Monday, June 06, 2011

Made with Love

I received lots of belated surprises for my birthday this year which I would share when I start to edit my June 2011 photos.

For now, the biggest surprise I received was when my gal friend, karen, specially baked me a cake and delivered it right to my doorstep just now. It’s awfully sweeeeeeeeet of her and she really sweetened my sickly sleepy Sunday.



  1. what a pretty cake. Looks like a lot of effort put in. You had a good short vacation with hubby??

  2. What a beautiful cake--she's very talented! How do I get to be her friend??? LOL!

    I hope your sweet dreams come true.

  3. thats soooo sweet of her~~~and the cake looks sooo yum~~~~i just had a birthday cake today cuz it's my bestie's birthday~~~it was soo yum~~~i told the hubby to get me cake from the same bakery this year for my bday~~~which is next month~~~
    but happy belated bday~~~that cake looks lovely~~~


  4. awww this cake is so pretty! i love how colorful it is. =)
    i'n sure this tasted yummy too!

  5. Awww that is such an adorable cake! Happy belated birthday, hun.

  6. {*droool} The cake looks too pretty to eat! Your friend Karen is very talented. I wonder how long it took for her to bake and decorate this cake. So cute!

    Anyways... I hope your goddaughter is doing better. Best wishes.

    <3 S.

  7. So pretty!! Nom nom nom!! Bet it tasted even better than it looks. Your friend is so sweet!

  8. Aww your friend is so sweet! She did a really good job with the cake. Is that fondant that was used for the decorations? Cake decorating looks like a lot of fun but it also looks very time consuming hehe :)

  9. Such a pretty cake! Karen is such a genius and she's so sweet to make you cake and deliver it.

  10. Squeeze the Pug,
    I’m sure lots of efforts were put in coz when I look at the intricate details, I don’t even think I know how to do it! Yup. I caught up with lots of sleep there.

    Haha... I dunno. You could try coming to Singapore and hang out with us! I finished my last antibiotics last night. I’m still having lots of mucus depending on the weather and the food I eat.

    Thanx hun, for the wish. You could feature your yummy birthday cake very soon so i could take a peek at it.

    sugar sugar,
    Pretty and yummy! I like how the fondant isn’t overly sweet like how most pastry shops do theirs.

    Welcome here! Thank you for the wish dear. I love it when new people pop by. I’ll check out your blog soon!

    I didn’t ask her how long she too but she’s an avid baker. Haha... I almost couldn’t bear to cut it. I made sure I took enough photos before cutting on the white part. I told my in laws to feel free to eat too and I saw that the next day, everyone cut out the white parts. Nobody could bear to cut the patterned parts till 2 days ago when the flowers were finally gone.

    It is pretty on the inside and out. It’s butter cake inside and the fondant isn’t overly sweet, exactly how I like it.

    Yup, it’s fondant. She had baked fondant cupcakes before but never a full cake so that’s her first try. Seeing all her baking outcome makes me wanna learn too.

    Yup, karen’s so good at this! Judging from the time this comment with posted with the rest, I assume you are Yen right?

  11. I've been having some unusual things going on--first I had a kidney stone (it's gone). When I went to the urologist for a follow-up visit, he wanted to do a prostate exam. That meant he was going to stick his finger up my..hey-hey, that's TMI isn't it??? LOL! Yuck! Hope you're completely cured soon. =)

  12. I read your post but I can’t comment and you know the number of words I have to say in a comment would never fit into Cbox. I hope you are well too. So you went for all the tests and check ups despite not wanting to? What were the results of the tests?

  13. Except for a cyst in my sinus, I'm healthy. I only had the one kidney stone and my kidney's are fine now--and the doctor said my prostate is in good shape. So (knock on wood), I'm in good health. I am going to schedule a visit with an ear, nose and throat specialist soon to see about getting the cyst removed.

    I miss your comments. I wish I knew how to fix the problem. A few months ago some people could not comment on my blog because of one blog I had listed in my blogroll--it caused a message that my blog might have a virus. But once I deleted that blog everything worked fine.

  14. A cyst in your sinus? Is that related to sinus problem or it’s a totally separate problem like a benign tumour? Good that your prostrate is in good shape! It could be very terrible otherwise. Glad to hear that your kidney stone is passed out too. I always wonder about how kidney stones come about.

    The cute doc from my previous post suggested that I see ENT specialist too but my cousin who had her sinus observed related to me the whole procedure about the scope and how painful it was that I thought I should be quite fine like this. She did not proceed with the surgery too as the doc said it was for very serious sinus problem that affects daily life. I forgot if I’ve already told you about this.

    I miss commenting on your posts too and I hope you saw all my cbox msgs. You could change your comment form to be a pop up or new page instead of embedded below the post. I am able to post comments on such comment forms.


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