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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Evening The Leopards Went Meow

It was our division's gala night two Fridays ago. It was a safari theme and hence our department agreed that we should all be clad in leopard prints.

I like how my department is so cohesive. I always count my blessings to have such great co-workers turned friends in the organizations I've worked in so far.

A few weeks before the gala night, the gals were even helping one another to look out for leopard prints apparels and also lending various apparels to those who needed them. We started preparing for the gala dinner by early evening and was helping one another with lining eyes and sticking faux lashes in the office.

I would let the pictures do the talking. The resolution isn't sharp as all the photos were taken using handphones.

Spot the only guy! We all felt he could really blend in with us gals.

 photo OEDe_zpsd833e8c5.jpg

The props kinda soften the whole fierce and hawt leopard feel.

 photo IMG_5139e_zpsac5bffe9.jpg

Even our immediate boss was game to put on those ears and be silly like us.

 photo IMG_5140e_zpsc8d17e18.jpg

Leopard prints in various patterns and sizes

 photo IMG_5131e_zpsb13b5dae.jpg

and various colours too!

 photo IMG_5130e_zps979203c7.jpg

 photo IMG_5138e_zps04a9e913.jpg

Car buddies? Thank you for the car rides always.

 photo IMG_5136e_zpsde732959.jpg

The snake felt really leathery and slinky. The last time I held a snake was at the zoo when I was 4 and this snake felt really different. Oh, and it was warm too. I was amazed. The man said it was under the sun before that.

 photo IMG_5133e_zpsf36d82ef.jpg

Just 8 photos for the night. There aren't many photographs of my colleagues at work but only during events as we are working in an organization which prohibits the use of image-capturing devices.

We often discuss how some nosey relatives and friends of our parents would try to dig out more information on what our job scope is from our parents. Most of the time, our parents don't exactly know what we do even after explaining to them. Hence one of my colleague (who is about our parents age) suggested to tell our parents to convey the message to these nosey parkers that we work in a secret organization whereby we have guards behind us pointing guns to our heads as we work. We all thought that was really funny and decided to try it out for fun some day.

PS: That was the first time I put on contacts and had heavy eye make up after my cornea infection. Sad to say, my eyes really could not take anymore of these despite only having them on for a few hours. So I'm back to specs and no make up or light make up days again.

PSS: The leopard print dress I'm wearing belongs to my mum. When I took out the dress from my bag to show my colleagues, they were all amazed and immediately rained stuff like "Is your mum very skinny?", "Is your mum very young?" "Wah! Your mum is very happening!" Yes, my mum is more happening than me.


  1. All f you look wonderful, it sounds like a fun time!! Love the pictures xx

  2. What a fun gala! I love all of the leopard dresses you ladies wore and how cute are those ears! Glad everyone had a great time Jo! Omgsh that snake is HUGE. I would be the one to take the picture. HaHaHa

  3. I like how your department would organize a gala like this..i mean anything leopard is good in my book...and of course I still rmbr you and your blog...Life just been crazy, so i went on a hiatus.

    As for your questions, I am going there as a English Teacher, and I think Im going to write in my blog as well.. but probably more words and less pictures, and more about my life and less about make up..well at least until I settle..I feel having a blog is a good way for me to express my experience so i dont have to keep everything bottle up my parents/hubby/frds can always know wts going on with me if they read my blog, if i forgot to

    I am looking forward to my trip and nervous at the same time but it's only normal...

    I hope all is well in your life and keep up all the good work w/ ur blog

  4. I'm not surprised at the dress being your mum's. I've seen her in your pictures and she's a very pretty lady! Very up-to-date with her style and she looks so young! You all look really gorgeous in the pictures, by the way. Looks like a fun party ^^

  5. Love the ears!

  6. I am loving your dress :) Aw I suppose maybe later on you can try contacts again?

  7. TDDH,

    Thank you, dear.



    The snake was ok just that it kept facing its head towards me instead of the camera and it sure looked like it would lunge at me any moment.



    The gala isn't organized by my department. I work in a very huge organization that I'm quite unsure if the entity that organized this gala night is known as a division or what.

    Being an English teacher in a foreign land is such a dream. I know of 2 of my friends who are doing this right now. They are in Japan. I think going over to the Middle East is really a huge challenge and it would be a good experience to go through. You are really brave to take that step.

    Hope to read of your experience as an English teacher there!



    I shall let my mum know what you said. She really would disappear high up from being over the moon.



    Thanx for dropping by. Love seeing newcomers here.



    Thank you. Yes, I will slowly try but right now there are still visible capillaries as and when.

  8. What omg! I can't believe that's your mums dress too and here I was thinking about how cute it was! Yes I'm raining things about it to over the internet haha what a hip mom =P

    I think that's so nice your department is so cohesive too, many times it's the opposite full of fake/unhappy girls. OMG! I actually had a hard time finding the boy in that photo T_T You're definitely the prettiest out of your coworker hohoho

    Happy Easter!

    re: Omg I never understood why Angelina Jolie's lips were so attractive. I mean sure they're not bad but I also never understood bee stung lip but I can see how full lush lips are attractive, heck sometimes I wouldn't mind some volume myself! Oh is Hokkien like...."hakka"? Tee hee thanks for saying Cantonese sounds nice though personally I think it sounds a bit choppy and not very smooth like Korean or Japanese.

    P.S Hope your eye gets better asap!

  9. suki pooki,

    Hehe... Thank you, babe.

    Yes, I felt like I should give my mum some credit by making special mention that the dress belongs to her.

    What does this phrase of yours mean?
    "Yes I'm raining things about it to over the internet".

    Hokkien is different from Hakka. Some Taiwanese dramas are originally filmed in Hokkien.

  10. Hmmm, so many pretty girls among your co-workers and friends. I think it's all the smiling. Sorry you can't yet tolerate contacts for very long. Hopefully you are close to being healed!

  11. This leopard dress code is
    awesome c; You look nice
    in that dress! Haha love
    that guy among all the
    girls :P


  12. i ask jolene to reconsider her refusal to sign up to more things so she can get twitter and instagram and then we would be able to speak every day, along with all your other blogger friends who are on it~ I update twitter daily - it's sorta preinstalled on your iphone also :S just have to click it.

  13. Looks like such fun! Events like this must really bring your dept. even closer together.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  14. seems like u took over the right genes since u and ur mum are so skinny :P u look stunning in that dress~!!

    u r so lucky to have such a fun work environment, seems like everyone is so close to each other x)))

  15. Rick,

    A smile indeed beautifies!


    Ice Pandora,

    Thank you for your lovely words. Ah, you spotted the guy!



    You finally crawled here!

    Well, I do have an Instagram account. It is the same name as my blog name (if you want to find me). My only followers are my sister and 2 other unknowns. I used instagram filters for some photos when I first installed the app and thought it was compulsory to sign up as a member. So I have a grand total of 4 pictures inside before I realised I need not upload my pictures there in order to use the filters. I may or may not jump on the bandwagon. I will definitely let you know.

    As for Twitter, I don't think I would sign up as I'm always too long-winded for the space limit there. Hmm... or should I sign up just to follow Turtle and all my other blogger friends? Is Bibi on both too?



    I totally agree!



    Thank you for your lovely words. It's good to have great co-workers especially since we spend half of our day working.


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