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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Weekend Hibernation

Hello peeps!

Being absent from the blogging world for a whole week made me feel completely ill at ease. I'm only glad to have recovered from my exhaustion after sleeping for 14 hours just now.

I've been exhausted for the whole week staying in the office till dark while having to fulfill my after-work commitments at the same time that I fell asleep almost immediately when I reached home.


I'm so glad that it is the weekend and also, the end of the most tiring and hectic workweek in the whole history of my short 8-month plus stay at this new organization.

It was the same for many of my colleagues in the same department. We had 2 events occurring on the same week with rehearsals for both and taking up 4 days of the week. On top of that, we were also busy with a few meetings as well as another major task involving our vendors. That took up almost the entire work week and we still had our primary job tasks to balance.

In addition, I took on the task of being a co-emcee for an event yesterday which my senior manager had assigned for me. It was the first time being an emcee for a somewhat major event and I was initially very apprehensive about taking up this task and embarrassing myself and my senior manager in front of many important people. Even though most of my good friends would consider me articulate, I am one who waver and falter when in front of a huge mass of people. I even suffer from stage fright at times.

Hence, you could imagine my relief when the event was finally over yesterday with many of my colleagues and a few important people commending me for a job well done. I would not be have been able to helm it that well if not for my extremely competent and encouraging co-emcee. There are lots to emulate from her in terms of work competence and personality. I'm only glad to have made a new friend for she is one of the sweetest and kindest person I've ever known.

Well, I think the 14 hour sleep just now wasn't enough to replenish all the lost sleep coz I'm already feeling sleepy as I'm typing this. I would probably morph into a pig once more and hit the sack after this post.

PS: Thank you all who left me birthday wishes. You made my day. *blows kisses* I will get back to all of you real soon!


  1. Whoa, you little worker bee! I'm glad that you're all rested up now. 14 hours of sleep sounds pretty rad after all that you've accomplished. :)

  2. I'm glad you had a good co-emcee, but there's much good to emulate about you too! You have a great personality for that gig, which must be why your boss choose you. :)

    How were the test results???

  3. that's so neat that you got to co-emcee!! i've done that before for an event and i know it's REALLY exhausting.. it's very nerve wracking! i'm glad it's over and now you can relax, rest and recuperate!

    haha yeah she's actually from china.. and her fiance is from hong kong so we always joke that they look like a HK celebrity couple!

    and yes butterfish is my favorite fish on the planet.. the traditional name i think is black cod.. there's a lot of cod out there but it has to be specifically BLACK cod! :)

  4. Hosting something would be so much better with a good solid co-host for sure. Glad you had one and that you made a new friend. That poor owl looks so tired. Glad you are taking care of yourself now. Keep it up :)

  5. You sound like you deserve 14 hours of sleep! I wouldn't mind getting some of that -- I've been getting about 5 hours every day for the past 9 months lol! O, and happy happy belated birthday!!

  6. oh jo! i definitely feel for you. what a week! you were extremely busy. i've had those kind of weeks and they can be brutal. catching up on rest will definitely take awhile. sounds like you did a FABULOUS job at emceeing. i don't think you give yourself enough credit. i get nervous speaking in front of lots of people, but no one ever detects it. they always say great job. catch up on your rest doll. ((hug))

  7. Wow, sounds like one exhausting week! I think you need a good 14 hour nap...aha, but hey, way to make it and get compliments for a job well done :)
    Thanks also for the thoughtful comment again. Yes, it is rather a melancholy lvoe story, huh? I've been told from the few times I wrote about it that I should write a book. Who knows, maybe the point of my relationship with him was to prompt my inner writer to come out haha

    Trendy Teal

  8. Apparently dear've had a week quite long and tiring. Happens to me something very strange is that when I'm so tired I can not sleep. But the longest I've been asleep for 18 hours straight I felt like Sleeping Beauty.

  9. Ali Hval,

    I took so long to get back to this comment and by now 3 Saturdays had passed and sadly, my sleep routine is still the same—waking up only in the late afternoon. I seriously gotta cut down on all my after-work commitments. I’m just too tired.

    I haven’t been active on the blogosphere and I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot. I will visit you real soon!



    Thank you my dear friend. That’s really comforting. You really are very kind with your words and that means a lot. =)



    Thanx for being able to understand and sharing with me your views on emceeing. It's always nice to hear from people with similar experience.

    I really have to go find out about this butterfish dish.



    Thanx for stopping by and leaving me a nice little comment. Really love seeing newcomers around.



    Thank you for the belated wishes which is made more belated by the time I reply to this comment. 5 hours of sleep for the past 9 months is not healthy too. I guess it could be due to motherhood? Try to replenish it whenever the time permits. Take care!



    Um… Thank you?



    You certainly gives me the impression that you could speak very well too. And it’s an added skill to be able to hide your nerves and get compliments for a job well done. I believe you are not giving yourself enough credit too. Hehe.. Sometimes, I can’t hide my nerves. So yeah, it’s really a good skill to have.


    Linda Greaves,

    I took so long to get back to this comment and by now 3 Saturdays had passed and sadly, my sleep routine is still the same—waking up only in the late afternoon. I seriously gotta cut down on all my after-work commitments. I’m just too tired.

    I haven’t been active on the blogosphere and I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot. At least we are acquainted on Instagram!

    Maybe something good would come up from your melancholy and you would become an acclaimed writer. It doesn't hurt to dream and imagine eh?



    Like you, I happen to have the sleeplessness at times too. I think it’s due to stress or a highly active mind full of stuff before heading to bed. 18 hours? Feeling like Sleeping Beauty is so funny!


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