Friday, September 04, 2009


... or the lack of is what I'm experiencing lately.

Fancy spending 3--4 hours just to reply to emails. That's not even inclusive of doing the periodic printscreens.

Kudos to the efficient one. Efficient one I know you're reading. ;P

Thinking of doing this and thinking of doing that just makes everything incomplete.

Doing a bit of this and doing a bit of that just makes everything incomplete.

Hence, I've completed nothing.

But I know once I'm done, I would finish many things all at once.

Someone once said,

"Efficiency is intelligent laziness"

I think my inefficiency is pure laziness.


Charmaine is so cheeky!

Quotes from lil char:

"Godma Jolene, why I call you you never answer the phone?"

"I tell you a secret ah. Next time I call you, you must answer ok? If not I pour shee shee all over you." *cheeky sniggers*

"Mmm... What time ah? I want to call at ten o'clock. No no... one o'clock."

"No cannot. I want one o'clock. Because I want to disturb you."

"I want to wake you up." *cheeky laughter*

"I will call you at 1 o'clock every day to wake you up."

"I play racing."

"I play with kor kor always lose but I play myself always win."

"I 4 years old now. 5 years old that time I will play and win kor kor."

Yes, you will win gal. You'll always win! :D


Flea Fly Flo Flum

I've got this wild idea of selling some of my clothes and apparels online. Proceeds would go to Charmaine's cancer funds. Most of these consist of clothes only worn once or twice or else then unworn impulse buys.

Actually, I've been keeping these either with the intention of wearing them again or for lelong events where my friends and I would exchange clothes with one another. They are too good to be sold to the garang guni uncle and thus habouring this idea of clearing them while raising funds.

However, I'm not too certain how the response would be like. If there are some positive response, I would start digging out my clothes, snapping photos and taking measurements.


  1. Efficiency is lurking. LOL. Exams .. sian ar... =(

    And did i tell u.. my phone went KO-ed. So, i soemtimes can sms back, sometimes cannot sms back.

  2. All the best for your exams. You can do it!

    Throw the LG away! =p

  3. i'm sorry i'm spamming ur blog cos i only read like once in months!! (i'm even much lazier!!) how's the little fiesty one now?

  4. Haha... no worries my dear. It's always nice to hear from a friend after so long. Hope you've been well. You signed teaching bond ah???

    Feisty little 1 is so cute. Feisty kor kor too. Lurve them to bits.


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