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Sunday, March 01, 2015

羊年 Chinese New Year 2015 Part 1

It is the year of the goat and the 11th day of the Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival. MEH-ry Spring to all of you! Day 1 of CNY fell on a Thursday (19 Feb) so everyone in Singapore enjoyed a 4-day LONG weekend which passed way too quickly for me since every day was spent visiting and spending time with my dear sis in the hospital. I was only sleeping 5-6 hours a day and wound up feeling more tired than on normal work days.

~*Pre CNY Dinner at Mouth Restaurant*~

CNY celebration started way in advance on 5 Feb with a group of gal pals at Mouth Restaurant.

Baby Sam joined us at the start and the end of the dinner. See how smart Lester looked prior to dinner. He was so thrilled to spend some father-daughter bonding time around the vicinity while leaving Xtina to enjoy girls night out. He bade all of us goodbye like a proud and competent father as he pushed the stroller out. But by 9:30pm, he came back to the restaurant dishevelled, hair all messy, shirt almost tucked out with Baby Sam fussing and crying. He almost shoved Baby Sam back to Xtina while relating how everyone might have thought he had kidnapped the baby with her screams and cries of distress. It was a really hilarious sight! Kudos to Lester though. We hope that this first time would be an eventful training for you for future girls night out. =P

Xtina and Bei with Baby Sam.

Xtina, Bei and Tiff with Baby Sam. Xtina, where are you looking?

My partner in crime since 7 years old.

Tiff was amazed by the cute bee socks and aside, those bees are just like my style of drawing cartoon bees.

After a while, I forgot to take photos of the dishes. My favourite was the savoury braised bird's nest with fresh crab meat soup.

Lo Hei huat ah!

~*CNY Eve Reunion Dinner*~

Before tossing the Yu Sheng.

After tossing the Yu Sheng.

After the early dinner, we took a walk in the recently furbished park in the vicinity. My mother-in-law walked forward to snap a pic of us and we spontaneously did what seemed like martial arts stance.

~*CNY Day 1*~

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that it is a tradition to have a family portrait shot on the sofa of both sides of the family.

This year there isn't any portrait shot with my own family as my eldest sis suffered from stroke from rupture of her aneurysm a week before CNY. Her condition was grave the 1st 4 days upon admission to the ICU but thankfully as I'm typing this, she is recovering in the hospital. Here's the 2014 series.

For kh's family, we would also have an outdoor shot other than the traditional sofa shot.

Wefie with kh on CNY Day 1.

Selfie coz I LURVE the effect of my loose curls at the end of the day more than the start. Yet if I were to start off with loose waves, I would wind up with untidy straight frizz by the end of a humid day. Feeling meh on the first day of the goat year.

I've gotten lazy to take outfit shots of myself so here is the full length shot of my no label dress.

~*CNY Day 2*~

We had another family portrait with my 2nd BIL's girlfriend who was able to join us on Day 2.

And then we decided to have a crazy shot of our reaction to what was inside the Chinese gold ingot.

Day 2 was spent visiting more of Kh's relatives.

Selfie for CNY Day 2 and as usual feeling meh coz I always like the end of the day effect of my curls more than anything else though for that day, the left side was loosening till they were just waves at the ends.

Full length shot of my Zara dress.

~*CNY Day 3*~

Dinner at home before the annual distant relatives gathering. This year, archery was in the plan.

The archers from the Ng clan.

Master Ng looked so pro.

Everyone fawning over Baby Alexis.

At night, kh's friends came over for mahjong session. Those clad in red were obviously hoping for good luck to win more money during the game and not coz "red for CNY".

We ordered Crust Pizza for supper. If you haven't tried Crust Pizza, do try it. The pizzas are awesome!

~*CNY Day 4*~

CNY Day 4 which was a Sunday was spent with my St Nicks friends (sans HY) also known as the 上半年 Babies clique. It was the first time at SY's family place and we love how cozy it is!

I love the black, grey and white theme.

