Friday, May 01, 2009

My Handphone is LOST/ STOLEN

Dear friends,

My main line hp is lost/stolen since the night of 29th April.

I will need some time to go down to the shops to buy a new hp and would probably do so on Sunday night. Either that or I could ask for the SIM card to be delivered but I haven't got a spare phone you see.

Gee... I haven't bought a handphone in years and am clueless about the hp market now.

Those with my sms line number, please contact me from there. Sms, don't call coz my sms hp also quite old and koyak and would switch off by itself whenever there are incoming or outgoing calls.

In the meantime, may a million fleas infest the asshole of the asshole who stole my hp.

I swear I would never ever return any hp I find ever again. Kindness does not always beget kindness.

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