Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Guess what this is


Nah... It's not some giveaway post where you would win this when you guess it correct. I just wanted to know people's hazard guesses and how many people could actually guess it correctly.

I call it my little pink "DS Lite" though it is nothing close to a DS Lite. For a rough measurement of size. The length of my mini "DS Lite" is approximately the breadth of the real DS Lite

It's 3am here, my nose is stuck silly and fenfedrin isn't working too well with my nose today. I can't get to sleep but I have to try.

Good night!


  1. Wild guess: a palette? Like, make up?
    I really don't have a clue :p

    Take good care of that cold of yours. Mine is starting to go away, but the rainy weather isn't really helping...

  2. i hope you were able to sleep jo. :) that's a really pretty case hmmm... could it be something that holds jewelry? :/

  3. That's miserable, when you need to sleep, but can't breath. I hope you found relief.

    I think it's something related to food. So I'm goning to guess it's a set of fondue forks inside the case. You're going to have a fondue party. LOL!

    I know, that's a crazy guess.

    I'll look for the video--thank you!

  4. Cosmetic...those type of sets where you have eyeshadow, blush and lip-color together...

  5. This is a tough quiz!! Could it be a pallette of makeup?

    By the way, hope you can get some good sleep. I hate being sick and couldn't sleep :(

  6. Thanks for your comment!
    Hope you feel better soon!!
    Hmmm... is it... I don't know what it be... =p

  7. Hmm, I guess it's something that holds utensils - chopsticks, spoon or fork and good for travelling. Might even have space for a napkin. And shld be made in Japan.

  8. I swear I've ever seen the logo on it. But I'm completely forget about what that is><
    Is it box of snacks or something? (aaahh.. I'm dying in curiosity xp)

    Yes, I feels so great to help environment(:

    Dreamy Princess

  9. hmmm i'm going to take a wild guess here and say its a jewlery box.. hahah i dunno :P i know i must be the most off out of everyone. i've missed you jo! thanks for your sweet comment you're too cute.

  10. Thank you all for the response. It was fun reading all your answers. I’ve revealed what it is in the next post. Clever citrella!
    Shout out to Joyce! HELLO DEAR!!! Nice to hear from you on this channel!

  11. hi jo!! i'm so so sorry!!! there were so many requests this past month that i think i forgot some people.. i'm sorry i will def try to do your handwriting thing haha..

    omg i love love looking at your food pics always you always eat the yummiest things.. you know what's funny i can't eat any of the raw things i mentioned.. because i can't put them in my mouth but you know what i can eat is oysters isn't that strange hahahha

  12. but i always squeeze a lot of lemon on it so i feel like it's cooking it.. HAHAHA

  13. Lisa,

    No worries. Take your time. I was just thinking you missed it out coz I didn't see you commenting on it. =)


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