The mini garden in the balcony is WAY TOO CUTE!

I love how spacious the kitchen is. I'm no domestic goddess but if I have a kitchen as spacious as this, I would have the inspiration to whip up some great meals.

And this fridge! I told Sy's mum that I love her 6-door fridge and all the goodies inside so much that I would have finished all the great food inside within a month.

Look at these beautiful dining ware!

Homemade cheesecake.

Kueh Lapis, butter cake to add on.

Soon Kueh

If friends came over to my place, I would just scoop ice cream plainly into cups. Or we might just eat straight from the tub. That's the kind of hostess I am. SY is different. She gave us a scoop each of green tea and yoghurt ice cream both of which were equally delightful topped wit nuts, berries and longans. So yummy!

I love green tea, I love yoghurt. I love nuts shaving. I love longan. I absolutely love this bowl of dessert.

Mini halloween nail polish for us.

I hadn't realised the symbols on top till Sam mentioned she didn't want the skull.

Lots and lots of wefie shots because it was the first time I brought my selfie stick out since I bought it last November.

Candice said she wanted the cute flower in the background which was washed out here.

There, cute flower in the background.

We like the balcony so much that we didn't mind the shadow of the blind cast on our face.

I've been neglecting my blog a bit and doing lots of scheduled posts just to keep my blog going. Thank you all for your sweet comments. If you notice, I do not reply to every comment like in the past any more but I really appreciate all of you who take the time to visit, read and comment. I promise to get back to all of you soon.

Part 2 of CNY is still ongoing since CNY hasn't officially ended with 4 more days to go.


  1. Hi Jo! Hope your sis is fine <3 I see you had a huge blast during CNY celebrations and how many gourmet things you had, Im famished! You look very cute with curly/wavy hair, even though it looses a bit the effect, it is still so lovely! Love the Zara dress and the wefie with your hubby. Im a big fan of baby Sam too, such a sweet pie!:) Happy Spring to you too Jo, here is still cold but just the fact March is arrived, brightens up my mood!:) Many hugs! xo

    1. Hello Lilli, Thank you for your sweet comment. As I'm replying this, you would have seen on Instagram that I've cut a huge length of hair away. This reminds me that the last time I visited your blog, I had wanted to add in a reply to your previous post about going for the chop. I had wanted to tell you that I wanted to cut my hair much shorter. I would advise you to go for it! Hair could grow back quite easily and I always feel that at least you've tried something new. I'm like you. I have lots of short hair when young and then after that my hair would always be long. It is great to go for a change every now and then.

    2. Yep, I see it and I know you look great! Thanks for the advice Jo, Im still thinking of it and just to start Ive done a "little" trim to the ends :P Btw, Thanks a bunch for your comment and what your friend said, you just made my day ♥♥♥

  2. Glad you sister is doing better now! We had a busy and festive CNY this year, too! I think I'll be posting about it tomorrow.

    1. You would have such a vibrant and noisy CNY especially that you're in China/Asia. Would check out your post soon!

  3. Jo, first I am so very happy to hear your sister is feeling better... that is awesome xox

    Second it looks like you all know how to have fun for holidays, I need to spend more time with my family and friends... I usually like spending time at home after my traveling time and working... I do like to get out and do more when the weather is better... it is hard to feel like doing much when outside is mostly ice at the moment...

    I have to say, I never eat such intricate food, it looks like it takes hours to prepare... just wow...

    I hope March is a great month and that your sister is starting to feel more herself each day xox

    1. Hey Launna, I understand how inert one could get when the weather outside is so cold and icy. You would just wanna be snug at home. I know I would be like that too. I think it is nice to spend me-time even as I enjoy time with family and friends. I relish quiet moments with myself esp when the week has been busy with too many activities. Thanx for your concern for my sis both here and on Facebook. You're always such a darling.

