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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Google Reader Retiring?

Argh... I really hate change even though the only thing constant in life is change.

I must be the last person to know that Google Reader would retire in July 2013. I found it a little strange that my bloglovin started to have a few more followers last week.

Here comes the noob questions:
Is Google Reader the same as the blogger followers as seen on my sidebar as Google Friend Connect?
Is this also the same as the reading list on the blogger home page upon logging in?

I usually get updates from my blogger-google reading list since it is more convenient to have it all in one place when I log in to my blogger account. I dread  to think that I have to open another tab to log into bloglovin just to get updates. However, if everyone on blogosphere is gonna use bloglovin, then I don't see an issue in this change.

What are you people intending to do? All switching to bloglovin from July onwards? If so, follow me here or click the bloglovin badge on my sidebar. I think bloglovin can't keep track of who follows who so do drop me a message if you have followed me.


  1. I've heard it's the same as the reading list you get when you log onto your Blogger homepage (apparently it works with rss-feeds). Which sucks big time, because that's the place where I check who blogged. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do, I've tried using Bloglovin but I didn't really like it all that much. (mostly because I can't check who's following me! Isn't the whole aim of the blogging community to connect?)

    Kevin (brutal turtle) said he'd check for solutions, so I'm counting on him :P

  2. Me too!!! That's the place I check who blogged. I know there are many other what you call that "portals" where you can catch up with blogs but I do agree with you that I would need to have the 2-way connection and know who is following me as well as to let the other person know I'm following too. We've forged great online friendship from the 2-way communication.

    Oh that no good turtle. I've not heard from him for a looooooooooong time. I hope he finds some solution so I can retract the "no good" from the "turtle".

  3. Hahahaha, ooooh he won't like reading that :P But he really is no good, that turtle. Doesn't blog anymore, doesn't comment anymore... Puh! Puh I tell you!

  4. I've heard different things about this. I'm hoping the people who tell me the blogspot dashboard will still show posts. But if not, I've got you on my blogroll. That helps me keep up with my favorites.

  5. Hey Jo! I don't know the specifics, but I've asked all my readers to follow me via Bloglovin. I'm responding to your post through Bloglovin right now. I think the majority of bloggers will be using it.

  6. You definitely are not the last person to know. I am..haha if not because of Kim, i probably would never know. I dont know why Google decided to stop it, not very convenient. Based on my blog frequency, i may or may not sign up since i only follow a handful og blogs anyway. I can remember them by heart including yours.

  7. Bibi,

    Wahahahaha... Ooh, Kefun wouldn't like reading that too. Now, we should get him to see this.



    As in a mental blogroll? Or saved somewhere? I do remember some of your urls but I hope to see everything all in one log in page.



    Oh there is one thing which I'm unsure of too. Now I see you commenting with your google plus account and your comment didn't go through my email. I did not get a notification and I realise that all who comment using google plus wouldn't be in my email notification list. Is there a difference between using blogger id and google plus id?



    I haven't read what Kim said about this if you were referring to any post of hers. I really am not very receptive to all the blogger changes lately. I'm still not used to this cleaner, leaner layout upon logging in. I remember your url too but I tend to make mistake at "maysa". Do you remember that I told you about it before when you changed your url?

  8. Maybe I should tweet him. Casually mention: "hey, Jo was wondering if you had found a solution for the retirement of the Google Reader. Oh, and read the comments while you're at it. I know you will. I know you like 'em comments. Ooooooh comments!"

  9. You totally should Bibi! Have you done it? Do it do it... Hahaha... Turtle would go like this -_-|||


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