Friday, April 01, 2011

bloglovin & happy april fools' day

I just signed up for bloglovin seeing the icon on the sidebar of so many other blogs.

Currently, all my favourite blogs which are not hosted on blogger blogspot are categorised into my internet favourites folders. However, not being able to see live updates via these folders, these blogs have unfortunately been left in cold storage. I’m missing out on too many of their updates and bloglovin would definitely do the trick. My favourite wordpress and dot com blogs, look out for meeeee for I’ll start looking for all of you to follow when I’ve got some time on hand. Blogger and non-blogger friends alike, you’re welcome to follow me back too!


I’m stuck at my backdated 2010 entries which I was trying to post up before April. I also haven’t been visiting back and commenting but I promise to get round to doing it soon. Work has been really hectic. There are quite a number of happenings at work recently which left me exhausted. I’ve been sleeping way before my usual unearthly timings and that’s something to be proud of. Plus, it is essay marking week with piles of essays waiting to be lovingly inked (read: condemned). I suspect I would not be able to sleep tonight.


Happy April Fools' Day! None of my students tricked me today though they asked if I knew what day it was. Needless to say I knew but I answered, “Well, of course it’s Friday.” Some of them then started exclaiming that there was a spider, a lizard, a cockroach behind me, beside me, on my head, on my shoulder whatsoever. I was deliberating whether to tell them there were footprints on the ceiling to see how many of them would look up but decided against it.


  1. hi jo! i followed your blog in bloglovin too. i hope you have a wonderful month! =)

  2. Hope you take a break from all that workload :)

  3. I followed you on bloglovin Jo :D I haven't been using it regularly myself but I think I'll start too - the dashboard in blogger is way too laggy since I follow almost 200 blogs >< Hope everything is okay at work! Don't work yourself too hard and make sure you get time to wind down and relax :D


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