  4. Still praying for your sister Jo. It's good to hear she is making improvements. Wow! Your CNY celebrations were awesome! I love that no label dress. Looked darling on you! I love your hair! Love the various dishes of food. I was never good at mahjong. HaHaHa I would play it online in Pogo. The babies, bumble bee booties were too cute!

    1. Thank you so much, Kim. There is still a 6-month precaution window for my sis and the doc had to keep emphasizing that she has just survived an atomic bomb (which really is true). About my hair... they are no more as seen from Instagram today. Hehe... I'm so surprised that you could even play such a chinese game as mahjong and I'm already impressed.

  5. Oh wow Jo! Love LOVE seeing your CNY photos! I had a post of my own too for CNY but it's not as exciting as yours!! Love your outfits and that dinner at Mouth restaurant! Love seeing your family together and I seriously want to go for archery right now! I took lessons in the past but haven't for a long long time! Can't wait for part two!

    1. Hey Sharlynn. Mine wasn't exactly exciting. I don't really like visiting as what I've shared with you before. I know you love CNY but for me, I just find the days too packed and tiring. So I would be thankful for less excitement. Archery causes muscle ache even when played for such a short time but I enjoyed it. Would check out your CNY post soon!

  6. You seem to be constantly surrounded by wonderful food, family and friends. Such a whirlwind these posts are. The bee socks all those beautiful selfies were my faves. But my goodness dear, take a breath now and then. You are so go-go you must be exhausted.

    1. Thank you, Rick. Ooh yes, you're so right about being exhausted coz I'm so go-go. I'm still feeling tired every day from this whole CNY period. As I'm typing this, today is the 14th day which is the 2nd last day. I need more sleep.

  7. Seems you had great toìime during the CNY celebrations!
    Love the photos of your family and all that tasty food, and you look adorable in the se selfies!
    I love archery too! :D

    1. Thank you for your comment, dear. I love seeing newcomers here. Archery seems fun though the muscles could get quite achey. =)

  8. I'm so glad your sis is recovering well! Happy New Year and spring to you and your family! You look so beautiful with the loose curls, by the way. Great pics, as always.

    Bella Pummarola

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Anett. I'm so happy about my sis's progress. =) I hope March gets warmer for you. It's been a long winter.

  9. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day Jo! I actually really love your family pics by the sofa. Very homey and boy, don't you look good in curls? I never curl my hair cause I honestly look bad in it, even my sister says so. Haha!

    xo Jo

    1. Hey Jo. Happy Yuan Xiao Jie. We don't celebrate it here. I wonder how yours went. Did you do your curls too big and bouncy? Because I think that those are not nice but I could imagine you with very loose wave!

  10. Jooooo :)) I am alive! For good! (I will stay alive and I will keep blogging :DD I will honestly try.) How are you? I am so glad we still keep in touch via Instagram (I deleted many of my pictures but I am still there ;D). There I already saw so much yummy food that you posted and here I am again, seeing this yummy butter cake *-* I love butter cake! I am so glad that I am going to a party tonight where they will have lots of food because your photos made me so hungry. The photos of your friends are adorable and really nice memories. Do they read your blog as well? :)
    Best wishes from Germany ♥

    1. Hey Keki. So glad to hear from you here and I'm so glad that you are back and will start to blog regularly again. It's no fun when blog friends slowly disappear and I do wish we continue to stay in touch. I hope you've enjoyed yourself at the party with lots of food! xo

  11. *I forgot to put "family and friends" haha :D

  12. I love seeing how CNY is celebrated around the world and by different people! I love your family photo tradition.

    7% Solution

    1. I love to see CNY all over the world too. I wonder how is it like to be in other countries during CNY.

  13. I'm glad to hear your sister is doing better, it must had been really scary going trough that...nothing is more stressful that illness of a loved is really the most precious thing!

    you look so cute with curly hair...even when it's curly only on one side:) that happens to me too! my hair is crazy straight...I've read in one of reliplies on comment that you cut you hair in the mean have's so nice to make a change one in a while.

  14. wowow ur CNY so happening leh!!mine is mostly at home!LOL


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