Saturday, April 13, 2013

Camartial Arts

Hello my lovely Asian friends and readers. How many of these could you identify with? I'm 1:35--2:14 and 2:17--2:37 (It ends at 2:37 as I don't stop the other party from eating while editing the pictures.) I know my hubby could totally be that guy at 2:29.


  1. Hehe that's a funny video! I know a few people like that and they fill up my Facebook feed with these photos!

    But I'm definitely a bit of 1:35-2:14 to hehe :)

  2. Blush,

    I just started on Instagram but I don't think I would be like that girl in the video. That is so exaggerating yet very true and comical at the same time.

  3. Lmao! Jo that is a funny video. HaHaHa Very exaggerated, but funny. YOU know you like taking pictures Jo! :) Blogging has caused me to take so many pics. Sometimes I forget to enjoy myself!

  4. omgosh I JUST watched this last night and could not stop giggling because! cept the 1-10 thing.. but after seeing it I REALLY want to do it too HAHAHA!! oh yeah smartphone planes in germany are SUPER expensive it's like $150 US a month! so for the hubs and i both it would be like $300 US.. i can't justify that.. so we both have pre-paid phones.. but honestly EVERYONE in europe has pre-paid phones.. i think because of how much it costs!

  5. Kim,

    You know I love taking pictures! Haha... You know it is really true! Sometimes we get so caught up taking pictures that we quite forget to enjoy the true process and experience. Nevertheless, I do find taking pictures but of the whole experience. Excuses! =D



    I would expect you did all the rest of the stuff featured in the video too! Hahaha... It is so evident from your blog. Ooh, could you please do the 1--10 thingy and post on your blog? Get your fun(ny) hubby to do it with you! That would be so totally bimbotic but fun.

    $150 USD is crazy!!! I would not have dataplan if I were in Europe too. We in Asian countries must be so lucky to have more affordable data plan.


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