours for a good four years I think and I prefer myself with long hair then short anyway. My facial structure doesn't work with really short do's sadly. I'd love to have a bob or lob but I know I'll hate the look on my face lol.


    1. You took some time getting used to your much shorter do, Sonia? I realised you don't post much photos of yourself and I don't remember seeing your shorter hairstyle. No worries, dear. Hair grows back easily. I hope you've since begin to accept them as part of your life. =) I loved to try out many styles but my hair texture and the way the hair grows our from the pores at certain parts of my scalp limits my choices. I'm not able to attain many styles with the permanent hair follicles. =( I would definitely go chin length short when I have the time to blow them inwards every morning. I think that we should be adventurous and try many styles too but if you already know what works for you, I agree that there isn't a need to try.

      As for the rant, I won't consider it bitchiness at all. I don't know. I have pretty good relationship with these people in all other aspects. But every now and then when the comments on the hair come, I can't help feeling very puzzled yet annoyed coz I never ever experienced a few people commenting on it at any given period of time. I feel like the bitch ranting out but I feel a lot better now.

  15. It must be almost spring because all of the ladies in the last two posts have looked very nice. Cyn looks especially happy and healthy. About your hair, that's weird! Maybe some people think everyone should have their haircut??? Or maybe some are jealous that you can have long hair and have it look good. That said, the trim did turn out well. I like the new shape of the end of your hair.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment for both Cyn and me. =) I don't know about those people I mentioned but I don't think it is jealous too. I have pretty good relationship with these people in all other aspects. But every now and then when the comments on the hair come, I can't help feeling very puzzled yet annoyed coz I never ever experienced a few people commenting on it at any given period of time. I feel like the bitch ranting out but I feel a lot better now.

      I realised that westerners love blunt cut and Asians love the V. Just like how we love to pose with the V peace sign. Lol

  16. Both of you reminds me of my bestfriend too! The last time we pampered our hair was two years ago. We had our conversation yesterday regarding our hair, since I already trimmed my hair and same with her but she wasn't able to color it again like the way we did before. Your long hair is lovely, I suddenly remember mine two years ago. huhu :( I miss that hair. I cut my hair when I was pregnant then I cut it again after giving birth, that leaves me a very short hair. Anyways, your new hair looks great too! :) It looks lovely! It gives you a whole new look :) Always pretty dear Jo! :)

    best regards,
    Rica |

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Rica. Haha... I can't believe there is another pair of gal friends who would have hair dates too. That's so lovely to hear! Thank you for sharing your story. You look good in this profile picture. I guess that was when you had long hair?

    2. Certainly, that was 2 years ago.. huhu! :( i miss my long hair badly, I'm considering on buying clip hair extensions. Your hair is really gorgeous!

  17. Loving your new look! I think it's really weird that YOUR long hair could annoy someone else. Actually, it's preposterous! I love your new colour too, I think I want to have my whole head dyed that colour when I can scrounge up the money. When the belayage look first came out, I went to Singapore on holiday and showed the salon at Far East plaza some images. They dyed the bottom half of my hair blonde and left the top half black, with no gradient in it whatsoever! My hair broke off at the bottom because they left the dye on for too long and I had to go to CASE (I think that's it?) and file a complaint because they thought they had done nothing wrong. I cried for days because my hair was ruined and they were so mean to me when I went to ask them to fix it. Apparently customer service in Singapore isn't the same as here :(.

    1. Hey Kim, haven't seen you around in a while. Thank you for your sweet words. Ah, I don't know too. I find it puzzling. All my friends found it puzzling too and we all had a good laugh over Whatsapp when I polled them. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about your bad encounter in Singapore and at Far East. Far East has got way too many salons. You have to go to the right ones. Many smaller ones offer very great prices on the outside but the products they use are of a lower quality. The better ones do not even have signboards outside to list down their services and prices coz they usually thrive on regular customers who know and trust them. Do you remember the name of the salon and the shops around it? I would warn people against patronizing that salon. I can imagine how horrible you felt and on a holiday too. Big hugz to you, my dear.

  18. Lovely hair colors. I just dyed mine brown. :D

  19. I like this your post very much, because it's really amazing! Great job!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Diana Cloudlet

  20. Your hair looks amazing doll, love the cut!! I wasn't allowed to get my hair cut until I was older, my Mother let it grow. I could do with a trim now to be honest, haha!! I think your's came out beautifully ;)) xx

    1. That's so cute that your mum didn't allow you to cut your hair. There are some mums who insist on cutting. Haha... Thank you for your sweet comment, Kizzy. xo

  21. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!


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