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Monday, October 01, 2012

Giveaway Is Closed

My very first 100 Followers Giveaway is officially closed. I would need some time to collate everything and I would announce the names of the 3 winners in a week's time.

Old and new readers alike, thank you to all of you for your participation. Even for those of you who didn't participate but left your presence, I thank all of you too. In case you don't know, I have replied to your comments on the post and would also reply you on your blog if you have one. For the rest of you without blogs, I have no way of reaching you and I hope you click back to check on my replies.

I have made a couple of lovely new blogger friends from this and as usual, I'm always touched and amazed by the warmth on blogosphere.

Have a lovely week!


  1. That's awesome Jo! I enjoy reading your entries, keep up the great work and I wish you even more followers. You are such a sweetheart and doll.

  2. Thanks for you about giveaway! =) and good luck for all!

  3. Wishing you a lovely October month.

    And good luck to everyone :)

  4. Thanks for doing this and I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE I WIN!!! :) Hope this week goes by fast! haha.

  5. I hope my presence is always sensed here.

  6. Hi Jo, aww I missed out on this giveaway. I've jaut checked your messsage and I want to say thanks for thinking of me. I can't believe you have 100 blog readers. Lol keep it up. I'll definitely enter your next give away.

  7. Mmm okay I'm officially hungry now. How cute are your parents by the way.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  8. Thank you all. I'll be collating and randomly generating the winners on Sunday!


    Your presence would always be sensed. That's how special you are!

    PS: I used to always scrawl "Jo was here" on many places in school. Desks, walls, other equipment and furniture. I was a vandal.


    Aww... So sorry hun. Next time definitely. BTW, your blog link is auto redirected to youtube. That's strange.


    Jenne C,
    Oopsy, your comment was for the other post below. =)


I love reading sincere comments and hearing your voice. While blatant self promotion of blogs and follow for follow requests are not advisable, I would love if you leave a mark here with a trackback link so that I could connect with you. I reply to comments here or on your blog so don't forget to check back on replies! =)


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