Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 Preview

Here's a preview of my look this year.

Theme: Army

Code name: SALT (Slashing and Lashing Terminator)

Brief summary: A group of army gals, 1 zombie army boy and a misshapen Lady Gaga went on a mission to Pulau Blakang Mati, which in Malay means the "Island (pulau) of Death (mati) from Behind (blakang)", to annihilate the ghosts, ghouls and walkng deads there. More on their adventures later! SALT has to recuperate from her injuries while waiting for her comrade to send her the photos from last night.

Mission accomplished!

Injuries sustained from a night of slashing and lashing:

scratch marks and a deep slash from some creatures

Those evolved undeads were highly intelligent. They actually knew how to make bombs. I got struck, landed on my right with thigh and face disfigured. Just the perfect excuse to go for plastic surgery.



nasty wound on the thigh


Side Note:
#1 These were taken at the end of the night and hence the peels and cracks.
#2 I'm not able to view some of the pictures on my laptop saying I've violated some photobucket terms of use. Not sure if you're able to view the photos.


  1. aye cuzin, I just had a really good dinner (tummy now exploding with fried rice goodness) and I read this post of yours.. zzzzzzz..

  2. Haha... you didn't eat bak kwa did you?

  3. Thanks for taking on the mission SALT! The world appreciates it. =)

    Great costume!

  4. Haha... SALT needs no recognition or commendation. It's SALT's duty, together with her comrades, to bring peace to the world.

  5. thats awesome fake blood/scar whatever they call it LOL=))

    rinz @

  6. I can see the pics =D you dressed up anyway =D and they're soooo awesome!!!!! I always wanted to try making wounds like these but I didn't have time this year... maybe next ^__^

    LOL@ the code name... hahaha

  7. Rinz,
    Thank u! =)


    The wounds are surprisingly easy to do! Everything was from household products. Let me know if you need the "recipe". I'll go snoop around your blog now!

  8. Hello!! Yess recipe please!! :D :D :D the only way I know of making wounds is using latex/tissues... but if I can use household products that'd be even more awesome XD I'm really curious what you used!

    LOL@ picking the scabs! well at least if you pick these fake ones you won't aggravate your wound XD (in fact, it'd look like they healed miraculously?! XD)

    I'm really excited to see more pics!! Will check back soon ^__~ <3

  9. Happy November!!!

    By the way I am tagging you on my blog award:) I know it's not much but i really enjoy reading your blog.. xoxo

  10. Frances,
    My keyboard is a little wonky and keep missing letters. I will type out the "recipe" in detail in my next post when I get to use my hubby's laptop to type. =)


    Aww.... thank you dear! You're so sweet!


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