Friday, October 08, 2010

October is here

I apologise for the lack of updates in this little space. Is that a thin layer of dust I see?

I've been so busy with work; there's so much to do in the office and at home. I've promised myself to avoid bringing work home as far as possible but it's really not possible. I've been clocking lots of hours and at the same time trying to sleep at more earthly hours. It's a vicious cycle and I don't think the two can ever meet.

I was on mc for a day for the same old illness all over again and I actually finished marking 3/4 of the total compositions handed in altogether plus I managed to paste back some sleeping hours.

And when I'm not busy doing work, I would be catching up with a Korean drama -- Cruel Temptation aka 妻子的诱惑.

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LoLz... I'm never a fan of korean drama nor "chasing" dvd but this drama really got me hooked. I'm a little slow coz this drama has already ended its runs in Singapore and Channel U is repeating it all over again late in the night. And here I am watchin the dvd. I really hate "chasing" dvd coz it really zaps the time all away from you.

October is here and the month spells HECTIC in capz coz of the kids' exams and the new academic term approaching, yet it also spells fun coz it's the month of Halloween! Lots of dressing up and making up. I get so excited just looking for inspirations. YES! I've been viewing lots of videos for inspirations too. Sheesh... Talking about whiling my time away with boh liao stuff.

I told my bimbos that I'm so inspired by this look by the very talented blogger Jen from frmheadtotoe that I die die wanna recreate that look for Halloween... but... it's too pretty and sweet to be a Halloween inspiration, don't you think so?

Love how she recreated the look and imo, she looks even more gorgeous than BoA. My hubby's eyes popped and his jaws dropped rite to the ground when he saw how she looked sans make up at 0:23 esp after seeing how gorgeous she looked with make up earlier on.

She has done lots of inspired looks and I always prefer her version.

Right, so these has nothing to do with halloween.

Her most recent Halloween tutorial -- recreating Simba!

Inspired by one of the passages in our worksheets on Harajuku fashion, I'm now into the idea of Gothic Lolita or Visual Kei. More so on their intense make up and hair, less so on the costumes. Costumes cost a bomb here in Singapore.

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[Image source: href="]


  1. Thanks for your comment :)

    I agree Jen is really talented with all her looks and has a natural charm about her, I definitely enjoy watching her stuff!

  2. My exact sentiments! Besides being talented, she's pretty nice too.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog! I hope I keep it interesting enough for a revisist soon =)

    I know what you mean about costumes being pricey! They're really expensive here in Vancouver too and Im amazing by how many people actually have them! During my high school days I had friends who just sew their costumes and I think they look just as good as the store bought ones, but it takes almost a year!
    Hahaha you're marking papers and homework while Im writing them, I feel bad for my profs that need to mark my papers since they're not very good =(

    I like the gothic lolita look too but Im much more of a hime lolita type if any lolita at all! lol

  4. Hey babe,

    Will definitely drop by for a visit every now and then. Saved your link under my blogs folder.

    Over here renting costumes is just as expensive. Cheapest would be SGD$60 onwards for a dingy looking piece of cloth. I admire people who sew their costumes together! I've always have ideas but no skills to make them. LoLz

    Hime looks like the sweet sweet lolita kind! There's still a bit of loli inside.

  5. I love Jen's blog too! She does some amazing makeup looks :)

  6. She's really creative and talented!

  7. Nice post~ Thanks for sharing... Another beauty blogger's videos to watch ~~ =) Much thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. I will be popping by more often! =)


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