Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For the record

I'm taking a little break from rewinding.

I know some of you have been coming in a few times a day and you must be sighing away to see that the updates don't continue. I've been quite bz both at work and at home to carry on with the updates for the time being.

I think there are certain issues that warrant clarification soon or the comments and mails would escalate. I've decided not to approve some comments left during the past week and since I was into the "disapproving" phase, I accidentally "disapproved" some comments which aren't related to what I'm gonna say next. Please leave your comments again if you are still looking for a reply.

For the record…

Of late, a couple of friends who know me well enough asked me some questions related to ourfeistyprincess. Since they’re my friends, I was able to clear the matter directly and thought it was not much of a problem. I know that these are people who care for me and I’m happy to know that they are concerned.

Then when people I know of asked the same questions, I thought to myself, “Interesting. There are more people sharing the same views too.”

However, when people I barely know started to post comments on my blog and even emailed me to ask the same questions, I think I’ve to step in to make some clarifications.

Firstly, I thank all of you for taking the time to drop me sms-es, emails and comments. I’ve read all of your messages even if I hadn't replied. Truth to be said, I don’t know how to reply and I’m not sure if everything needs to be explained in detail to people I don't quite know.

Some of the questions posted:

“Why is it that you seldom update Charmaine’s blog anymore?”

“Did something happen between/ among you and Cynthia/ Charlene?”

“Why is Charlene doing all the updating? Don’t you know all these information too?”

“Why is it that you seldom talk about your godkids anymore?”

These are not the exact quotes and tones but this is how I interpret.

There are similar ones painting someone I care for in a negative light and so I won’t include those. Whether they're from the same person or not, it's not important but I wish you would stop forming biased judgement.

It’s sad that I’m actually affected by some of these remarks whether or not their intentions are positive. I was nonchalant until it started to prick me a little. It made me think if all these really matter to people? Is that how they see it?

What you see on a blog is just part of the whole picture. One cannot just form an opinion based on what he/she sees on the blog. So what if Charlene has been the one updating instead of me, it doesn't mean that there was some sort of quarrel or missing of information right? Not everything needs to be clearly written for everyone to see but just for some curious people, Charlene and I just had a pleasant dinner meet up, chat, gossip session during the weekend but because this is not documented anywhere, people make the assumption that we've fallen out or something.

It doesn’t matter who updates the blog as long as the information is disseminated to our concerned friends and readers. Thus said, it doesn't matter if it is Charlene or me who updates the ourfeistyprincess.

Charlene has easy net access most of the time while I'm unable to access outside websites at work. Thus, it's only convenient for Charlene to be the one updating and replying.

I still talk about my godkids. They are always on my mind. I still talk to them too, though not as often as I should have.

I keep typing and deleting the words in this post coz I don’t quite know if I should even explain so much in detail. I hope that people would avoid forming skewed opinions and judgements based on what they see on the blog. Please also don't hurt my friends or people I care for.

Ok it's 4am. Time to go colour some props and memorise some song lyrics for my D&D later in the afternoon. It's held in the museum and the dress code states "cocktail dresses" for ladies. Well, I'm not going to the museum wearing a cocktail dress in the day so I'm gonna bend the rules a little but stick to the theme of "museum". Going for the casual art fart look and I hope I'll pull it off.

Good nite and continue watching the space below this entry for more updates.



  1. heehee... we should post our loving dovey photos.. pple dramatise too much...

    *winks back*

  2. Can't control the way people think but hopefully this post helps to clarify and allow people to stop making assumptions.

  3. It's ok Jolene. I support both of you. I admit I wondered why don't you update the blog too but I can see that all is normal here. Don't matter what people think.

  4. Hey girlies...
    Cheer up! People who don't know you tend to pass judgments and make assumptions more easily because they don't have a holistic picture of what's going on. :) I'm sure this post will help to clarify all the misconceptions!

  5. Were u girls at Ang Mo Kio on Saturday? I think I saw you girls.

  6. Anon at September 24, 2009 6:34:00PM,
    Thanx for your support for both of us. That's a very encouraging comment from a stranger. =)

    Hey Reg,
    I sure hope so too coz we really can't help it if people wanna form their own views and thanx for leaving a note here for us. That's a sweet gesture.

    Anon at September 24, 2009 11:47:00PM,
    Haha... yes and no. We were at AMK hub but it wasn't on a Saturday so I think you've recognised the wrong people. ;)

  7. I think its Sunday. That means I really saw you. I cannot really see how Charlene look like as the girl with you look different from how I think Charlene is but I can be quite sure its you. Nice to see you in real life. You are all so nice helping Charmaine. Friends like this are hard to come by.

  8. Anon,

    Erm... It could be us then. =)

    Thanx for leaving a note here.

  9. Copied & pasted from tagbox for remembrance:

    26 Sep 09, 09:00
    Huishan: Hi Jolene, I find myself often coming back to your blog to refer to your wedding tags and I thought it's good to leave you a msg of greetings. Your post on hotel is really useful as I knew what to exp
    26 Sep 09, 09:03
    Huishan: expect when I go look for hotels for my wedding this weekend. Your sharing of shopping for wedding bands is also useful. Thanks a lot for these insights. Your wedding photos are lovely and you're so
    26 Sep 09, 09:05
    Huishan: beautiful. Your hubby and you are great match. I also happen to be thrilled to know that I've accidentally discovered Charmaine's godma's blog by accident and have been keeping mum as I'm afraid you
    26 Sep 09, 09:07
    Huishan: may not like strangers intruding. I hope you don't mind me here and I hope we would be able to compare wedding notes. You've been great and many people know that. You post would help clear things up.

    27 Sep 09, 03:52
    Jo to Huishan: For a moment there I tot u were my fren. Thanx for your kind words. Wéll, I'm glad that my writings are useful for your wedding prep. I was sharing my experience and hoping it cld help others too.
    27 Sep 09, 03:55
    Jo to Huishan: If u've got any queries, feel free to drop me a msg. I'll ans as best as I can. As long as u come here with no malice, im fine w it. Frenly strangers r most welcomed. =) Thanx for ur sweet words.



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