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Saturday, April 06, 2013

I'm Jumping on the Instagram Bandwagon

I'm jumping on the Instagram bandwagon as I saw one of my best buddies on it today. I would also give my Turtle friend credit for being one of the many blogger friends who instigated me to be on it. As for now, Twitter isn't twittering for me yet. I've still got a long way to conquering all networking tools as I'm only on less than half of what is depicted in this picture.

Here are my chi cats and I saying hello from Wagamama London as my profile picture!

Well, London was so 1.5 years ago. I do have an Instagram account since a while back. My only followers are my sister, a friend and an unknown. I used Instagram filters for some photos when I first installed the app and I thought it was compulsory to sign up as a member. So I have a grand total of 4 pictures inside before I realised I need not upload my pictures there in order to use the filters.

Click on the button below to get to my page. I would be uploading more photos once I get the hang of it. As for now, I'm still a noob exploring and wondering what makes Instagram so much fun.



  1. Hello : ) Hope you are well!

    I used to have instagram but I could not be bothered to update it with pictures. :P I had one friend following me and that was it. I might instal it soon so I can connect with some blogger buddies :)!

    Cute picture :P Have to say you are very cute there. I had to google the lil chi cats as I haven't heard of them before- watched a mini youtube vid and I think I found my new addiction ^-^

  2. Jo, I'm so glad you're on it! Will definitely join you there.

  3. haha what a cute pic!! i need to join instagram too.. i don't have a smart phone in germany though argh which is why i can't join!! booo.. i really want to though since i feel like i use my twitter account like an instagram account haha :p

    ohh yes the dress is a badgley mischka they make designer shoes hehe.

    and yes we do want kids!! do you guys want kids as well?? i don't think chinese ppl can get away without having kids my in-laws would have a heart attack HAHA :p

  4. Good luck on this new journey on the interwebs, may flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. Unless you're going for the grey-rain-blah type of pictures. Then no sunshine for you!

    RYC: Thank you for the birthday wishes, Jo! And for liking my new outfit; I guess I was in a springy type of feel ^^

  5. Very cute cats! I feel like I'm missing out by not being on instagram, but I'm not a picture person.

  6. Huong,

    If you reconnect Instagram, do let me know!

    I watched a few short episodes of Chi Cat too. It is soooooo cute right! I can't find the same uploader in order. If not I would keep continuing to watch the cartoon. I was watching the one dubbed in English. I'm glad that my "introduction" for Chi allowed you to find a new addiction.



    Looking forward to see you on Instagram! I'm such a noob. I do not know how to find people to follow as I didn't want to use FB.



    Why don't you have a smart phone in Germany? Is the data plan expensive or is it inconvenient or something? If you have an Instagram account, do let me know.

    Yes, we do wanna have kids. I agree with you that "i don't think chinese ppl can get away without having kids my in-laws would have a heart attack".


    Mr Lonely,

    See you there!



    I think I would have a mixture of filters for my photos though I tend to always choose the same few filters. There would be some grey-rain-blah type too as I reckon I would have melancholic pictures as well.

    I like the orangey peachy and turquoise outfit you had there.



    You wouldn't be missing out a lot Rick. I had a few people bugging me to join and now that I'm on it, I don't see much. So don't worry, you are good where you are with your texts.

  7. Social networking has mixed feelings for me. I love being connected with friends but sometimes social networking gets overboard, no facebook I do no want to connect you to everything in my life, yeesh! I also don't have twitter (life too boring) or instagram (life too boring and I already do iphone photo posts and I feel that if I do both'd be like a cheat post hahaha) You look so cute in your photo, cute and lost haha just like those kitties!

    re: I'll probably be using blogloving too =( I think someone mentioned there was something that will link all your blogs on google reader to that site but can't remember what it was >< Honestly I don't even know what's going on, does this mean when I go to my page I will only be able to write posts etc.? (see so lost with technology T_T)

    Omg really?! You can't find me? Let me that I think about it I don't have you, wait wait ok just added! I didn't even realize that! Maybe because I mostly reply blogs through comments so I just click your name? Does that make sense? Lol I'm pretty sure I've added you to blog loving though but I'll double check later just in case!

