Thursday, September 03, 2009

Every scratch gives character to the ring

I'm the most upset person now.

While I was showering, I dropped my wedding band. The first thing I did was to check that all the diamonds were still intact. Then just now, I was touching my ring and I felt three deep scratches on the edges. Shocked, I smoothed my finger around the edge and felt another deeper one.

I'm upset to the point that I blamed kh for insisting on stony floor tiles for the bathroom. I'm quite sure if we had normal bathroom tiles, the scratches would not have been so deep.

"It's your fault for dropping, not the floor's fault."

"I never say it's the floor. I say it's you."

I remember someone once said,

"Every scratch gives character to the ring." or something along that line.

I don't want my ring to have character!

To look on the bright side, I can relate this to my Science students who were shocked when I once told them gold is considered a soft metal.

Sigh man... I had initially wanted to blog about happy stuff. All kh's fault!


  1. i dun wan my ring to hv character too but it's so full of it... i decided to stop wearing to preserve it... =/

  2. Hahaha... How can dun wear? MUST WEAR WAN! Is your band glossy or matt?

    Mine's glossy finishing and it's also full of those tiny scratches; those which are commonly seen on most metals. However, the drop on the stony floor left huge scratches leh. So upset. I called up the nice lady at Ling and asked if can be removed. She said can be polished and plated over.

    Now I'm wondering if should wait till more scratches are formed b4 heading down or just leave it. Heh~

  3. mine is glossy too. the thing is my hubby doesn't wear... he say it's the work... so his one looks brand new while mine after 1/2 year of wearing has so much tiny scratches like you mentioned... haha i guess the 2 of us are just too bochup :P

  4. Haha... I think after my hubby finishes his studies and goes back to work, he'll not be able to wear the ring often due to the nature of his job too.


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