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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Thank You for Your Concern

Thank you all for your concern for my eye. I will get back to your comments soon. 

I went back to work on the 2nd day of my MC as there is just too much to do. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m feeling a lot better. I could still see the ulcers in the eye but the pain and eventually the discomfort thereafter when blinking is gone. I’ve been going to work in glasses with no make up and thankfully I haven’t frightened many with my bare face.

Work and after work commitment for the whole of February have been leaving me really exhausted every day by the time I reach home. Since I don’t have make up on, I fall asleep till weird hours every night and wake up sleepily to wash up or shower. Sometimes I just continue to sleep till the next morning. I also like to think that I would be resting my eye more by continuing to sleep.

I would be laying off contact lens for quite some time I suppose. Let’s see how it goes. 


  1. Glasses are cool too! At least until everything's healed properly.

    Hope it'll be completely healed soon! x

  2. Bibi,

    Yesh! Bibi looks cool in her nerdy glasses too!

  3. okay, wish you all the best!

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  4. yay :) i'm glad to hear you are recovering but are taking things slow and relaxed! definitely the best way to heal quickly!! and maybe some congee hehehe :p

    ohh i actually tried contacts years and years ago.. actually for a few years.. but i have a REALLY bad astimagatism so since my eyes are "bumpy" i can't use soft contacts only the hard ones so i think it makes it really bumpy on my eyes and i can FEEL the contacts and IT HURTS hahaha.. i hated it.. sigh.. i know what you mean.. i love glasses and love wearing them.. but sometimes for like husbands company functions and fancy ball gown evenings i kinda wish i didn't have glasses. sort of looks out of place.

  5. My glasses made me an honorary member of the International Nerd Glasses Association. As the name might give away, it's the coolest thing in town, yo! 8)

    RYC: My bro has 3 cars, yes. An oldtimer he's fixing up, his usual car, and his first car (a piece of junk he's emotionally attached to).

    Yep, mint condition all the way! I don't want to spend less money buying a house, and then have to pay almost just as much to make it look presentable. Best to get it right the first time.

    I imagine your house to look really nice, Jo. I think you have great taste in decorating. Hmm... peaceful and bright, natural textures?

  6. I was next to duck with grey jumpsuit in that harlem shake haha :)

  7. I am sure you are beautiful without make up too. Yes after the lasik even my eyes regressed a little after about three months but it yet it is worthwhile for me. Noted about your weak eye. I think my daughter had the same issue we put a patch on her strong eye and it is better now. The doctor said she has to do it before she turned to have any results.

  8. Hi Jo! I'm so glad you're getting better! Don't worry and get as much rest as you need and I agree that sleeping is probably helping your eye recover faster =) At least I think so since I'm no doctor haha but they always tell you to rest when you're sick right?

    re: Haha I always tell the bf I wanna move somewhere warm if not sunny! And yes I think I'm a morbid gal like you too, I don't mind much gore/blood etc. especially when your photo I felt like had neither of those things LOL Where's the blood and gore?!

  9. Mr Lonely,

    Thank you.



    Yes, I think for high astigmatism, you can't wear soft lens. It is a pity. I know what you mean about being able to feel the bump of the hard contacts. I tried hard contacts before and it hurt so much. Well, you look good in glasses so that totally solves your problem with contacts and yes I do know what you mean too when you said it is nice to wear contacts for certain functions especially with the dressing.



    I really love your humour. I wanna be an honorary member of the International Nerd Glasses Association too! Recruit me please.

    My hubby and I would be getting our own place in 2015, earliest 2014. We have signed the papers and I'm wondering how I should style my house. I simply love too many various styles but it would be a disaster to combine them all together.

    My BIL has a junk too. A real vintage mini that can't get caught in the rain or it would stall.



    Next to the duck? I would go look for you soon!



    Ah, I know what you mean. I used to have to put a patch on my strong eye too so as to allow the weak eye to work but mine didn't get better unfortunately. It is good that the patch is keeping your daughter's eyesight in check.


    suki pooki,

    My eye doctor is different. Instead of asking me to sleep more. He told me on the very 1st day not to sleep as I needed to drop my eyedrop every hour and if I sleep, I would be missing many hours. Well, as much as I wanted to sleep, he made sense too.

    High 5 to love for all things morbid! I hope you like The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. That's one of my favourite book of poems.


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