    I think when I said "I'm raining things over the internet" means I'm spreading something all over internet (usually information, photos etc.) sorry if that phrase was weird lol

    Also my real name is Samantha =) I think I mentioned it in a very early post (like one of my earliest first 10 or 20 posts or maybe I even deleted it hahahaha) and Jo your true name? lol

  8. I didn't know what you could use those filters without signing up. I have a friend who constantly asks me to sign up too. But since I can use filters with any app, I just haven't found the need to get instagram.

    7% Solution​

  9. RYC: Glad you liked the video, Jo! It wasn't easy making it, and it's still pretty embarrassing to watch it again, but I'm glad I did anyway. You know, in a way I was still covering up in my video, because I was wearing more make up than I usually do. Hiding is a security blanket, it's easier to try being yourself if you know you have something that'll keep you safe if things don't go as planned.

    And you're absolutely right! Discussing any type of problems with people around you can help you find a solution! I used to always keep all of my struggles, be it about my appearance, or about university, hobbies, friends, family... bottled up, but it just backfired. I was really unhappy and I cried myself to sleep many, many times. (I still do sometimes, but usually it comes and goes every month. Hormones...) Talking to friends and family has helped me a lot, and so has writing things down on the blog. Never thought it would come to play such a massive role in how I deal with everyday emotions. Guess I have supportive people like yourself to thank for that ^^

  10. I have instagram, I didn't use it much at first, but now it's fun to add pictures from day to day. I use twitter, but some days I tweet a lot and others not so much!! Either is ok with me :)) I shall find your instagram page. Have a great week doll xx

  11. Haha love that vintage social networks illustration. SO true, right?!

    And I'm now following you on instagram! Yay!

  12. hiiii!!! how's it going??!!!

    I am sooo glad u are on instagram! i am a horrible blogger these day so I am going to look for u on instagram!! :)
    have a great week!

  13. Suki pooki,

    Me too. I wasn’t on FB as early as the rest but I missed out some discussions of meetings and gatherings many years ago when I wasn’t on FB yet. I was adamant in not joining it at first as I survived very well without Friendster back then. Not sure if you have Friendster there as well. I’m always late in all social media stuff coz it took me some time to observe and see if I really like them before jumping on the bandwagon.

    I’m not very sure how to check the followers for bloglovin. I remember somebody telling me it won’t be displayed who is following you and you would know whom you follow only when you see posts and updates from that person. That isn’t exactly a very comprehensive way of consolidating all our favourite websites. I wished they had a website whereby all the sites we follow would be neatly categorised according to the way we want it eg blogger friends’ blogs, fashion blogs, beauty blogs lifestyle blogs, food blogs, intellectual blogs etc. That way, we can just click on whichever category we want depending on our mood.

    And why, hello Samantha! Do people call you Sam? I usually call my friend with the same name “Sam”.



    Yes, now you and I both know. Hehehe… Yeah I found lots of photo apps with great filters as well but I finally decided to jump on the Instagram bandwagon.



    I’m sure it wasn’t easy making the video and hence I think you deserve a big pat on your back. I for one, wouldn’t even know how to go about making a video. Sharing about your problems certainly helps. Writing them down too. All these are indeed therapeutic. For the former, it is always good to have close friends to share your problems with. Sometimes after sharing, you just feel as if all the negativities are released. You also tend to gain new perspectives.



    Thanx for following me on Instagram. Found you too! I don’t think I would have Twitter coz I’m too verbose most of the time and would hit the character limit.



    Yes, so true. I’ve found you on Instagram too!



    Found you too! If you ever decided to stop blogging, please give us loyal readers turned friends a head up. I would be sad of course but still… blogging should not be the main priority in life.

  14. That is a funny picture, retro social networking.
    Instagram is fun, I'm hopelessly addicted.

  15. Snow,

    It sure is! Ooh, I think I saw you on my Instagram. Thanx for following, love.


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